Correcting your Karma: Astrological Remedies for all Moon Signs

While it is true we cannot escape our deeds or Karma, we can definitely use some corrective measures to narrow down the negative influences in our lives. The unfortunate placements of planet and karmic deeds often requires rectification for smooth functioning of everyday life. Find out about your astrological remedies as per your zodiac moon sign.

Correcting your Karma: Astrological Remedies for all Moon Signs


Astrological remedies are significant ways to heal or to prevent any kind of loss, which is revealed during the course of your action [Karma] in your mortal life on this earth. It is quoted from the ancient times that your action or deeds or as it is famously referred as Karma, manifests in this life itself and you cannot evade the beneficial or the non-beneficial results of your aforesaid karmas or deeds. Every human being has the necessity to experience pain of his/her faults and learn true lessons of life for the pure beginning of healing.

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Astrology is a medium to predict the future course of events based on each individual’s horoscope, along with the calculations of the native Karma. The question here arises, if any mortal have the strength to challenge the supreme energy and rewrite its destiny for everyone. The answer, to be mildly put, is no. But all mortals have the opportunity to be blessed by God to reduce the impact of one’s karma by the method of “Remedies”, as we call it in astrology. Remedies are a form of prayer, faith and our willingness to do good deeds for our fellow human beings, which will benefit both the donor and the receiver.

FAQ about the different Remedies:

Broadly speaking, all remedies have the same total number for healing that is number 7.

  • Colours - 7 colours of VIBGYOR
  • Music - 7 notes of Sargam [SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI SAA]
  • Planets in Astrology - 7 planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars. Rahu and Ketu does not physically exist, they are nodes)
  • Kundalini Chakras - Human body comprises of 7 chakras which reflects the strong immunity of human body both mental and physical with its internal alignment.
  • Days of the week - 7 days in a week

As per records, every human being has an aura and certain rays or factors that affect his/her energy. So, remedies are introduced to correct the shortcomings of the individual to balance the energy that will give respite to person from its problems.

Vedas have recommended lot of remedies and we will illustrate some good and effective remedies of this contemporary world, which can be done efficiently based on your particular Moon Sign.

1. Aries

Mars denotes the courage and valor in a person. Any horoscope which is endowed with weak or afflicted Mars indicates that the native will lack his/her natural activeness and will tire easily due to physical exertion. He/She will have irregular food habits and strong impulsiveness.
The remedies recommended for Aries are-

  • Control your anger as it gives strength to Mars in your horoscope.
  • Donate blood as your body allows with medical consultation.
  • Donate with cash or kind to military personnel or farmers on regular basis.
  • Offer water with some sugar to Sun.
  • Include jaggery and cereal in your diet.
  • Avoid Salt intake once a week from your diet
  • Prayer is a very strong tool to stabilize weak or afflicted Mars.
  • Give priority to your health and nutrition.
  • Self-motivation through positive reinforcements in front of the mirror
  • Good deal of exercise and group activity will activate your positive aura.
  • Wear Red or coral to strengthen your planet Mars.

2. Taurus

Venus is your personal planet that has the strength to maintain or discord cordial relations with your spouse or partner. Venus is also responsible for the sexual orientation of every individual. If any horoscope is afflicted with a weak Venus, it is common that native will have weak sexual power and the afflicted Venus may cause problems related to uterus or sex organs.

The remedies recommended for Taurus are-

Prayer is the strong tool to stabilize a weak or afflicted Venus.

  • Use of cow ghee or cow butter in home will grant you the blessings of Venus.
  • Donation in any religious institution for spiritual enhancement is beneficial.
  • Keeping silver items with you in your personal belongings or bag, will bring you good luck as an effective remedy in your daily routine life.
  • Use of aromatic bath or applying of aroma after bath will enhance the weak Venus of your horoscope.
  • Always try to have a pleasing personality and apply good perfume to enhance your Venus
  • Always wear freshly washed and ironed clothes, which will be beneficial for your personal planet Venus
  • Eating Yogurt or having any form of food based on milk products will enhance your Venus.
  • Males with weak Venus should avoid keeping long hair and moustaches.
  • Wearing of diamond will be beneficial for Taurus natives.

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3. Gemini

Mercury is your personal planet and it is the planet of communication and reflects the wit and humor of the native. Afflicted and weak Mercury leads to speech problems and communication and it even leads to problems like insomnia or emotional imbalance.

The remedies recommended for Gemini are-

  • Praying is the strong tool to enhance your personal planet Mercury.
  • Make use of the Green colour to the maximum in your apparels and in your diet to enhance your weak Mercury.
  • Wear a steel or iron ring in your small finger on Wednesdays.
  • Apply Saffron Tilak on your forehead.
  • Donate green vegetables and pulses along with green colored clothes to the less privileged ones.
  • Donate in charity in orphanages with cash or kind as per your connivance.
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food on Wednesday
  • Take care of your maternal relationships with extra care.
  • Help and take care of people who are suffering emotionally or those who are mentally challenged
  • Donate for the education of less privileged students as per your capacity.
  • Green Emerald is the best stone for enhancing planet Mercury.

