National Handloom Day- Type of outfit that suits your Zodiac sign

All of us have different dressing styles and outfit preferences. Though based on our personal choices, each of such choices is ultimately governed by the zodiac moon sign. Let astrology guide you into finding your signature outfit, based on your zodiac moon sign. On the occasion of National Handloom Day, let us see which outfits suit us the best.

National Handloom Day- Type of outfit that suits your Zodiac sign


National Handloom Day – Significance and History

Every year, August 7 is celebrated as the national Handloom Day. On August 7, 1905, a formal proclamation was made at the Calcutta Town Hall to boycott foreign goods and to rely only on Indian-made products. The swadeshi movement gained strength in India after the partition of Bengal. In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the first National Handloom Day. It was a day to commemorate and salute to weavers and artisans in the industry, to promote the handmade and the hand-woven clothing material.

The objective of the day is to generate awareness about the handloom industry among the public and prioritize its contribution to the socio-economic development of the country.

Handloom refers to the wooden frames of different types which are used by skilled artisans to weave fabrics. The artisans usually use natural fibers like Cotton, Silk, Wool, Jute, etc. The entire process of spinning the yarn, colouring, to weaving on the loom if done by the artisans. Fabrics produced from these looms are referred to as Handlooms.

These handloom products are indigenous to India and its different states. The objective of this day is to bring into focus these lost arts and strengthen the artisan’s claim to Atmanirbharta by supporting the small weavers in the handloom sector.

Knowing the rich history of Handlooms in India, it is definitely a task for all of us to protect this cultural heritage. On this account, it is important to recognize the dressing sense and fashion statement of each zodiac moon sign.

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What does your Zodiac say about your Outfit Style?

  1. Aries

You have a wide range when it comes to apparels in your wardrobe. You can go from flashy street styles to rocking the classics in no time. You usually are a master of classics but can as easily transform into urban street style – cool. You are courageous, determined and confident and it shows in your dressing as well as in your personality.

You are usually fond of streamlined and sleek fashion pieces, which makes a statement on its own. You love to accessorize and can’t get enough of them. You usually love a tonal outfit. You will be the first one to wear the craziest of runway trends and you are confident enough to pull them off. White, blue and greens are your favourites.

Outfit: Boho A-lined dresses, Casual dinner jackets, classy blazers or even denim jackets etc.

  1. Taurus

Your clothes are always comfortable and flowy. You are an earth sign and therefore, you are quite grounded and rooted. Ruled by the planet Venus, you have an affinity for all things beautiful and sensual. Therefore, you usually wear clothes that accentuates your sensuality.

You are stylish and love to accessorize according to your outfit. You are fashion forward and always make a statement with your daily style. However, you always gravitate towards comfort and therefore, your outfits and fashion statements are always very relatable and doable. You look the best in red and green.

Outfit: Sundresses, leather pants/skirts, floral jackets and tons of accessories etc.

  1. Gemini

You can be rest assured that whenever you walk past, you sure turn some heads. You are quite a risk taker and often get complimented on account of that. You love to experiment with fabrics, volumes, and silhouettes and create a masterpiece. Your curious and adaptable nature finds its way into your clothing style, as well.

You are quite fearless and are always open to something new. You always mix and match trends and take a gamble. You enjoy the reckless abandonment with which you get dressed, yet end up looking like a complete diva. Street shopping as well as high end brands are equally appealing to you. White and yellow are your go-to colours.

Outfit: Denim outfits, boxy and vibrant tops, a-lined dresses, fancy accessories etc.

  1. Cancer

You are sophisticated and classy, with an eye for the timeless and classic appeal. You are very sharply dressed and have a very refined sense of style. You are always poised and polished. Affordable fashion is not quite your forte, you seem to like high end brands and classy outfits.

You are always classy and very well made, but never stifling. Relying on timeless classics have worked well for you in the past and you do not wish to experiment more in that regard. No matter what you wear, you always look elegant and you stand out. However, you look the best in reds and blues.

Outfit: Little Black dress, three piece suits, leather jackets, elegant and monochrome clothing etc.

  1. Leo

You are fiery, head strong and lively. You are always making a fashion statement with whatever you wear. You like being in the limelight. You are confident and brave and have the ability to carry off whatever you wear with confidence. Your creativity and passion for life shows in your dressing sense.

