Personal Panchang and Its Influence on the Natal Chart

Panchang calculations are based on the relationship between the Sun and the Moon. It is like a Vedic watch that holds a strong influence over your natal chart and guides you through the various dimensions of life if its five limbs are analyzed properly.

Personal Panchang and Its Influence on the Natal Chart


Panchang is the Vedic Almanac, which tells us the status of the day that runs in a continuous flow with the harmonious relationship between the Sun and the Moon. Each day has a special significance in our lives, when some of them will be full of joy and celebration, while some other days might be hectic with a lot of work and responsibilities, and the need to finish projects within the given dead line. There will be a day when we would be enjoying nature closely, while on some days would be having fun and enjoying parties with our family and friends.

Did you ever think that all these different days are being controlled by the energy source and that it was controlling our own thought process as well? The different shades of life are manifested in our lives because of the planets and the surroundings we live in. This is the reason why ancient people who have deep information about the astral plane gave due importance to Astrology in their lives, and also cultivated this precious wisdom to implement knowledge in their lives with the help of Vedic Astrology.

The foundation of Vedic Astrology starts with the five importance limbs, known as the “PANCHANG.” The five components, which come under this Panchang, gives us the manifestation of events in our lives, with different variations in the story. Because of these five limbs of the Panchang, every one of us has different stories on the same day, at the same moment, and in the same environment, as we all go through different emotions.

The amazing thing about Panchang is that it will work as the Vedic Watch, which will show you all the dimensions of life like the wristwatch wear with different features.

The Five important Limbs of Panchang

The five limbs are the most important parameters based on which we can predict life events. These five limbs play a more vital role in comparison to the placement of the planets in your horoscope. The name and description of the five limbs of Panchang are as follows:

Tithi: This stands for the lunar day based on the movement of the Moon in a particular zodiac sign, and the relationship with the Sun which may be a waning or waxing relationship. Tithi will control your emotion and relationship with all. The Tithi is ruled by the Vedic Planet, and the placement of these Tithi Lord plays a significant role in your relationship. Therefore, the Tithi in which you are born plays a significant role in the horoscope to predict life’s event.

Vaar: Vaar stands for the weekdays in which each planet has its own rulership. If you are born in a particular Vaar (the weekday), the Lord of that Vaar will rule over the health zone in your life. If the Vaar Lord is not placed in a good house or is placed in the malefic zodiac sign, then you may suffer the health issues related to that Planet.

Nakshatra: Some people will give you respect and some will love you without any self-gain, but you may also have people in your life who never want you to gain success and would always be troubling you. All these uncertainties happen in life because your Moon’s Nakshatra plays a role at a micro level. According to the Vedic Astrology, all the Twenty Seven Nakshatra has a friendly and inimical relationship, which works behind the zodiac signs you have been born in. So you need to give due importance to the Moon’s Nakshatra you are born in.

Yoga: This is the mathematical relationship between the longitude of the Sun and Moon. The Yoga stands for the addition. This will give the intelligence and personality to each individual. Our intelligence and personality depends on this, because of the energy given by the Nakshatra to the Sun and Moon, which are placed in a particular Nakshatra at the time of our birth.

Karan: The Karna gives the analysis of the career for everyone. What type of work we should do to attain success in our lives is decided based on the Karan lord in your horoscope. Therefore, before analyzing the tenth house of career, you should see where and how the Karan lord is placed in the horoscope. The strength and weakness of the Karana Lord in the Horoscope will give the circumstances and the job profile, while the zodiac sign in which Karana Lord is placed in your birth chart, will show the circumstance at the workplace where you you’re your business or job.

Have a close glance on your Personal Panchang: One of the five limbs of Panchang Vaar can tell you about your health and how and when your health will be affected, or the time when you are ready to take the big ride or get set for a long journey. How will your relationship be with your friends, business partner, colleague, and with the most important person, that is your spouse will get decided by the Tithi in which you are born, because, the Tithi is ruled by the Moon in Vedic astrology, which has the control on your mind and emotions. Your working environment, inner strength, and behavior; all these are controlled by the Five Limbs of Panchang.

Be with your own PANCHANG, so that you always are present at the right place and right time, and are perfectly tuned with the energy of your Nakshatras. All these perfections will come to you only if you analysis the Five Limbs of Panchang, which is working only for you as “Your Personal Panchang.”