4. Cancer

Moon is the planet of astrological importance, which reveals the peace and joy in any native’s life. Moon’s placement in any individual horoscope opens the personal mind book where all words are expressed by its expressions, depending on benefic or afflicted Moon. Weak or afflicted Moon will pose problems related to the mind, which is governed by emotions and not logic over any matter. This might cause the native to face more irritation over petty matters that are not worth it.

The remedies recommended for Cancer are-

  • Prayer is the strong remedy and medium to enhance your personal planet Moon
  • Donate white clothes to the less privileged ones.
  • Meditation on regular basis will be an effective tool to balance your thoughts and emotions.
  • Wearing a silver Kada [bracelet] will keep the mind relaxed and a person will have a good analytical power.
  • Avoid non vegetarian food on Mondays.
  • Take care of your mother and keep her happy for deriving her blessings to balance your weak or afflicted Moon.
  • Donate money where mentally challenged patients are treated.
  • Consuming milk or water in silver utensil removes the negative effect of Weak Moon.
  • Since the Moon rules the Cancer sign, Moon stone is the best stone for planet Moon with milky colour.

5. Leo

Sun is the vital source of energy and life on this earth as it is considered the soul of the universe. Sun has a positive effect on your thinking process but if your Sun is weak or afflicted it may affect your heart, eyes and head and it is important to take the following steps as remedies.

The remedies recommended for Leo are-

  • Offer prayers to Sun god everyday by offering water to Sun.
  • Make sure to consume a glass of water with sugar in it, before starting any new venture.
  • Feed the cows wheat and jaggery on regular basis.
  • Keep your father happy and respect him with love and care.
  • Avoid salt in your food intake on Sundays.
  • It is good to sit in the Sun everyday for a couple of minutes and you will embrace the benefits of sunlight.
  • Consume lightly spiced meal in the evening [dinner] as compared to the afternoon meal [lunch].
  • Try to use wooden furniture and avoid furniture made out of metal.
  • Consume water in copper utensil to enhance the quality of water
  • Ruby is the best stone for the planet Sun and dark red is the good choice for Ruby stone.

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6. Virgo

Mercury replicates energy of the youthful feeling of the planet as it is considered as a prince of the celestial world. It is the key planet of communication and intelligence. When it is adverse or afflicted in any horoscope, it can initiate the problems related to both speech and intelligence.
The rectification of these negative implications can be done by the given remedies.

The remedies recommended for Virgo are-

  • Prayer is a very strong tool and medium to enhance your personal planet Mercury.
  • Addition of green colored vegetables and green lentil, especially on Wednesday will be beneficial for you.
  • Consuming mint in any form with your food will enhance your weak Mercury and strengthen your immunity.
  • Take care of birds and animals by helping them with food and water.
  • Respect the females in your family [sister, aunt, and mother] and maintain cordial relations with them by showering them with gifts.
  • Avoid chemical based cosmetics and skincare products and replace them with products that have natural ingredients in them for your accurate care of skin.
  • You can grace the little finger of your hand with the emerald ring which will be useful in solving your problems.
  • Music is a great stress reliever and you should listen to music with positive vibrations as its soothing notes will calm you and your weak planet.
  • Daily bath with natural products will not only freshen you up but will also enhance your instincts naturally by making you alert and active in your daily routine.

7. Libra

Venus is the significator of beauty and relationships which may be with your spouse in marital relations or with partner in a love relationship. It signifies beauty, pleasure, romance and cordial quotient of a relationship. Afflicted Venus indicates struggles in any individual’s life with his/her relationship and health issues like skin disease sleep disorder, low sperm count, diabetes. So to rectify these problems some remedies are illustrated for your benefit.

The remedies recommended for Libra are-

  • Prayer is a strong tool and medium to enhance your personal planet Venus.
  • Consume cow ghee or butter in your daily diet and Amla (Indian gooseberry, a medicinal plant in Ayurveda) for healing and enhancing the dietary intake of food.
  • Wear white clothes and they should be clean and well ironed to groom your personality which will enhance the charisma of your persona.
  • You are advised to respect your spouse in your marital relations and partner in your love relationship, which is very beneficial for the individual with weak Venus.
  • Keep lighted diyas or candles to make your place beautiful to strengthen your personal planet Venus.
  • Donate in charity with cash or kind.
  • Always keep a silver coin in your pocket or in your personal belongings.
  • Try to maintain the decorum of relationship in all your personal commitment.

8. Scorpio

Mars as your personal planet is called the commander in chief of all the celestial bodies for its courage. Mars has a deblited status when it is placed in Cancer sign in any horoscope and it can impart negative influence on the concerned native. The native will be less willing to impart its natural activeness in his/her activities and display more of emotional impulsiveness in nature. To stabilize the weak or afflicted Mars in any individual horoscope and to balance the disturbed energy, some remedies are recommended.

