Navratri what’s so special this festive season?

In this year the Sharad Navratri starts from 29th September 2019 and will end on 8th October 2019 (Vijayadashmi). The timing of Puja (Ghatasthapana) will be: In between The 6:16 AM to 07:40 PM and The Abhijit Muhurat 11:48 AM to12:35 PM

  • Shailputri: Worship on the first day of Navratri on 29th September 2019(Sunday)
  • Brahmcharini: Worship on the second day of Navratri on 30th September 2019 (Monday)
  • Chandraghanta: Worship on the third day of Navratri on 1st October 2019 (Tuesday)
  • Kushmanda: Worship on the fourth day of Navratri on 2nd October 2019 (Wednesday)
  • Skandamata: Worship on the fifth day of Navratri on 3rd October 2019 (Thursday)
  • Katyani: Worship on the sixth day of Navratri on 4th October 2019 (Friday)
  • Kalaratri: Worship on the seventh day of Navratri on 5th October 2019 (Saturday)
  • Mahagauri: Worship on the eighth day of Navratri on 6th October 2019 (Sunday)
  • Siddhidatri: Worship on the ninth day of Navratri on 7th October 2019 (Monday)

The real significance of Navratri: Navratri signifies the women empowerment.

Whenever the universe needs a real warrior, women will become the best one, (supreme) who can never lose any war.

Goddess Durga with her different forms teaches us the inner strength that is within us and explore feminine energy, through the divine Nine Nights of Navratri.

The various forms of goddess Durga shape our inner strength into enlightenment with its feminine energy, through the divine nine nights of Navratri

Navratri is the festival, which sets our mood and environment for celebrations because, after Navratri, many more festive seasons get started like as Eid, Diwali, and Christmas etc.

Everyone feels the joy and the aura of festival within themselves in these divine nights of Navratri, which is for the Nine divine Nights in the presence of Goddess Durga as the primary life force for all of us.

The nine divine nights of Navratri become fresh for each person as everyone enjoys the joy and aura of the festival under the existence of Goddess DURGA.

Navratri is the supernatural combination of Tithi and Solar month, which also plays an important role in our birth as well.

When the specific placement of the Sun and Moon happen, based on the Lunisolar year, for Nine Nights then these became the Mega Nights for all of us in the blessing of cosmic feminine energy and we celebrate this as Navratri.

Astrology helps us to get harmonious with Nature: The Feminine Energy of the cosmic God

The apparent movement of the Sun and Moon in a particular zodiac sign and Nakshatra gives the date to celebrate this magnanimous festival of Goddess Durga.

During Navratri, The major change in the season gets to happen to occur, due to which we get affected and to protect us our Ancient civilization got the blessings protection from the divine energy in the form of Goddess Durga.

The celebration of Four Navratri in one Year: Date and Celebrations

According to the Vedic text, Shakta and Vaishnava Puranas Navratri fall four times in a year. Navratri falls in the bright half in Luni-solar months.

The Vasant and Sharada Navratri get celebrated all over in India. The Magha and Ashada Navratri are known as the secret one, are unrevealed as they mostly acknowledge among which is celebrated among the saint monks and Naga sadhus who are towards the path of liberation.

The people in Assam, West Bengal, and Bihar give the importance of this Navratri especially the day of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Tithi.

South Indian celebrates the Navratri as the festival of Knowledge and in Maharashtra, this festival is known for the new venture to start. Start of the new venture

All over in India the Navratri gets celebrated for Nine days fast and with full enthusiasm

People will have pure devotion for the Divine Goddess Durga, who has incarnated as Vaishno Devi, and to give her the reverence, little girls are worshiped and get respected by all...

  • Sharad Navratri: Name after Autumn season celebrated from (29th September to 8th October 2019) The most celebrated among all the Indians and popularly known as the Dasara and Vijayadashmi.
  • Vasant Navratri: The Vasant Navratri is also known as Chaitra Navratri (25th March to 3rd April 2020) This gets a name on the Spring Season and important month for harvesting and popular among the common people.
  • Ashadha Navratri: This Navratri start in the Monsoon Season (22nd June to 30th June 2020) The celebration and worship of the Goddess will be done in a secretive manner. The Monsoon Season which gives the unique energy to these nine nights and makes the earth more fertile with the divine energy of the Goddess in the Navratri.
  • Magha Navratri: This Navratri gets celebrated in the Magha month (25th January to 4th February 2020) The Magha month is known as the end of the winter solstice. The fifth day of Magha Navratri is celebrated as Vasant Panchami in which Goddess Saraswati gets worshipped by all the people for the grace of knowledge, arts, and wisdom. The divinity of feminine energy gets invoked naturally in the surrounding and within us as well. Get the real essence of these Mega Nights of Navratri and heal your Sun and Moon to avail all the result of Yoga given by these Planets to you especially.

