Horoscope Matching: Secret Decoded!

How the Gun Milan technique in Vedic astrology can help ensure a harmonious & happy married life is being discussed here in detail. The different parameters of Match Making are being explained in this article.

Horoscope Matching: Secret Decoded!


According to a famous quote by Omarosa Manigault Newman, "No one can understand how close a marriage actually is. You just don’t know: with a husband and wife, they have a special connection." Love and marriage form the prime most reason for which people seek advice and help from an astrologer, especially to know the level of compatibility the two partner share or may share in future (in case of arranged marriage). Vedic astrology helps the partners in knowing the kind of future they might have with the help of Horoscope or Kundali Matching.

There are many points that need to be brought into the limelight while checking the compatibility between two people who are planning to get married or be together for life. Points such as Varna Guna, Vashya Guna, Tara Guna, Yoni Guna, Bhakoot Guna, Nadi Dosha; Gan Dosha; Nakshatra Dosha; the relationship between the Lords of the Ascendants of both the partners and the placement of various malefic planets in the marriage house.

Here, we will discuss in details all the above-mentioned points and how they affect the compatibility between a couple.

Varna Guna

The matching of the Varna Guna between the couple is extremely essential for a promising future together. There are four Varnas in Vedic astrology

  • Brahmin Varna
  • Kshatriya Varna
  • Vaishya Varna
  • Shudra Varna

‘Brahmin’ Varna is considered the superior of them all followed by the ‘Kshatriya’. ‘Vaishya’ in next in the line and at the bottom or the last of the Varna is ‘Shudra’ Varna. To make the point clear let’s take an example. Let’s say that both the partners have ‘Kshatriya’ Varna then they will share a fabulous level of mutual understanding with one another and will thus have a happy and harmonious life together.

Vashya Guna

Here, both the partners should share the same Vashya Guna. In the ancient era, Vashya Guna was used to know if the husband will have domination or strong influence over his wife or not. There are five types of Vashya Guna

  • Chatushpad (Quadruped)
  • Dwipad (Two-Footed or Biped)
  • Jalachar (Water-Dweller)
  • Vanachar (Wild Beast)
  • Keet (insect)

To further clarify the point, let us look at an example now, shall we? Let’s imagine that both the partner (the boy and the girl to be either married or in love) have ‘Vanachar’ under the Vashya Guna then it will be beneficial for the married life of the couple as it is a significator of peace, prosperity, harmony, and love in their married life.

Tara Guna

Tara Guna has a huge role in the horoscope matching from viewpoint of the mutual understanding quotient and prosperous married life. It is calculated to evaluate the compatibility level of both the partners’ Birth Stars forms the horoscope matchmaking perspective. Tara Guna is further divided into 9 categories of Birth Stars such as:

  • Janama Tara (to asses longevity of marriage)
  • Sampath Tara to evaluate wealth, property and financial status of the couple)
  • Vibhat or Vipat Tara (to check various difficulties or obstacles stored for the couple in future)
  • Kshema or Chhem Tara (for knowing the prosperity factor of their married life)
  • Prathiyak or Pratiyari Tara ( to evaluate the various obstacles coming on the way of the couple)
  • Sathaka Tara (to evaluate success in every aspect of their married life)
  • Vadhai or Vadha Tara (to evaluate probabilities of hardships and obstacle waiting in future for the couple)
  • Maithra or Mitra Tara (to evaluate the nature of both the partners individually and as a couple)
  • Parama Maitra or Ati Maitra Tara (to know about the level of compatibility level of the couple.)

To further clarify the point, let’s take an example. Let’s assume that ‘Sampath’ Tara Guna is the same for both the partners then it is considered to be good for the stability in married life.

Yoni Guna

Yoni Guna symbolizes the matching of the psychological wavelength of both the partners. There are 14 types of Yoni in Vedic astrology:

  Types of Yoni  
  Ashwa   Gau
  Gaja   Mahisha
  Mesh   Vygrah
  Sarpa   Mriga
  Shwan   Vanara
  Marjara   Nakul
  Mushaka   Singha


The following example will further clarify the Yoni Dosha in simple words. If both the partners have ‘Mushaka’ Yoni then both of them will have an excellent mutual understanding shared between them. On the other hand, belonging to different Yoni could bring chaos and unrest in the relationship ruining the positive vibes of the relationship or marriage.

