Celestial Connection Linking You and Your Child’s Zodiac!!

Celestial Connection Linking You and Your Child’s Zodiac!!

The most enduring and significant relationship in the whole wide world is that of a child with his or her parents. It is the most extreme level of pious and pure kind of love that parents bestow on their kids and vice versa. Therefore it is essential for both the parents and the kids to feel the special bond and connection between them and respect each other’s individual differences missing which can create clashes and unpleasant atmosphere for a healthy relationship to grow. Vedic Astrology says that the relationship between the parents and kids also is largely affected by the various planetary movements and their placement. Zodiac becomes the base of knowing the nature of the relationship you will share with your family relationship such as parents with their kids. We all know that there are 12 different zodiac signs and each individual belongs to a particular zodiac. Each zodiac has its own Lord (the planet that rules the zodiac sign). There are few planets that share friendly ties with each other and hence, support in the growth and prosperity of one another whereas, on the other hand, there are some who just cannot stand the sight of each other and only create hurdles and obstacle in the way for one another.

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Here, we will discuss the relationship of parents with their children on the basis of their zodiac sign and will try to know how well synced or desync (disconnected) they are on the basis of their Zodiac sign. We will also discuss a few tips that can further prove beneficial for parents and kids to keep their healthy relationship afloat without any stress.

Effects Of Friendly Planets On Parents’-Child Relationship

If the Lord of your Zodiac and your Child’s Zodiac are friendly then most likely you will have an extremely obedient and decent child. He or she will know how to behave and respect elders and younger ones and will be good in every aspect of life. Basically, your kid will be an ideal kid that is desired by every parent.

To make it clearer let us further explain it with an example. Just in case your Zodiac sign is Virgo or Gemini and your child has Libra or Taurus, or Capricorn or Aquarius as his or her Zodiac sign then you will share an exemplary bond with your child.

Another example will be in the case where your zodiac sign is Aries or Leo and your Kid belongs to Cancer or Scorpio Zodiac Sign then the relationship between your child and you will be an ideal one.

Effects of Enemy (Malefic) Planets On Parents-Child Relationship

In the cases where the enemy (malefic) planets are the Lord of the Zodiac signs of the parents and the children then such a relationship goes through hardship in forming a healthy and loving relationship. Even though there will be no scarcity of love but the lack of expression will or may create issues between the parents and the children.

To explain it further let us take a few examples. Presuming that your zodiac is Aries but your child is Aquarius or Capricorn then the child will be extremely stubborn and careless in nature that never listens to anyone and will be the lord of his own life. In such a situation, aggression is not an answer or a solution to handle the situation as talking to such kids in an aggressive or dominating tone will further worsen the situation and will leave a negative impact on the kid. Instead, talk to them sweetly and make them understand the gravity of the situation as love and gentle language is the only language that such kids respond to positively and works like a charm every time!

In the event that your Zodiac Sign is Taurus while your kid is Leo or Sagittarius then there will always be a difference in opinion and you will forever stay a victim of a cold way between your child and you. In such a situation, parents need to be patient with such Kids and should patiently listen to what they have to say and understand their mindset while respecting their opinions and individuality, it is only then that they can advise their kids right from wrong as if they understand each other, problems will disappear and will be replaced with love, respect, and understanding.

Hence, the relationship of planets should reflect as well as affects the Zodiac signs of the parents and the children leaving an impact of the nature of the relationship shared by them (positive or negative). This is the sole reason that helps in having cordial and friendly relation between the parents and the children. Just in case that the Lords of the Zodiac signs are enemies to each other then clashes and differences between them will be a common and constant factor whereas if the Lords are friendly then an ideal relationship between the parents and the kids is inevitable.