The remedies recommended for Scorpio are-

  • Prayer is a very strong tool for afflicted or weak Mars.
  • Walk on the path of goodness and tread more carefully with patience in your behavior pattern.
  •  Try to sleep on the floor as much as possible.
  • Keep red handkerchief in your pocket that will give you benefits with balancing your aura and energy.
  • Maintain good and cordial relationships with your younger siblings as Mars is the significator of sibling.
  • Avoid non-Vegetarian food on Tuesday as it is said that the energy of Mars very high on Tuesday.
  • Try to be practical in all your personal and professional ventures for success in your relationships.
  • Donate money for the army welfare activities.
  • Donating blood for a noble cause is good if you are healthy in your physical constitution
  • Wear Red or coral to strengthen your planet Mars.

9. Sagittarius

Jupiter your personal planet of prosperity and it will make the individual very wise and spiritually strong if it is in benefic mode. However, if Jupiter is weak or afflicted it will invite problems in life and the native will tend to turn obese and face many health related issues. Illustrated below are a list of remedies to rectify a weak Jupiter.

The remedies recommended for Sagittarius are-

  • Prayer is a very strong tool for enhancing your weak or afflicted planet Jupiter.
  • Wearing gold jewellery has a positive effect on your weak afflicted Jupiter
  • Help your siblings with your love, care and affection by giving support in their times of crisis.
  • The blessings of elders, especially father, will give you good protection against any odds and using any one of your father’s belongings will be beneficial for you
  • Helping orphans and less privileged people more often than you do right now, will enhance your Jupiter.
  • Wear saffron or yellow colored clothes on Thursdays.
  • Eat yellow colored fruits especially Banana’s
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food on Thursdays
  • Keep your teachers or mentors happy by respecting and taking good care of them.
  • Donate money to get orphan or less privileged girls to get married and settle down in their domestic life
  • Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is your lucky stone for Sagittarius sign and Yellow is the beneficial colour.

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10. Capricorn

Saturn is the personal planet of Capricorn natives and this planet’s inherent quality is of discipline and every individual karmic deeds. Saturn is the judge that teaches all living beings the art of discipline and hard work with honesty for success. Strong Saturn represents long life for a person and weak Saturn denotes issues like skin diseases or problems in legs. Some important remedial measures include the following.

The remedies recommended for Capricorn are-

  • Prayer is a strong tool for enhancing the weak or afflicted Saturn
  • Donate footwear to the needy and take care of the less privileged ones with your kindness and give physical care.
  • Help blind people in any possible manner and donate in blind institutes with cash or kind for good care of its patients.
  • Donate black lentil to the needy especially on Saturday
  • Avoid non-vegetarian food on Saturdays
  • Help elderly people / senior citizens in the hospital by donating for their treatment and giving them love and affection
  • Maintaining an optimistic attitude and a systematic approach in all your ventures will be beneficial for weak or afflicted Saturn
  • Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius Moon Signs.
  • Blue Sapphire is the best choice of stone for the planet Saturn.

11. Aquarius

Saturn is the planet which affects the lives of all individuals which is based purely on their deeds or karmas. Saturn is a great judge and expect all human beings to live a disciplined life with the right intention in all their personal and professional activities. Weak Saturn conjunction with Sun will create obstacles in the lives of the natives. To dilute these problems, few remedies are illustrated below.

The remedies recommended for Aquarius are-

  • Prayer is a strong tool for the rectification of weak or afflicted Saturn.
  • Avoid wearing black clothes very often.
  • Donate mustard oil to the poor as it is a good ingredient to cook food.
  • Consume food made with mustard oil especially on Saturday for good health benefits
  • Put iron ring in your hand for the blessings of planet Saturn
  • Feed crows with Water and food regularly.
  • Maintain discipline in your daily schedule and in your professional ventures because honesty is the strong step to claim Saturn’s benefits.
  • Blue Sapphire is the best choice of stone for the planet Saturn.

12. Pisces

Jupiter is the personal planet of good luck, wisdom, patience. The native with strong Jupiter is always bestowed with good results with less efforts and has a long and healthy life but on the contrary afflicted or weak Jupiter will pose several difficulties in native’s life. So to avoid all ill-effects and balance the afflicted or weak Jupiter, some remedial measures are given below.

The remedies recommended for Pisces are-

  • Prayer is a very auspicious tool to balance afflicted or weak Jupiter.
  • Wise person as a Mentor in your life will embrace all the negativity of weak Jupiter from your horoscope with his wisdom tips.
  • Wear Saffron or yellow colour clothes with purpose on Thursday.
  • Consume and donate yellow colour food items sweet in taste on Thursday.
  • Go vegetarian and incorporate turmeric in your eating regimen, as much as possible.
  • Never let your hair grow below your shoulder.
  • Keeping patience in your virtue is like a sapphire embedded in your nature
  • Pukhraj or Yellow Sapphire is your lucky stone for Pisces sign and Yellow is the beneficial colour.

Overall it can be concluded that remedial measures are simple mechanisms for balancing the weak or afflicted planets along with prayer to the almighty for its grace and blessings to all human beings.

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