The Moon as Goddess: Parvati The Jagdamba

The better half of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati has incarnated as Durga who is known as Jagdamba in the final day of Navratri, who is the real cosmic mother of all the living and non-living being.

Goddess Durga gets all the combined power of all Demi-God and Goddess in all her different nine forms. She became the Adi-Para-Shakti,

Through the worship of Goddess Durga  in Nine forms in the Nine divine Nights of Navratri, who get the strength related to the  Planets, who owns our Ascendant and Moon sing, in which we have born. 

The Parajumble of Astronomy, Astrology and The Feminine Energy of the Universe in Navratri:

The earth rotates on its axis slightly tilted, which is known as precession and cause varying temperatures on the earth. Vedic Astrologer knew this term and given the name Ayanamsa, which causes the change in the apparent movement of the Sun as well and gives different seasonal change and Ayanamsa also play the vital role in the calculation of the Horoscope as well.

The Navratri signifies the major seasonal change, also known as the Spring Equinox, Monsoon, Autumn and Spring season when the Sun gets transiting from one zodiac sign to another zodiac sign.

The Goddess Durga, who nurtures all of us through the cosmic rays of the Moon and Sun, from which the herbs get healing in that Nine important night of Navratri and the Sun makes things alive through transit the zodiac sign and Moon nurture that also through transiting within the various Nakshatra as well.

Who is the Divine Goddess Durga: Known as the immense power of Gods?

Durga is the goddess, who rides the Lion or Tiger by holding many weapons in her ten hands, which signifies that we all should be in active mode to fight with the inner enemy like jealousy, anger, proud, inferiority-complex, depression, Ignorance, judgmental, laziness, aggressiveness and unconventional desire, and to get stronger so that nothing over beat us upon even tougher challenges.

All the above mention negative traits are the reality of the demon within us like Mahishasura ,Chand-Munda, Rakta-Beej, Madhu-Kaitabha, Dhumralochana, Sumbha and Nishumbha who were slain by the brave and powerful Goddess Durga. 

She has got the divine beauty and charismatic smile on her face, even on the battlefield with extraordinary courage. She is the one who gets manifest in the cosmos with the combined power of every Gods and Demigod and the trinity god, known as Brahma, Vishnu Mahesha well.

The Inner Goddess within you: Have a great meeting with your own Insuperable Durga. Goddess Durga gets worshiped in the Nine sacred nights, with different Nine forms. These Nine forms also signify the Nine Divine Planets, which work as the animated being in our birth chart and get energies through worshiping Pure form of cosmic energy, the Goddess Durga.

1. Shailputri: Navratri begins from the placement of Ghata, the pot which is full of water with the Panch-Palwa the five leaves of the Mango tree in that and covered by the coconut on it. This first day is also known as Pratipada. The Goddess Durga gets invoked in her first magnanimous form known as Shailputri, with two hands, holding trident and lotus with that. 

Shailpurti is known as the daughter of great Himavan, the king of the mountain. She has the crescent Moon on her forehead, which signifies on the very first day she will empower your mind and the mental strength. 

Your mind will get all the positive energy from the surroundings and through the help of Planet Moon, she also strengthens your Moon Chart as well to fructify all the yoga which is promised through your personal Moon sign.

2. Brahmcharini: In the second night of Navratri, which is known as Dwitiya tithi in which the Goddess Brahmcharni gets invoked, who has control over Mercury the Planet of our Intelligence. She had done great austerities to Lord Shiva like the Planet Mercury did to Lord Shiva as well, to get the authority over the intelligence and became the Planet of intellect in our birth chart.

Brahmcharni, the incarnation of Goddess Parvati, who knows the Shiva is the ultimate intelligence so she asked him to be her consort, and in this way, she has full command over Planet Mercury. If your Mercury has any affliction from the malefic Planets or the Budh–Aditya is not giving the result as expected in your birth chart, come under the blessing of Brahmachari and live with the pure consciousness of your Mercury.

3. Chandraghanta: The third day of Navratri known as Tritiya Tithi, mother invoked as Chanderaghanta, who incarnated to save the people from her side in her marriage who get fear from the terrifying troop of Shiva. Lord Shiva with his terrorizing appearance and also brings, a procession of all the Gods, Mortals, Ghosts, Goblins, Sages, Shivaganas and Aghoris to take away his bride Parvati, at the Kings Himavan Palace.

