How zodiacs should study to perform well in exams

Exams are often scary with their time bound preparation and the stress to finish the entire syllabus. And then comes, the revision. We are here to make this elaborate process easier for you. With guidance as per your zodiac, this article provides you detailed insights on what to and what not to do, while preparing for an examination.

How zodiacs should study to perform well in exams


Exams are approaching soon and the students of all the twelve zodiac signs must be looking forward to this semester. Some of you might have started your preparations well in advance while some of you may are wondering how to go about the entire process of preparation and training.

Every one of you have different style of reading, learning and remembering things. Therefore, a single formula cannot be applied universally on all the students. Every student with their own unique learning methods, respond differently to each study techniques. We here tell you, how you can use your instinctive qualities to enhance your performance in exams.

Planetary positions of the students in their Birth Charts can reveal their study method and the techniques they apply to learn things quickly and effectively.

Some basic traits of the students can be judged through their moon sign.

  1. The Aries student: Personality Traits

Aries students are mostly self-motivated and have high energy to study the subjects of their choice. However, they get easily frustrated if they have to sit through long hours on a regular basis.

Aries, you are advised to break down your course work in small units and make separate notes. Leadership and foresight is your natural instinct and are the main characteristics of Aries students. It can push you to perform better in academics. Group-study proves very effective for you. You love challenges.

Aries students remain focused on their studies and this helps them achieve their targets easily. Taking intermittent breaks after every half an hour or 40 minutes helps them remain concentrated. They are not very good at paying attention to details. This is why they are unable to score excellent grades in exams.

Aries, solving objective/multiple choice question could help you retain your focus.

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  1. The Taurus student: Personality Traits

Taurus students are very committed and down to earth. In fact, they are very stubborn which is why they never leave any task unfinished. At the same time, they are very sensitive and use their sensory powers to assimilate the concepts and ideas to find a simple solution.

Taurus, you must study in a peaceful and quiet surrounding like a library or a room where there is no disturbance. The best time for a Taurus student to study is either early morning or late at night.

Since you are a tactile learner, if there is any audio/visual presentation of your course material, it will help you gain good understanding and you will be able to retain information better. The more you revise your lessons the better you will score in exams.

Do not compare yourself with others in terms of productivity because your sincerity and hard work is unmatchable.

  1. The Gemini student: Personality Traits

Being highly communicative and sociable, Gemini students need people around them to be at ease.

Even when you are not discussing much with your friends, their presence is good enough for you to be comfortable and pay attention to your lessons.

Gemini students love changes and get bored of monotonous routine. If they keep studying in the same place, their brain will not be able to store any extra memory cues. One day you may feel like studying in a library and the next day you will take your books and go to a park. This change of place allows you better memory retention.

Soothing music playing at a low volume in the background will also add to your efficiency and increase your concentration. Your thoughts wander a lot and it is quite possible that you will feel distracted while studying in absolute silence and will not be able to stay focused for long.

Gemini, you should share your knowledge with friends, as it would help you learn skills and gain knowledge from them.

  1. The Cancer student: Personality Traits

Being an emotional and sentimental person, students with Cancer as their zodiac sign are connected with surroundings that too in a nostalgic manner. If you really need to focus and crank your preparation, up a notch, you should study in your own room without changing your study place. Otherwise your wandering mind cause loss of concentration and will lead to distractions.

Since security and assurance is of prime importance for the Cancer students, they love to prepare a proper timetable with complete planning and strategy to crack the competitive exam.

You like to help your friends if they face difficulty in studies or does not get the concept clear. This makes you happy and satisfied. However, you are advised to learn your own lessons first and then help others, in order to avoid lagging behind.

Cancer sign students are emotionally connected with their family and friends and thus it is quite possible that they will waste a lot of time talking to them on social media or phone.

Keep your phone away on flight mode while studying. Use it only during your break time. Also make it a habit to learn the difficult lessons first and then move on to easier ones.

  1. The Leo student: Personality Traits

Leo students do not go into the depth of the lessons as they find it very boring. For them, knowledge is more about concepts. They look at the bigger picture.

Leo students should make your own notes, as it would help you grasp concepts faster.

Leos do not like to go into the practical details of the things. They run away from those lessons that are complex and have lot of details.

You are advised to listen carefully to the lectures and make your own notes in a concise form. Getting too much into details will make you anxious. Once you get the main idea about the lesson, it will boost your confidence and increase your learning power.

However, on the other hand, Leos are highly egoistic. Asking for help is hard for them. Therefore, they may end up losing an opportunity to understand the lesson from their friends because of their egocentric nature. You should put your ego and pride aside, and understand that there is no harm in asking for help. You can invite your friends at your home for group study and even enjoy the process. In return, you can sponsor them some snacks to satisfy your ego.

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  1. The Virgo student: Personality Traits

Virgo, you are blessed with great listening skills which brings a lot of benefits to the students of this sign. You have the great convincing powers to make your friends prepare written/audio notes for you. Also, you are blessed with a sharp mind, which helps you remember lessons. These characteristics of a Virgo student, help them secure knowledge in a way, no one can.

Being an airy sign, Virgo students may start learning more than one lesson at the same time, which could create confusion in their mind.

You should concentrate on one subject or topic at one time for better output. Since you are cleanliness freak and want things in be arranged in an organized manner, it would be better for you to study at a library. Carry only those books or notes that are required at that time.

