How Different Zodiac Signs Behave When They Have a Crush on You

There is an astrological reason why certain people behave in a certain way. The natives are ruled by the planets, which reflect their personality, thought process and feelings. Here is how different zodiac signs behave when they have a crush on you.

How Different Zodiac Signs Behave When They Have a Crush on You


How the Zodiac Signs act around their crush?

  1. Aries: Play hard

Aries is fiery sign ruled by Mars. The natives of Aries sign are blessed with an inbuilt passion and confidence. They are usually very fast in approach and do not wait for too long to express their feelings to their crush. However, if they come to know that their crush is in love with them, they enjoy teasing them.

  1. Taurus: Give hints in a seductive way

Venus, a romantic planet, rules Taurus. Hence, Taurus natives always try to create a sensual connection before forming an emotional bond. They love giving open hints to their lover through accidental touch. They may stand closer to you and smell your perfume or look into your eyes in a seductive manner.

  1. Gemini: Show Hot and cold behavior

Gemini ruled by Mercury behaves in a dual way. One day they might be so communicative with you that they would share anything. While on some other day, they might behave very cold and blunt. Inconsistent behavior of Gemini in itself is a sign that they are interested in you. If you want a Gemini to express his/her feelings, then you should do things that can keep them in a good mood throughout the day.

  1. Cancer: Let their actions speak

Cancer natives have moon as their ruler and hence they are very imaginative, romantic, empathetic and a bit shy. You will see Cancer natives flirting most of the times, however, if you start noticing their actions you will understand that they are really serious about you.

  1. Leo: Style and pomp

Leo natives are ruled by Sun and hence are very bold, upfront, confident, and bossy in nature. If they like you, they will express their feelings in a grand style, mostly through their actions. If they start pampering you, it means that they like you. Their style of expressing feelings is unique and impressive.

  1. Virgo: Become good conversationalist

Virgo, ruled by Mercury will think twice before sharing their personal information with you. This is a hint that they like you back. A Virgo native will become your best advisor/coach and will try to help you in every possible manner.

  1. Libra: They try to copy the person

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra sign. If a Libra likes someone, he/she will start acting like that person. Their way of talking, walking, hobbies, food habits, everything will change according to the other person. They want to love everything that belongs to their lover.

  1. Scorpio: Become secretive and passionate

Ruled by Mars, the passionate planet, Scorpions love to keep things secretive.
If they are attracted to someone, they give signs and signals that are very difficult to interpret. However, their eyes are very expressive. If you talk to a Scorpio, they will impress you just by their body language. And, if there is a GREEN signal from both the sides, then you can even expect a passionate encounter with them at the very first meet.

  1. Sagittarius: Energetic, playful and fun loving

Sagittarius sign is ruled by Jupiter, which makes you an adventurous person. The natives with Sagittarius sign are very open-minded and do not believe in keeping secrets. It does not take them long to be comfortable with others. If a Sagittarian is showing more than usual energy and expects you to enjoy every moment with them, it means he/she is into you.

  1. Capricorn: Chivalrous and old fashioned

Saturn rules the Capricorn sign. Capricorn natives are very courteous and attentive towards their partner/crush. They are enriched with the qualities of a good person. A Capricorn man is truly respectful towards the women he would like to date. If they like you, their feelings are open and observable.

  1. Aquarius: Awkward and strange

Aquarius is also ruled by Saturn but they are very different from Capricorns. They stumble in front of their lover. Most of their actions are termed as childish or immature as they try to gain attention through them. They themselves do not believe that they have actually fallen for someone.

  1. Pisces: Shy

Ruled by Jupiter, Pisceans in general never feel shy talking with people. They have a lot of friends. However, because they day dream a lot and make plans and castles in the air, they go on a date in their dreams. When they get a chance to go on a real date, they try to avoid conversations and feel shy in front of their date. This is a sign that they are also having feelings towards you.