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Do Cancer moon sign natives make for good doctors?

Being a doctor is no child’s play, you need to be intelligent, patient, diligent and compassionate at the same time to succeed as a doctor. Moreover, you need to study hard to enter this field. In fact, learning is a never ending process for doctors. Besides, you need to have the intrinsic healing tendencies and a serving nature, to become a good doctor.

A Cancer Moon sign native, more or less identifies with these qualities. Ruled by Moon, these natives are loving, caring and empathetic in nature. This is because the planet Moon depicts all the motherly instincts. Moon also gives them a strong sense of intuition which helps them identify others pain and sufferings, quite easily. All these traits makes them a seemingly perfect fit for a doctor’s profession.

However, this is not it. There are other significant planetary play and house involvements, which helps predict more precisely if it is in your destiny to become a successful doctor. This involves:

  • Checking the strength and connection of your 6th and 10th house, 5th and 4th
  • The placement and influence of Jupiter, Venus, Moon and Mars in your birth chart.
  • The possibilities of good basic education, higher education and foreign travel, too, should be ascertained to understand if a profession in medical science is worth the deal for you.

Having said that, one needs to comprehend why these houses and planets are critical in aiding your career as a doctor.

  • Strength of 6th house is essential to be able to crack the entrance exams for medical profession
  • Strength of 4th house is important for good basic education
  • A positive combination of your 4th and 6th house with your 10th house signifies that this will be a favorable profession for you
  • Venus, Jupiter and Mars play a major role in defining a career in medical science, by the virtue of their respective nature
  • Mars rule intelligence and mental strength. Thus, it is important to check if Mars is placed well in your 5th In case not, then planetary placement of your 5th house along with placement of Mars with respect to your 5th house, helps define your mental strength to pursue a career in medical science.

First things first: Cracking an entrance exam is the primary step to begin your career as a doctor.

To know if you have it in you to successfully clear the Common Entrance Test to be eligible to pursue a career in medical science, you need to check the strength and planetary positions of your 6th house. This house is ruled by Jupiter and if it is present in all its strength in your 6th house, you are sure to do well in your medical entrance exam.

  • If Jupiter is placed in your 1st house, you will be blessed with wisdom and intelligence, which will further help you in excelling in medical entrance tests.
  • Any association of Jupiter with Mars is also beneficial for you to clear your entrance test, as this enhances your decision making ability.

Secondly, higher education prospects must be bright for you to become a renowned doctor.

Obviously, you need good basic and higher education to make it work as a doctor. Learning in case of medical professions is in fact a never ending process. You need to keep yourself abreast of the new techniques and technologies in the realm of medical science to be acquainted with innovative treatment procedures.

  • Along with the strength of the 6th house, Jupiter’s presence need to be ascertained in the birth chart of the Cancer native. If Jupiter is in your 9th house or if it is making any relation with your 9th house or Venus, it gives you excellent opportunities in the areas of higher education. This is the placement which is present in the birth charts of individuals who are able to do specializations such as MD and MS.
  • If Jupiter is in connection with your 12th house lord, then you have a strong likelihood of getting your higher education in some foreign university. This placement also favors your career growth abroad.

However, if these placements are not evident in your birth chart and if you have a weak 6th house or a debilitated Jupiter, do not worry. There are some other parameters which can still give you an opportunity to chase your dream of becoming a doctor.

  • If Jupiter and Venus conjunct in the 9th house of the Cancer ascendant, it signifies a favorable position for higher education in the field of medical science.

Doctor is a broad term and encompasses many specializations. Your planets and their combinations and connections suggest which area of expertise would give your better career results.

For career as a surgeons:

  • If Mars, Ketu or Jupiter make any sort of connect with the 6th house of a Cancer ascendant, they are said to be blessed with excellent healing powers and therapeutic capabilities. This is a favorable placement for those who want to become surgeons.
  • If Jupiter and Venus are placed in Moola Nakshatra, which will be in your 6th house, you will make for successful surgeons.
  • When Ashwini, Magha or Moola Nakshatra have any relation with Jupiter, Mars or Saturn in your birth chart, it signifies success as a surgeon.

For career in alternative medicine:

  • When Jupiter forms a connection with Aradra Nakshatra (which is related to Rahu) you can do well as Ayurvedic or Homeopathic doctors.
  • Any direct or indirect influence of Rahu or Mars on Aradra Nakshatra favors the study of alternative medicine, including Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

For career in manufacturing of medical devices:

  • When Rahu or Ketu influences your 6th or 12th house, you may be more inclined to take up profession as a pathologist or radiologist. They can also succeed in the field of manufacturing medical devices.
  • If Rahu or Ketu in association with Mars have any relation with Chitra or Moola Nakshatra in your birth chart, you will possess in-depth knowledge of medical devices, instruments and technologies and may further your career in this field.

For career in other medical specializations:

  • Jupiter in relation with Ashlesha Nakshatra favors your career as an Entomologist.
  • Positive influence of Mars, Jupiter or Mercury in the birth chart of the Cancer ascendant, makes them effective Veterinary doctor.
  • For Pediatricians, a connection between Jupiter and Mercury gives favorable results.
  • If there is an association of Mars and Saturn in your birth chart you can do very well as a specialist in treating leprosy patients.
  • If Ketu or Mercury, which signifies nerves, have any connection with Jupiter in the natal chart of Cancer ascendant, they can succeed as physiotherapists and neurologists.
  • When Venus, Mars or Jupiter conjunct, it gives success in the area of orthopedics.

If Jupiter, Mars or Rahu has a close relation with Shatbhisha Nakshatra (which is related to Ketu), a person can do well in treatment of mentally ill patients.