What is the significance of Ganesh Chaturthi?

What is

The magnanimous festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for ten divine days for our beloved Lord Ganesh. He blesses all of us and empowers the strength of the nine planets, including the rising ascendant as well.

If you are in the journey with the thought how the Elephant Head God will give you  high intellect and depth in experience of spirituality, then be ready with full attention for this coming Ganesh Chaturthi, which will give you the pure consciousness to choose the correct path in every aspect of life.

When does Ganesh Chaturthi come?

It is believed that Lord Ganesha was born during Shukla Paksha of the Bhadrapada month (The waxing moon that corresponds to August/September).

Chaturthi stands for what?

The worship of Lord Ganesha starts from the day of the fourth waxing moon.

The foundation of the idol of Lord Ganesha is laid by the people on this day and then worshipped for ten days during this festival, until the end after the Anant Chaturdaashi (the 14th day of waxing moon).

The waning and waxing moon has a strong influence on our minds, moods, and emotions, and Ganesha has command over intelligence, through the power root chakra (Muladhara chakra) in your body, where all emotions gets controlled.

If you have been born in the waning or waxing moon day, then this coming Ganesh Chaturthi will become very important for you to avail all the yoga present in your birth chart.

Who is Ganesh? The Elephant head God.

The divine Goddess Parvati created the statue of a small boy and given life force into him, and it said that after that, due to the aspect of Saturn on Lord Ganesha, the story is completely changed.

The twist in the story comes with Gajasura who had performed penance for Lord Shiva, because of which Shiva had given boon to Gajasura, to be his most beloved one and live close to with him.

After this, Shiva wanted to meet his wife, Goddess Parvati, and so entered into her room. He was then obstructed to enter by Lord Ganesha, after which a war began in between Shiva and his troop with Ganesha. As a result of the war, Ganesha lost his head as Shiva cut off his head Ganesha with his trident.

Parvati became furious as she saw this and to escape the anger of Parvati, Lord Shiva placed Gajasura’s head with the body of Ganesha.

From that day, the son of Goddess Parvati became Ganesha who signifies intelligence, wisdom and is also worshipped by all the Gods. He is also the first primary deity who is to be worshipped in all occasions before the start of any auspicious work.

How Ganesha Chaturthi came into existence:

A curse was given to Moon when it made fun of the bulky body of Lord Ganesha, and that was the fourth night of the waxing moon.

This signifies that the intellect gets affected by the fourth night of the Moon, so we need some higher consciousness to get rid of the darkness in life due to the lack of wisdom.

Ganesha signifies the planet Mercury, with the right intellect, and the Moon signifies the mind which gets distracted from the right path. So the placement of the Moon and Mercury will be healed through the blessings of Ganesha, in the fourth night of the waxing moon.

Different forms of Ganesha and Vedic Astrology

How will the blessing of Ganesh help you avail the result of yoga present in your birth chart and how will Lord Ganesha help you with the different forms which signify different planets and ascendants related to your own birth chart.

  • Vakratund Ganpati: The Ganesha has a twisted trunk, and so is known as the Vakratund. The twisted trunk signifies the strength. If you worship Him, your rising ascendant will get stronger and your personality will be improved with the society. All sorts of health issues will also be resolved because the ascendant represents the physical body.
  • Ekdant Ganpati: In this form Ganesha is represented with one tooth which signifies with the planet Mercury in Vedic Astrology. According to mythology, Ganesha has used His teeth to write the Mahabharata.
  • If you worship Ganesha as Ekdant you will get the result of Budha-Aditya yoga in your life 
  • Mahodar Ganpati: This Ganpati has a huge stomach which signifies the one who has command over the delusion and confusion. We can get rid of delusion and confusion with the blessings of Planet Jupiter, and Ganpati will further give blessings for Jupiter as Mahodar.
  • Dhumravarna Ganpati: This form of Ganpati with four hands and a snake as the rope on his stomach signifies the planet Rahu. In this form, Lord Ganesha commands over the negative energy of the planet Rahu, and saves you in the Mahadsa period of Rahu as well.
  • Gajanana Ganpati: The one which signifies the planet Ketu and the mysterious events of life, which can give setbacks in life.
  • