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Astrological Tips for Designing your Kids’ Study Area to Improve Concentration

Children need to have that perfect sanctuary for improved concentration and focus on studies. It is natural that your child may get distracted easily. So to avoid that, apply some of these easy astrological tips to allow positive vibes and focus to naturally manifest in their study area.

Astrological Tips for Designing your Kids’ Study Area to Improve Concentration


Designing your kid’s study area as per Vastu Shastra will pave the way for the success of children in their educational prospects to achieve higher goals with hard work and efforts for good results with improved concentration and memory power. The study area plays a vital role in shaping their educational module for his/her career success. Hence, it is important to ensure that the room is surrounded by a positive aura that inspires creative thinking in children.

Direction of the Study Area

The ideal direction of a study area/room is the west zone of the house. The door should be facing east directions and should open clockwise as it energizes the positive vibes and happiness in the room. Avoid hanging any kind of board or signs that foster negative vibes.

Doors and Windows of the Study Area

There should not be any direct door, window, or even mirror directly in front of the study table as it may lead to restlessness. The reason behind avoiding mirrors is that it bounces back all kinds of energy and destroys the tranquility needed in the study area.

Placement of the Bed in the Room

The bed must be placed either in the west or in the southwest corner of the room as it showers its blessings for good health, good fortune, and success in all other aspects. Avoid and do not allow the kids from eating in the room as it fosters an invitation to bad dreams and negativity while studying.

Electronic Gadgets the Study Area

The concentration power of the student can be disturbed by the high electromagnetic stress which is produced by the harmful radiation produced by the electronics in the students study area.

The Colours in the Study Area/Room

Shades of light green or light yellow work the best for enhancing the lighting of the student’s room. These colours brighten the space and avoid mood swings. Avoid the use of colors black and blue in rugs, bed sheets, and wallpapers as they tend to throw a negative shadow on the thought process and emotional development of children.

Study Desk for your Kids

The placement of the study desk is beneficial either in the west or the south-west direction and the student should face east or north while studying as it enhances memory and concentration. Try selecting a desk which is of a light colour shade.

Bookshelf in the Study Area/Room

The bookshelf should be placeed in the north-east direction of the room and should be made of wood rather than metal as the latter has a negative impact. Avoid piling up the books on the study table as it creates unnecessary clutter and pressure which affects the concentration of the student.

Dustbin in the Study Area

It is very beneficial for removing unused stationery, like pens without refills, old or torn books, or newspapers as it may bring negativity in the home and avoid placing shoes or slippers under the table.

Study Lamp in the Study Area

The study lamp should be placed in the student’s room as an essential ingredient which enhances their luck in educational prospects and brings improved focus and concentration.

Room Decor in the Study Area

The picture of the galloping horses, Goddess Saraswati, a rising Sun, all that gives inspiration to the student’s to study with focus and concentration. You can place the trophies, medals, or certificates bagged by the student on the south wall but avoid hanging pictures stating sorrow or sadness.

Ventilation in the Study Area

Take proper care of ventilation in the student’s room as fresh air is extremely important. Even a small window will be sufficient for eliminating toxins that can circulate in the air.

Which is the ideal place to study at home according to the age of the student?

The ideal place to study depends on the age of the student.

  • If the student is in secondary school, the best place to study is the north-east of the house and facing east, while studying.
  • If the student is preparing for competitive exams or pursuing a professional course, then, the ideal place for them to study is in the north-west and facing towards the north.
  • Ensure that electronic devices are kept in a separate area, as these can cause distractions and hinder positive and helpful energy.

Suggestions for Success in Exams for students based on Subjects

  • Students studying mathematics and accounting should face north for the best results.
  • Students studying Physics and Architecture should face south for the best results.
  • Students can face south-east for success in subjects such as Chemistry and Biology.
  • Students should face the northeast while studying subjects such as Hindi and Sanskrit.
  • Students can prepare for Law, Business Studies, Economics, and English by facing the west.

What should you do and what should you avoid while preparing for exams? Read More to get a detailed insight as per your Zodiac Sign.

Astrological Remedies for enhancing your Focus

Examinations pose a lot of mental pressure including deviation in focus when needed the most.

  • If you're having trouble concentrating in class, take a moment to breathe and relax.
  • After that, arrange your research materials to face west or north. It will spread positivity and positive vibes around you and you will have better options for focusing on your studies.
  • When you are sitting down to read your study material, face either east or north. It will assist you in staying focused.
  • Cover your study table with green or blue colour table cloth for additional focus on your study goals

Ideal Direction for the Study Area as per the Kids’ Zodiac Sign

  • Aries - East direction
  • Taurus - Southeast
  • Gemini - Northwest
  • Cancer - North
  • Leo - Southeast
  • Virgo - South
  • Libra - West
  • Scorpio - Northwest
  • Sagittarius - Northeast
  • Capricorn - Southwest
  • Aquarius - West
  • Pisces - North

It is true that to attain good marks in your examinations, you should possess the qualities of hard work and strong inclination for your success. All the astrological remedies have to be combined with strong inclination and hard work which will be the ladder of your success and any step which is missing will lead you to the lower step of your success ladder in your academic pursuits.