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The Philosophy of Karma and Reincarnation

Is our destiny in this life based on the actions of past lives? The concept of karma and reincarnation says that we take multiple births due to the results of our actions in the past lives. In this article, we explore the mysteries of karma, life, death, and reincarnation.

The Philosophy


The Responsibilities given to you with your Reincarnation:

Your past deeds can be manifested through your horoscope and it can be analyzed in your present life. Certain combinations related to your fifth, sixth, eighth and ninth house, will reveal the hidden picture of your life, which would be based on your previous life, the deeds for which you have been reincarnated. Sometimes, we will be amazed with the thought why nice people are presented with tough times in their lives, and even after doing good deeds, they have to suffer in their life. On the other hand, some people we feel deserve to be punished have a really sorted and good life.

The Accumulated Deeds/Karma:

The Ninth house in your horoscope signifies the Luck you will have with the result of your Past Deeds. We all want to get abundance of luck in our lives which lead us towards success, prosperity, and happiness. This can also help us only if we have done good deeds in our past birth.

If malefic planets are present in the ninth house, this signifies that there is heavy accumulation of deeds that will be manifested into your life, and that is the purpose of your reincarnation.

The benefic presence in the Ninth house will lead you towards a successful life and also give you the fruit of your good deeds.

The Prarbdha Karma that you have to finish:

The Sixth House-

The deeds which will manifest in the present life, need to be cleared by you. This is the house which will reveal the secret of life-related to your karma. Based on the zodiac wheel, the sixth house represents the Virgo which has healing abilities and also has the cosmic power to bless one’s life with prosperity.

The sixth house also gives clues about our enemies present in the world, as well as in our mind, known as the Vrittis or the Sadripus.These are lust, greed, anger, pride, attachment, and covetousness, which makes our life tough, and difficult to come out from life's cycle. The following are the obstacles in the way of our spiritual and religious growth-

  • The presence of planets will tell the story of how the deeds of any person will be manifested in their life.
  • Mahadasa and Antardasa period of the sixth house or the sixth lord will give the manifestation of our deeds.
  • If anyone wants to reveal their past karma tor o know whether their deeds were good or bad, then you need to analyse the sixth house from the ascendant, and the moon. The Navamsa chart would also help throw more light on the same.
  • The strength of any planet in the divisional chart-60, will give a clear picture of the past deeds. The blessings of ancestors and the curse due to the bad deeds will come into the picture only after analyzing the D-60 Chart.

The Agami Karma/ the fruit which you will get in the coming time:

You will reap fruitful benefits of your past birth with the rising ascendant and the zodiac sign present in the tenth house. The presence of a malefic planet in the first or in the tenth house will give you a hard time at times, and you would have to finish tough deeds in this birth.

We need to be cautious while taking a decision, because that will get manifested into our lives with this time period.

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