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Shape your life by Strengthening your Stars

We often get amazedwith the royal personality of a person,the power and authority he/she possesses, and the name and fame with which they live their lives. Someone might saythat the stars were on thatperson’s side,because of which they are able to livetheir life as a King. The ‘Star’keyword thus gets stuck in your mind. You might have asked yourself many times whether the luck related to Stars really works in your lifeor in others life as well.

The Stars and Nakshatras will give youan amazing life if they are placedin the right side of your horoscope, with the presence being influencialin the zodiac plane. The right side of Stars will give you all the strength and power which will be related to getting name, fame, family, and many more things.

Everythingdepends on what type of strength you want in your life. You might be struggling with your finances which can be the weak point in your life, but your self-esteem or will power to accept the challenge and fight back with that weakness, willgive you the strength to fight back and win over that financial problem.

The above scenario is an example of wealth in your Horoscope/Kundali which comes in the second, fifth and eleventh house, and the will power in you which gives you the courage to come under the zone of your First house, Rising sign and the Moon sign in your horoscope.

The meaning and importance of Fate

Fate is a cosmic power that comes to them whose conviction is strong enough to steer fate.The astral permutation and combination works in the righ way to give you strength in your life, which could also be the most integral partof your life, required to strengthen your foundation and have a luxurious lifestyle.

The fate of every person is ruled with the energy of the ninth house in the horoscope, and if you would like to know the status of your fate, then start following the Lord of the ninth house. The zodiac sign present in your ninth house will also help you know about your fate.The strength of the ninth house will give you the strength to get success on time and also provide all the needed facilities to you.

To strengthen your future and life, you need to know what those planets are, and which zodiac signs in your horoscope rule over a specific strength in your life. You would be that one personality who would have multiple jobs indifferent sectionsof your life. Those sections could either be your love life, career, and many more such areas of your life,which work like a strong anchor in your life,and also gives the courage and strength to move ahead in good and challenging circumstances.
Come and let’s see what are the tools given by the zodiac plane to strengthen your important abilities and attain good fortune in your life.

Health is your most important strength

Think like an elite athlete, who has good physical fitness and who cannot betaken down easily in their life. You mightbe very familiar with the phrase “Health is Wealth” in one’s life. This phrase is very easily analyzed, and in fact accurate if you will understand the concept of theBhavat-Bhavam (House-to-House) connection.

The sixth and eighth house inyour horoscope is related to disease and physical fitness. The fortune of health and strength will come when the planet related to these houses will get placed in the friendly sign and also have an auspicious aspect on them.

If your deeds related to the sixth and eighth house have some problems,  then your fortune related to the lack of health and fitness will get affected, which are interlinked in the cosmic plane.

This is the reason one should keep their homes clean which comes under the zone of the fourth house, and avoid the bad habit of eating junk food which comes in the zone of the second house in your horoscope.  All these good habits will give you the strength of health and fortune, to live a healthy life without a single medicinal help.

A career as your strength and your fortune

The second house is for areas in one’s life which take care of the money, wealth and fiancé, and if you will count to the ninth house from your second house, then you will reach to the zone related to your career and the workplace, which is the tenth house in your horoscope.

Start doing the auspicious work related to the second house to attain the gain wealth and money from your work and career. This is how you will give strength to your Luck and fortune related to financial matters and career.

Saturn is the real gift master and the only one who can bless you withstrong foundation in your life. It is very important for you to do the work related to Saturn, in order to attain the strength and cosmic intelligence to make the luck favour for you. The presence of planets in the house related to career and wealth will give you good gain with name and fame in your life.

Your Intelligence gives you strength and Good Fortune as well

Get the helping hand of planet Mercury, which is the most intelligent planet among all the Nine Vedic planets.

The placement of Mercury will give you the strength to giveexcellent presentationsin front of your Senior, or help you to crack the examination which you have been preparing fora long time.

The placement of Mercury and also the Lord of your fifth house will give desired results to attain good rank in the society. The Nakshatra which is ruled by the planet Mercury also playsa vital role to give you the intellect to overcome your weakness and increase your strength.

Do a close analysis of any major planet placed in your horoscope, to understand better.

Get the projects funded and Fortune related to children and spouse

With the help of Jupiter, you will have the strength to attain everyhappiness which one dreams in his life.

Jupiter is the wisdom giver and alsoplaysa role to give you the happiness related to family, spouse, and good progeny.

Family is one of the most important parts in one’s life and works as a backbone for the person. Family is the first school and acts as a mirror of the society in which the foundation for the coming generation will be created.

Self-awareness will come from the placement of Jupiter, as itgetting placed in your horoscope will give the wisdom to create the foundation in your life related to finance.

Tap into your self-awareness

The role of the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu will come into manifestation in a positive direction in your life if you start listing the inner voice.Shadow planet Rahu and Ketu will give you the courage to take risks and the intelligence to handle evil forces around you and protect your fortune as well.

Presence of these planets in the house related to career or in a relationship, will give clues on how to implement the divine energy and being religious, and that having belief in something within you which can show you the path to attain success is what listening to your inner voice is like.

Talk to yourself and get the helping hand from the cosmic planets and Nakshatra to get the strength and the abundance of fortune in your life. Every aspect of life and every relationship in your life is your strength, so it is time to know that, and make them more strong, so that your fortuneitself come to you, and improves your fate excellently.