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Remedies to strengthen debilitated Rahu

Rahu in a weak position in your horoscope can signify poverty, dissatisfaction in life, manipulative tendencies, etc. Read more to understand how a debilitated Rahu affects your life and the astrological remedies to make Rahu positive.

Remedies to

Imagine getting caught in a series of unfortunate events out of the blue such as major physical injury from a petty accident or slipping away of a long-awaited promotion for no specific reason. Well, such is life; completely surprising and unpredictable which plays games with us at every turn of our life with the Almighty being the referee.

As per Vedic astrology, each event good or bad is associated with the planetary movements of various planets in our birth chart. These specific set of planets have the power to make or break our dreams in the blink of an eye. Rahu is one such planet that plays a huge role in the way we behave and act in the world.


Known as ‘North Node’ of the moon, in other words, Rahu is a Shadowy planet commonly referred to as ‘Chhaya Graha’ in Hindi that has a deep and powerful impact on the human life. In western astrology commonly known as the Dragon’s Head, Rahu impacts on the mental level and not physical. Even though Rahu is not visible to the naked eye; the impacts of the effect of Rahu is more intense than the rest of the planets. Rahu is the sole reason behind our natures and acts as a puppeteer while controlling the various aspects of our characteristics such as ego, aggression and mental health and well-being.

Since Rahu moves in a retrograde motion, the effects of the planet both good and bad are quicker in comparison to the other planets in astrology. He is an indicator of deception and sudden change (both good and bad).

What Do We Mean By Debilitated Rahu?

As per the Vedic astrology, if Rahu is placed in the Sagittarius moon sign; then it is known as the Debilitated Rahu. There are two different thought schools that have a different take on it. While some experts consider Rahu in Scorpio as Debilitated Rahu whereas; the other school of thought that is followed by most of the experts believes Debilitation of Rahu happens or takes place in Sagittarius moon sign.

Rahu Represents

Rahu is the representative of hidden enemies, mysterious characters or person, gray shade, deception, changes, travels, and relocation (abroad connections), sudden loss, sudden gain, speculative act and many more.

What Everyone Ought To Know About The Bad Placement of Rahu

If the placement or positioning of Rahu in the native’s birth chart is not good or is negative in nature; the native can face issues like deception; sudden and massive loss in some high investment venture or activity; bad outcomes of relocation along with unfruitful travels. The native may have to deal with health issues related to the chest such as chest infection and severe joint pains in any part of the body. Rahu also disrupts the married life of the native in its debilitated form and hence if it is not placed in the native’s birth chart, it may lead to separation in married or love life. With a debilitated Rahu in one’s chart, he/she may have to face delay in every step of the most eagerly awaited result in the field of your profession. Rahu is also known to bring sudden changes in life; it may give a sudden and unexpected rise in your profession followed by the dramatically crafted sudden fall.

Here Are Quick Remedies for Debilitated Rahu

When the planet Rahu is in a bad position or debilitated the negative effects of the same takes on a magnified scale. The mental peace is completely shattered for the individual even though they may reach the zenith of success.

But as it is said that every problem has a solution so is with the Debilitated Rahu. Following are the remedies by which one can strengthen the Debilitated Rahu.

  1. Feeding and keeping water for birds helps the native in strengthening his/her Rahu
  2. Feeding Fish in another good way to strengthen the Debilitated Rahu
  3. Feeding Ants and other insects help in regaining the Strength for the Debilitated Rahu.
  4. Donating Radish (Mooli) also strengthens the Debilitated Rahu.
  5. If one starts worshiping Devi Ma (Goddess Durga), the native will be able to strengthen his/her Rahu in their birth chart.
  6. One needs to be honest with all the three Mann (Mind), Karm (Work) and Vachan (Speech) in every walk of life.
  7. Wearing a Hessonite (Gomed) gemstone plays a major role in strengthening the Debilitated Rahu.

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