Goddess Parvati persuaded Lord Shiva to reappear into charming form. At the request of Chandraghanta Shiva has appeared as a Prince himself from his terrorizing form and the marriage took place. 


Venus is the teacher of Demon and has command over them and negative force as well, which signifies the negative traits to disturb the marriage and relationship. 

The happiness of Marriage and relationship will get improved by worshiping Chadraghanta and the Planet Venus also get energies in your birth chart, as the Venus will give the real essence of marriage and love relationship.

4. Kushmanda: Thousands of Sun will get manifest in the fourth night of Navratri known as Chaturthi tithi, in the magnanimous form as Kusmanda, who has eight hands with all the weapons, which will cut all sorts of darkens in your life and shine like the Eight Petal Lotus of Sun. 

The Planet Sun will get stronger and give you result related to the yoga present in your birth chart related to him if you worship Goddess Durga in the Fourth night of Navratri.
5. Skandamata: The mother of Skanda with four arms holding his six faced baby, whose six faces signify the sixth house in astrology for enemy, disease, loan, anger, pride, and jealousy. The fifth night is known as Panchami Tithi

Sankanda is the deity of Planet Mars and the Commander-in-Chief- of God, through worshiping the Skandmata you will get the positive effect of Mars and all sorts of Mangal Dosa will get nullified.
6. Katyani: The one who gives a blessing like the benevolent Planet Jupiter on the sixth night is known as the Shasthi Tithi. She is known as the daughter of Katyan Rishi, who was the great devotee of Goddess Durga. 

She had slain Mahishasura, the demon with Buffalo face. Mahishasura was the significance of ignorance and worshiping the Katyani you can make your Jupiter strong, and the ignorance will get converted into divine wisdom on the sixth day of Navratri.
7. Kalaratri: The one, who rides the Donkey Known as Kalaratri who is worshiped in the seventh night also known as the Saptami Tithi

If you deep dive into the Pushya Nakshatra which comes in the Cancer zodiac sign known as the Nourisher, which has the famous star cluster the Beehive Cluster. The left star to this is Asellus Borealis and Austrail which stand as the Northern and Southern donkey clot.  

Pushya Nakshatra owned by the Planet Saturn, who respect and the great devotee of Goddess Kalaratri, who rides the Donkey gives good result to all the one who worships her on the divine night of Navratri and Planet Saturn will also give good success in his dreaded period of Sade Sati and his 19 year long Saturn Mahdasa as well.
8. Mahagauri: The one with white complexion, it seems like the thousands of Moon has risen in the Full Moon Night within her aura and who hold the Damru and Trident with Abhya Mudra, which signifies the all-round victories and happiness is known as Mahagauri.

The universal mother; who makes the shadow Planet Rahu  bow down through her charismatic appearance in the Ashtami Tithi.
9. Siddhidatri:  Now the ninth day of Navratri came also known as Navami Tithi and you will have the divine, but mysterious experience with the blessing of Siddhidatri, through the other mysterious shadow Planet Ketu

If you want to make your Ketu strong or even want to live the material life with the Placement of Ketu in the twelfth house, then bow down in front of Siddhidatri and hold her lotus feet to get the divine faith within you that the Goddess will be with you forever. 

The perfect devotion will come from Ketu and  get that celebrate the magnanimous festival of Navratri.  


Get the helping hand of Goddess Durga to strengthen your Ascendant and Moon chart:

The feminine energy signifies the divine power of the Moon, which gives the mental strength in our birth chart. The Moon is the only one Planet on which your life gets predicted and based on the placement of natal Moon all the Mahadasha and Yoga get manifest in our lives.

 If you chant or hear the mantra from the sacred book of Durga Saptshati/ Devi Mahatmyam the part of the Markandeya Purana, which is the glory to Goddess Durga, contain 700 verses within 13 chapters, you will get divine cosmic power within you and the promises in your chart based on the Ascendant and Moon sign will start to give unimaginable result.

Garba and Dandiya Celebration: Let be ready for the Jagrata for the Divine Goddess Durga

With the blessing of Goddess Durga and having the fast for her, you will get the happiness and success and full support from the Planets present in the cosmos, which has control over you through the birth chart.

Enjoy the full essence of life and celebrate the Navratri with the Garba and Dandiya and full night Jagrata for the benevolent mother who loves you.

Distribute and also have the fruits and delicious Bengali khichudi as Mahanavmi Bhog Prasad 

Wish you all very happy Navratri