You can also use a planner or organizer to logically plan all your days. A structured method will always be beneficial to you. Self-study is the best option for a Virgo student. Using flash cards will further help you memorize lessons and formulas effectively. Late night studies are also very good for you.

You should set timers for your routine tasks.

  1. The Libra student: Personality Traits

Libra, you always need some motivation to study and to get back on track. Therefore, group study can give you many benefits. You should ask your friends to set targets for you and keep an eye on your study pattern.

Since you always seek balance in life, you should apply the same method in your studies. Make sure that you pay equal attention to every subject.

We know that for Libra students focus and concentration are their weak areas. However, you must pay attention to the lessons carefully. Also, getting enough sleep is important for your long-term well-being, concentration and your physical and mental health.

Libra students may be tempted to study late at night like night owls. However, late night study sessions are not very beneficial for Libra students.

Success for Libra students depends on how good they are at organizing their routine tasks. They should also keep all the distractions at bay, especially phones, while studying and should monitor their progress on an hourly basis. Talking to your friend after achieving your target will boost your morale.

  1. The Scorpio student: Personality Traits

Scorpio, no one can match your level of concentration. Scorpion students have the ability to sit for long hours without getting tired or distracted. Thus, we can say that your concentration game is very strong. Hence, it is advised to study on your own. If anyone calls you for a group study, you have all the rights to say No to them.

Right from the planning, researching, understanding and summarizing the content, you should trust your own instincts.

Born under the passionate sign, Scorpio students always try to gain the maximum knowledge and ensure that their concepts are clear. They have the habit of getting into the depth of the matter, which is why they may not be able to finish the tasks on time.

Scorpio students are advised to divide their assignments into proper syllabus and devote fixed time to every syllabus. If you are unable to finish that in given time, you must leave that aside and work on the next topic keeping in mind the set target. Music at Low volume, in the background and a cup of coffee on the study table with the related books and notes kept in front of you, is the easiest way to stay up all night.

Keep only selective and comprehensive study material for the final revision otherwise you may not able to get things done on time. The ability of to solve the complex problems boosts your morale, Scorpio.

  1. The Sagittarius student: Personality Traits

A social butterfly, Sagittarius students can learn effectively in a group-study. This will not only give happiness and satisfaction to them but will also make the learning process easier and much more interesting.

Sagittarius, you are a born learner and you yourself forget where to draw the line when you start studying a new subject. Your curious and inquisitive mind is the reason you get into the depth of every matter and learn even those lessons that are not included in your syllabus. This in turn will delay the outcome. But getting in depth of things is the natural characteristics of a Sagittarius student, which is why they are all rounded great learners.

Pressure from your friends can help you finish your syllabus on time. You cannot be forced to study. Do not force yourself to do something when you are in a mood.

However, keeping in mind your future prospect, you should think big and dream bigger. You should divide the course into parts. This will make the learning process easier and effective. It is essential to take short breaks in between to reboot your brain.

  1. The Capricorn student: Personality Traits

Very competitive and goal oriented, Capricorn students are highly disciplined and organized. They work on their objectives very seriously and accomplish their targets.

Capricorns are very methodical and plan things in detailed and practical manner. Being pragmatic, they start their preparation well in advance. However, on the other hand, they are so much competitive that they always keep an eye on their friends and competitors.

They tend to be pessimistic which might affect their performance negatively and make them lag behind in studies.

You are advised to avoid discussing about your coursework with friends or fellow classmates. In fact, you should try to compete with yourself and try to evaluate yourself based on meaningful things. Keep your phone away while studying.

Studying alone and keeping pace with your pre-planned schedule is more than enough for you to score decent grades in exams. You should stay positive and believe in yourself. Meet you friends for fun activities to keep your mind refreshed and not just for group study.

  1. The Aquarius student: Personality Traits

Aquarius are better known as unconventional and distinctive people. They are so engrossed in your own thoughts that they are least bothered about others. Even though they are not very organized, yet they have the inborn quality of staying focused even in a chaotic environment.

Highly intelligent, Aquarius students can devise their own study methods and create an effective study plan. They will study at a time that is convenient to them.

Somedays, they may grasp an entire book in a very brief time whereas on other days, they may not be able to even complete a single lesson. Their crazy formulas and learning methods are far beyond anyone’s understanding.

Intuitive powers are the biggest asset for an Aquarius student. You must choose a good study area as per your interest.

They are always ready to help their friends and classmates, In fact, their friends can learn many important things from them.

Helping others bring them happiness and satisfaction to the Aquarius natives.

You should try to prepare notes in a structured format. You can also use gadgets to understand your course material effectively.

  1. The Pisces student: Personality Traits

Being an imaginative dreamers and living in a fantasy world, Pisces students are not very good at focusing on their studies. They are good at memorizing and learning things effectively. The ability to remember things allows them a huge advantage in studies.

Being romantic by nature, Pisces student enjoy studying near the natural surroundings. It could be a park, mountain, or riverside. It increases their productivity and helps to grasp things quickly.

Sometimes their queries may seem hilarious to others because they have a tendency to come up with some weird questions. However, they should not at all feel ashamed or stupid to ask their teachers, any question.

You are advised to make a timetable with proper time management and follow it on a daily basis.

If you join a coaching where the course is followed strictly and self-study is monitored, you can do well. You love helping your friends in studies and this enhances your knowledge. However, this does not mean that you waste all your time explaining things to your friends and have no time and energy left to learn/revise your lessons.