Astrological Tips for Good Luck in Different Days of the Week

(Moon Sign Based)

Each day is different and has its own challenges and encounters to overcome. Following the principles of Vedic Astrology, here are few astrological tips on how you can enhance your luck and overcome the struggles of each day in a more fruitful and planned way.

Astrological Tips for Good Luck in Different Days of the Week


Human nature has the Pandora box of queries, some of which are not even tangible. Every individual has the motive of attaining heights of prosperity with his/her efforts or luck which if walked hand in hand like a romantic couple will emit strong bonding and strength. Astrology is that efficient tool which we believe has the power to enhance luck in our lives and help us to remain positive and optimistic in all our ventures. It is believed from the ancient days that to start any new work or going out for new employment or anything with a new quotient will have an increment in chances of success. These easy suggestions will make you more happy and optimistic in your daily life.

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Remedial section based on days:


Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva, so you should start your Monday by getting the blessings of Lord Shiva. You can start your Monday morning by offering water on 'Shivling'. This can help make the rest of your Monday activities fruitful as it is auspicious for working in finance and starting a new career. Avoid wearing black and try to wear white clothes on Monday as white color brings good luck to you in all your ventures.


Tuesday is dedicated to Lord Hanuman, so you should visit Hanuman temple in the morning after bath to remove the obstacles in your life and give you the ability to face challenges. Wear red clothes on Tuesday or for any reason this option is not possible than carrying red flowers with you. Try to eat coriander before you leave the house on Tuesday in any form that is readily available. Both above mentioned remedies will raise the bar of your positivity and optimism along with strengthening your luck.

Since most of our days start with a hearty prayer, it is important to design your prayer room in such a way so as to get the maximum benefit. Check it out.


Wednesday is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and he is considered the most auspicious deity in India to inaugurate the beginning of any new event or auspicious ceremony. Wearing green clothes on this day will be auspicious for you and if this option is not possible then try to keep a green handkerchief in your pocket to solve the obstacles and problems of your life. Offer 'Modak' to Lord Ganesha in the morning or offering Gavan Ganesh 'Sindoor' on Wednesday can enhance your good luck with this.


Lord Vishnu is the ruling deity of Thursday. It also happens to be the best day of the week to seek divine blessings and visit the temple to offer water and apply turmeric to the Banana tree for prosperity. Thursday is an ideal day to plan a trip and this remedy will help to make your journey fruitful. Yellow colour is dedicated to Thursday and according to money predictions, one should wear yellow colour for financial success.


Friday is the day of Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. The financial status can be enhanced as Friday favors money-related opportunities. Maa Lakshmi will bless you with her blessings by following these remedies - Visit Maa Lakshmi temple and offer lotus or pink coloured flowers on this day. Keep these flowers in your home and at your workplace for good luck. Wearing pink coloured clothes or eating a spoonful of yoghurt before leaving home will be auspicious for your day.


Shani Dev is the Lord of Saturn and the deity of Saturday. Shani Dev will shower his blessings on this day, when we offer Black Brinjal or Black gram lentils to the less privileged ones. Before leaving home on Saturday, ghee should be eaten to get the most benefit out of this day. Seeking the blessings of Lord Shani on Saturday is a great way to resolve all the problems from your life for good. The day is good for financial and gains at the professional front.


Surya or Sun is the ruling deity of Sunday and it signifies good status, name and fame in every individual’s life. If there is any dispute or conflict in your life, then this is the best day to resolve them by offering water to the Sun God. It is especially auspicious on Sunday. 'White color is most favorable for Sundays. You should wear clothes of this color on Sunday to enhance the positivity in your ventures.

Music is another aspect which brings positive vibrations in yor life each day. You can either start or end your day with music. Check out the type of music you should listen to, as per your zodiac.


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