Recommendations for Designing your Prayer Room

Each household is incomplete without a prayer room. Irrespective of religion, each house will have a room especially dedicated to the Gods. It is important that the house of God follow certain etiquettes for best simulation of positive energy and faith. Follow some of the below mentioned recommendations for best results.

Recommendations for Designing your Prayer Room


Prayer room or Pooja room is the sacred space for meditation and positivity. The positive energy has the ability to energize the mind, body and soul. This practice has been in our society from the ancient times to the today’s contemporary world. Every house is incomplete without a Pooja – or Prayer room. This sacred room is not only a part of the house but it also spreads positive energy in the structural building and intellectual level of the individual. But this auspicious room must adhere to the rules of Vastu Shastra to protect it and the whole house from negative energies.

Some important rational points of structuring the Pooja or Prayer Room as per Vastu Principles are as follows.

  1. Identify the Right Direction and Location of the Prayer Room

The best direction to build the prayer room is in the North-East corner of your home and if this direction is not available for prayer space, you can build this space in East or West direction of your home. If the location of the prayer room is in kitchen, then place it in North-eastern corner so that you are facing east when praying. Avoid structuring the prayer room in the South direction of your home to avoid attracting negative energy.

Vastu wise best location for prayer room is north east corner, followed by east or west side of your home.

Logic: Vastu Shastra propagates the north-east direction so as to harness maximum energy from the sun.

  1. Ideal structure and Doors for the Prayer Room

The prayer room should have a low ceiling with a pyramid-shaped or Gopura like top, which will create a positive atmosphere followed by a threshold to keep ants and insects out of the sacred place. A separate prayer room can be given consideration of, keeping two door shutter. The doors and windows of the prayer room should be on north or east walls. A two door shutter is ideal even for a small space prayer room.

Logic: As the prayer room is small, the lower ceiling coupled with the gopura-like shape adds symmetry and would help you in slipping into a meditative state easily.

  1. Ideal Idol Placement in the Prayer Room

The idols or photos in the prayer room should be placed on the east or west side of the room according to Vastu principles. Place them a few inches away from the wall so that air, water and incense fragrance spreads all around. Idols shouldn’t be placed facing each other. The feet of the idols should be at your chest level when you sit down to meditate.

Logic: The idol should be away from the wall to ensure continuous air flow around the idol. Additionally, this aids in enveloping the idol with the fragrance of the incense sticks.

  1. Storage in the Prayer Room

Store all your religious books, lamps and prayer accessories like lamps, oils, books, etc. on shelves on the south or west walls. Do not place anything above the idols.

Logic: Storage should face the south-east to ensure there’s nothing obstructing sunlight.

  1. Colours for the Prayer Room

One of the most important aspects of the prayer room is the colour of the room. Create a meditative atmosphere using light colors like white, light blue or light yellow. If you opt for marble then white or pale yellow or ochre would work well. Stay away from loud colors, which will distract you while meditating.

Logic: Light colors help keep the space bright, while dark, loud shades can be distracting when you pray.

  1. Lighting in the Prayer Room

Prayer lamps and divas must be lit in front of the idols or photos to enhance the purity of the Prayer Room. Place the Prayer room in a space that is naturally lit with abundance of sunlight [if possible]. If there isn’t enough natural light, light up the room from all sides, especially the south-east or east side with artificial lights to enhance the spiritual quotient of the prayer room.

Logic: Not only will this make your prayer room bright but this would ensure that you’ll enjoy lots of ventilation and can sit comfortably when you pray for long periods.

  1. Prayer Room Cleanliness

Remember to keep your Prayer Room dust and dirt free. Remove any broken idols or torn photographs from the space. If you offer food during prayers, remember to remove them after some time, and clean the area with a wet cloth.

Logic: The prayer room should be free from any form of contamination to allow free circulation of positive energy without any negative obstacle in its path.

Last but not the least avoid having prayer room in your bedroom or any space under the staircase. These are some places to be avoided if possible, for free flow of positive energy in the house.