The Fixed Signs in Astrology – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, & Aquarius

(Moon Sign Based)

There are four fixed signs in each of the elements or tatvas in Vedic astrology. These are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. In this article, we discuss the nature and qualities of these fixed signs that you must know for a better understanding of their personalities.

What You Should Know About The Fixed Signs in Astrology – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, & Aquarius


The usage of movable, fixed and mutable signs is projected in Jaimini School of astrology than Parashara. The primary rule of Jaimini astrology is like this “Fixed signs aspect moveable signs and moveable signs aspect fixed signs (except for adjacent signs). Mutable signs aspect each other.”

There are altogether twelve signs and Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are fixed signs. The name itself says that these signs are fixed. Moveable signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn and mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

As the name says the fixed sign indicates, those who belong to this sign are quite fixed and not get easily influenced. They are stable and as the name says the fixed sign indicates, those who belong to this sign are fixed and not get easily influenced. They are stable and consistent. The negative side is if they get a bad habit like addictions, then they may stay in that for a long time as well.

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The people who belong to fixed signs are known as the one who likes to maintain the situation. They don’t like change in any situations. They will be like babies who get irritated when they are near new things and new situations. When they are in a long term project for long years, they are happy and peaceful. They are good at being consistent, so they will be known as keepers of society.

Our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi has two planets in Scorpio, ( Moon and Mars), Jupiter in Aquarius and Saturn and Venus in Taurus. He is in politics since his teens and now his political career is a lifelong one as well. We all know that he is a very stable person as he doesn’t change his decisions easily. His marital life itself is an example. He is not easily shaken by criticism as well.

He is very much into the yoga practice and preserving Hindu philosophy. The people with activated fixed signs like to preserve the traditions. Especially Leo is the sign of Pitris and Poorva Punya. Such people will be very proud of their traditions. Mr. Modi’s Saturn and Venus are in the sign of Leo, which indicates his immense respect for Hindu philosophy and traditions. Fixed signs are very conscious of the environment. They even hate changing the bedrooms and they are sleepless if that happens. They are actually very stubborn people.

Fixed signs have high perseverance rate, so they will not hesitate to go through any physical, emotional and financial turbulence. They are like go-getters, so they are a group of people who stand with someone or institution in their challenges or ups and downs. They like to stand by own, and they don’t like to get treated as victims. Nobody from this category is afraid of arguments and they don’t like criticism as well.

There are negative sides to these attributes as well. Their bossy attitude may cause other recurrent troubles. This is quite visible from the tug of war between Mr. Modi and Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. Mr. Kejriwal also has the same vibes as Mr. Modi with 5 planets in fixed signs. So, it will be very interesting for astrology enthusiast to see how things are going to develop near the next Loksabha elections. Remember Mr, Kejriwal is also a person with a strong will and daring attitude. He preserved his baby, which is AAP amongst all the volatility which the party went through and he came into the power even after the bad performance after the initial years. He managed to come back into power.

Mr. Modi and Mr. Kejriwal, both are known for their bossy nature. So, a person with more planets in fixed sign can be identified his indifferent attitude towards his subordinates. The planets placed in the fixed sign also will get the same nature of this sign.

  1. Taurus

Taurus is an earth sign and fixed sign. If you belong to this sign, then you are a very firm person, especially if you have your Ascendant or Moon is in this sign. The symbol of this sign is Bull, which is in an attacking mode. If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant in this sign, you will see that you need more time to expand your thoughts. Most of the time, you like to stay in what you have in your mind.

  1. Leo

This is the most royal sign in the zodiac and its symbol is Lion. Lion doesn’t like to have competitors. The Lion stay in a lazy mode or unchangeable mode for more than 20 hours in a day. But it can be active at any time. If your Sun, Moon or Lagna in the sign of Leo, that will make you more confident, but others may see you more like a bossy person

  1. Scorpio

If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in Scorpio, then you will be named as the most stubborn and secretive person on the planet. Even though the Scorpio is a watery sign, but the sign is majorly has a fixed nature. A romantic relationship with a Scorpio can really be a complicated one as they have a multitude of feelings which is sprinkled with possessiveness, bossiness, and emotions.

  1. Aquarius

This is the most flexible among the fixed signs. Aquarius is all about nourishment and high intelligence. If your Sun, Moon or Ascendant is in Aquarius, you are like a visionary who likes to create own missions and vision with fan following. Charity deeds also can be a favorite domain.

So, next time when you see your birth chart has too many planets in these fixed sign, you should remember all these things and that will make your life easier. If you see the same thing in your children's chart, then teach them to be a little flexible. Please do not be forceful, because they will take time to accept the realities, and thus change.


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