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Gemini - What does your Destiny hold for you?

Planet Mercury blesses you with great flexibility and determination in your life. Do not linger too much in your past events. Rise above from the ashes and work your way to find the true meaning of your life. Here are some destiny tips for Gemini moon. Read more to find out!

Gemini - What does your Destiny hold for you?


The personalities who believe in the transparency of conversation and sharp intelligence in talks, to attain the desired destiny in their lives, are the ‘Geminis’.

Gemini has the flexibility and determination, with the blessings of Planet Mercury. Gemini also has the ability to attain what they want, with the unique ability in them, that they will never ever let the children inside them die.

The behavior like children makes you not to believe in if’s and but’s, and also has the intelligence to attain success with their quick grasping ability which makes Gemini perfect in every aspect of life.

Gemini will get puzzled with their lives when they get stuck in a very narrow dispute of mind and heart, and at that point of time when they need to know how Destiny will manifest in their life. The one who is very expert with all the complex thoughts also gets stuck with Luck and Destiny if they forget, that the flow of energy in their life is channelized with the cosmic stars.

Whether it’s your Sun Sign, Moon Sign or the Rising Ascendant, you will feel the energy of Gemini in your life. The question now stands as to how to get the favorable phases of Destiny and Luck, which is only for Gemini.

The Answer is hidden in your horoscope, and that answer will show you how Destiny will be manifested in your life through various channels, and when various people will come to meet you just to open the gate of Luck in your life.

Come let’s decode 6 hidden Secrets of Luck and Destiny in your Life:

Children are your Name and Fame your Fifth house Destiny.

  • In Vedic Astrology, the fifth house in your horoscope signifies the children and the children will be that healing gemstone to harness your Luck and Destiny.
  • Luck will flourish in terms of the share market, the name and fame, if the ruler of your fifth house is strong.
  • Observe the time period of Venus, which rules the children in your life, and also your name and fame too. The transit of Venus and the placement of Venus plays a major role in your destiny.
  • Wear Diamond to activate the luck and destiny related to Planet Venus in your life.

Make the people around you happy, and be the creator of your Destiny related to business.

  • You don’t meet people by accident. There’s always a reason or blessing through which your luck will shine on you.
  • Your good behavior with your spouse, and good relationship with business-partners, will bless you with the luck and destiny related to your business.
  • Give respect to the people around you. Your good deeds will give a good return from your destiny, through the planet Jupiter as well in your business.

Childhood friends and your Siblings are the Destiny in your Life

  • Your siblings will give you the cosmic energy and activate your third house to give good results in your life.
  • The third house gives courage, and siblings are the first ones who make you realize that you have the courage to fight against adversity.
  • Be loyal to your sibling, and then your third house ruler Sun will give good luck in your life, in terms of resources and gains from traveling, and also bless you in its time period according to your horoscope.
  • The destiny will herself come to meet you with bags full of gifts and luck, which will make your life very beautiful and blessed, if you have a good relationship with your siblings.

Control your Destiny with the flow of energy in your Tenth house of Horoscope.

  • Career is the platform which will decide when you will attain your desired destiny and favor of luck.
  • Being in the zone of Gemini, your career is ruled by the planet Jupiter which the planet of wisdom and ethics.
  • To have favor from your destiny, you should be very loyal to the ethics and work related to your career and the people related to the planet Jupiter like Priests, teachers, and religious people.
  • The movement of Jupiter in the zodiac plane will influence your luck in your career so align yourself with the planet Jupiter to get success in your career.

Be with your spouse always luck will be with you always.

  • Your better-half is the most important gemstone in your life. Your spouse is that person who has the power to change your luck, even in adverse circumstances.
  • The Planet Venus and Jupiter will bless you in your luck and destiny matters, if your relationship with your spouse is good.
  • From where and with whom your luck and destiny will come to you, you would never know, and their energy related to the seventh house in your horoscope to attain good luck in your life.

Have faith in your ruler, ‘Mercury’

  • Be with your ruler, the Prince of the entire planet, and known for his unique ability to implement the intelligence which would make luck and destiny shower on you.
  • Wear the gemstones related to the planets Mercury, like Emerald, which can give you the favor of luck and destiny in your life.
  • Never ever forget the child within you, which would be the best part of your Mercury, and always be with the energy source of Mercury, so that you can attain the desired destiny and luck in your life.
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