You are unafraid of trying anything – from bold and vibrant hues to monochromes. You trust your own gut and do not follow the latest fashion trends blindly. You love to bask in the spotlight. Even the simplest of the dress, you wear it with a twist and make it look jaw dropping. Gold, yellow and orange are your best colours.

Outfit: Shimmery dresses/jackets, classic denims with a twist, hats, vibrant tops, etc.

  1. Virgo

Just like your personality, your dress sense can be called functional. You are utility based and choose your clothing accordingly. You may still dress very lady like or man like, but basic tenets of your outfit would be comfort and functionality. You have a deep love for your classics and tend to gravitate towards silhouettes.

You always are very polished and mature and have a very grown up look. Your sense of style is subtle and shows restraint. You are versatile and practical. Simple and classic looks, from high end brands are best suited to you. Blue, jade green and orange are your best colours.

Outfit: Corduroy pants, trench coats, sweatshirts and jeans, monochromes etc.

  1. Libra

You are known for your style and grace. Whatever you wear, you look elegant. Blessed by the Planet Venus, you have an eye for beauty and balance and you know very well how to incorporate that in your dressing as well. Your style is often feminine, which accentuates your inner sensuality.

You usually like timeless classics with a modern twist. You love living on the edge and are always open to experimenting. Greys, blacks and navys are staples in your wardrobe and you like to keep adding edgy details to your outfits like studs, metallic trims and leather accents.

Outfit: Floral dresses, Leather Jackets, Boots, classic white shirts, accessories etc.

  1. Scorpio

You are bold and are open to trying new things. However, you seem to have a fascination for all things punk. You are mysterious and secretive and black is the colour of your choice, since it represents the mystery within. You are quite fond of the gothic look and thus accessorize your outfits accordingly.

Yellow, Red, Orange, Blue and Maroon are some of the other colours that you occasionally don. You are always put together all the time. You can be a creature of habit, when it comes to dressing. But you always manage to look flawless. Tried and true staples are your favourites.

Outfit: Leather jackets, chunky boots, gothic rings, streamlined jackets, etc.

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  1. Sagittarius

Always outdoors and always on the move, boho is the correct choice of words to define your dressing. You love layering your outfits. You like feminine silhouettes with flowy and breezy outfits. Your style sense is unfussy yet at the same time not prim. You like sticking to basics and making sure that your dressing never comes in the way of your mobility.

You like to be comfortable in your skin and therefore you look best in the tried and tested classics. You are curious and adventurous and prefer clothes that are travel friendly. You are always ready to sample local clothes styles and culture. Orange, purple and white are your favourite colours.

Outfit: Plain shirts, cargo or corduroy pants, sneakers, striped and unfussy tops, etc.

  1. Capricorn

As an earth sign, you are quite grounded and rooted to reality. Same is reflected in your clothing choices as well. You are all about comfort and coziness. You do not follow fashion blindly, nor do you keep updated fashion trends in mind. You like and follow the basics. You are not much of an experimenter and stick to your tried and tested outfit options.

You love simple and sophisticated pieces, which will keep you cozy and comfortable. You stock up on classics and timeless pieces. You will rather buy from high end brands than local thrift shops. Deep shades of blue and green are your style.

Outfit : Little Black Dress, Striped T-shirt, etc.

  1. Aquarius

You are bold, progressive and original. You love to experiment with clothing and often like to put on a bizarre ensemble and you are usually known to rock it. You have a wild side and experiment with bold prints and colours. Your quirkiness and eccentricity is well visible through your dressing. You are best described as unconventional.

Usually, you are creative and have a unique sense of fashion. You are aware of the newest trends but you are usually different and rebellious. You are vibrant and experimental and rock street style and high end fashion alike. Red, blue and yellow suit you the best.

Outfit: Leather Jackets, Sequined dress, bold and vibrant coloured top etc.

  1. Pisces

Free spirited and whimsical, your wardrobe represents quite the same. You are fun loving and easy going and gravitate towards everything that has a cool quotient. Your love for life and your warm personality is well expressed in the way you dress. Never above the top, but the way you dress is often eye-catching.

Fashion for you is an art and you use your artistic and creative skills to sculpt the best outfit for you. You love adding flowy and breezy silhouettes to your dresses to add an easy vibe. Your go to colours are blue, purple and green. You love to keep it simple and earthy. Your dressing style can be categorized as subtly sexy with a whimsical flair to it.

Outfit: Linen Pants, flowy sundresses, colourful jackets etc.