How Eclipses inflluence your natal planets

Solar & Lunar eclipses are not just the astronomical events, they hold much significance in Vedic astrology as well. What results are expected when your natal planets are influenced by the eclipses?

How Eclipses inflluence your natal planets


All about Eclipses and their affects

Since our school days, we have been familiar with the term ‘eclipse’, and the do’s and don’ts during its period. As time passed by, we have also come to know how the Eclipse is connected with ancient cultures, and how our destiny is strongly influenced with the magical events of an Eclipse.

An eclipse, in which the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth's shadow, is known as the Lunar eclipse, and an eclipse in which the sun is obscured by the moon, is known as the Solar eclipse.

The Aspects of Eclipse gives the manifestation of events related to our Horoscope. We all have our personal planetary placement, which preserves the all the events already happening in our lives, or going to happen in our lives, with a certain type of story in our life, through our career, relatives, or finance. The triggered event will manifest out of the bloom because the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu give their energy to make things happen. These are the planets that give you shock, dramatic changes, and also strongly influence the thought process.

In the spiritual realm, the Eclipse also plays an important significance and the day of the Eclipse is for achievements, whether it is materialistic or spiritual. The Eclipse has a strong cosmic power to the trigger the event, so feel the strong influence of Eclipse in our lives when the event of Eclipse happens in the zodiac plane, where the major planet at the time of our birth is placed. This aspect that makes the event happen is as promised in the horoscope. It depends on which natal planet the Eclipse is going to give its influence.

The influence of Eclipse on planets in your horoscope:

  1. Eclipse influence on Sun:

The Sun is a royal planet and it signifies your soul. The Sun’s placement in your horoscope gets affected in a negative way with the shadow planet Rahu and Ketu. Hurdles in life will then come from the government, political career, father, or you might even face health issues if the eclipse has aspect on your natal Sun. Illusions to the mind might suddenly be there, and your inner strength might be shattered because of the malefic influence of the Eclipse, thus giving you a hard time.

  1. Eclipse influence on Moon:

Moon is the planet of the mind and also overrules the events which will make you face different circumstances based on the Vedic astrology. The Moon is the planet that signifies the mother, happiness, homeland, emotions, and the career related to the medical field, charity work. The aspect of Eclipse will affect all the signs in your life related to the Moon. You will start feeling detached from your mother, and there will be a setback in career. Mental stress will give you diseases which might not be easily recognized.

  1. Eclipse influence on Mars:

Mars is the most energetic planet that gives you the courage to fight against challenges,and also gives quick decision making ability. If the NATAL Mars gets aspect from the eclipse, then you will face problems related to anger. And because of anger, you will lose the projects that might have given you good financial gains. This eclipse aspect might also give you trouble from court cases related to land and property. Relationship with a sibling will not be good, and you will face lack of happiness in your home.

  1. Eclipse influence on Mercury:

Mercury will be affected badly with the aspect of eclipse. Mercury is the only planet which can be easily influenced by anything, and the eclipse will relate on your natal Mercury which can badly affect your intelligence. This will not support your decision-making abilities, which might result in the loss of a job, business, or relationships. You will never face pain with an aspect of the eclipse on the natal Mercury.

  1. Eclipse influence on Jupiter:

Jupiter is the planet of happiness, knowledge, children, spouse; and all of these are very important factors in our life. The aspect of eclipse badly affects the wisdom, and we will not be working properly, which will further lead to loss of finance and business. The health of children or spouse may also get affected. Jupiter is strongly connected with religion and the aspect of the eclipse on the natal Jupiter will divert you from the path of religion.

  1. Eclipse influence on Venus:

Venus is the planet which has all the essences of happiness, and also has the power to bless the native in having a luxurious life, wherever it gets placed in the horoscope. The aspect of the eclipse will affect the happiness quotient in your life in a negative way.

  1. Eclipse influence on Saturn:

Saturn is the planet that gives you the results of the deeds that you have done earlier. There will be hard tasks that manifest into your life in the natal Saturn, and thus get the aspect of eclipse. You will not be able to avail the best of facilities in your life for this reason. There might be problems from a servant or from a colleague who is working with you.

  1. Eclipse influence on Rahu and Ketu:

The natal Rahu and Ketu give the manifestation of your past deeds, whether bad or good. Sudden setbacks or accidents in life, relationship problems with a family member or spouse, will give you mental stress with the aspect of eclipse in your life.

Everyone should take care and know which natal planet will be aspected from the eclipse planet. Do the remedies and be in the touch with the cosmic power of the planets,by chanting the Vedic Mantra. Take due guidance from an astrologer, or your Guru, and be on the right path and save yourself from the bad influence of the eclipse.