Maitri Guna

Maitri Guna Milan needs the Lords of the Moon sign to share a friendly relationship with one another. It is an indicator of mental compatibility and mutual love between both the partners in a relationship or marriage. Good mental compatibility gives an assurance of a relationship or a married life filled with trust, acceptance and heightened compassion between the lovers or life-partners.

For example, if a girl has Libra as the Moon Sign whereas the boy is an Aquarius then the couple will have a happy, peaceful, and prosperous married life together or will share an amazing courtship in their love relationship.

Bhakoot Guna

This Guna is a meter to check love compatibility between the couple and indicates the longevity of their married life together. When both the partners belong to the same sign or even if they belong to different sign with the same ruling planet then this is considered as the most suitable and auspicious Guna is horoscope matching in Vedic astrology.

For example, if both, boy and the girl share ‘Singha’ as their Bhakoot then it depicts stability and success in the married life or relationship of the couple.

Nadi Dosha

There are three types of Nadi that exists:

  • Aadi Nadi
  • Madhya Nadi
  • Antya Nadi

In marriage or Love compatibility, one needs to keep in mind that both the partners should not have the same Nadi. Just in case if that be the case then in such cases, the couple may face issues in expanding their family as problems such as difficulty in conceiving a child, miscarriage, possibilities in infertility, birth of differently-abled child (wither physically or mentally or both), health issues to anyone or both the partner, and deduction in love and affection between husband and wife or lovers.

Gan Dosha

There are three types of Gan existing in the astrological world:

  • Dev
  • Manushya
  • Rakshasa

Basically, Gan Milan is done on the basis of Nakshatra at the time of both the partner’s birth and is held to be one of the most important steps in the consideration for compatibility of the partners as a couple and also lays down the blueprint of the quality of life they will share together. It is imperative that both partners belong to the same Gan. If both belong to different Gans such as one belonging to the Dev Gan while the other to the Rakshas Gan, it is said to be the perfect recipe for disaster as both the individuals will have different temperaments which may further lead to clashes of opinions and stability issues in the relationship or married life. Therefore people or couples belonging to different Gans mostly faced compatibility and adjustment issues in their relationship. Therefore, Gan should remain the same at all cost in order to enjoy a happy, healthy, happy, and prosperous married life or a relationship.

Nakshatra Dosha

The ‘Charan’ of Nakshatra should be different for both partners who plan to get married or in a relationship for life. Every Nakshatra has 4 ‘Charan’ and “Pada’ like 1, 2, 3, and 4 ‘Charans’.

To explain it with an example, on the off chance that a partner has Vishakha Nakshatra with 3 ‘Charans’ then it is imperative that the other partner should not have the same Nakshatra or ‘Charan’ in his or her natal chart. If they happen to share the “Charans’ then there will have to face a disruptive married life or relationship where stability and mental peace will be absent at every step of life.

Relationship Between The Lords Of The Ascendants of Both The Partners

The ascendant Lords of both the Partners should share a friendly relationship with each other and should not belong to the opposite or enemy side of one another.

To throw some light on the same, let’s takes an example. Let’s say if the ascendant of one of the partner is Libra while the other one is either Capricorn or Aquarius then this couple will share an outstanding chemistry between them but just in case if the Lord of the ascendant of one the partner is Mars while the other has Saturn or for that matter one party has Moon as it ascendant Lord against the Saturn as the Lord of ascendant for the other; in such case the couple will suffer various internal issues and struggles in their married life or relationship and if aggravated further can also lead to separation is some of the cases.

Malefic Planets in Marriage House

In the event that either of the partner or both of the partners have a malefic planets placed in the Marriage House or has conjunction of malefic planets such as Rahu, Saturn Ketu or conjunction of Mars with Rahu, Mars with Saturn, Rahu with Moon, and Rahu with Jupiter, etc., then it will have a negative effect on the married life or relationship of the couple. With the presence of malefic planets in the marriage house, if things escalate to the next level then it may also lead t the separation of the couple or divorce.

Similarly there are other planetary movement, their placement, aspect and conjunction that need to be considered for the process of Matchmaking in order to know all the pros and cons that are laid down in future for the lovely couple so that they are also prepared for the challenges that they might have to face in the future. In order to know all of it, a detailed horoscope reading is needed to be done for the same. In case you are curious to know of your compatibility with your partner, lover or husband just click here and get a detail compatibility report created just for you.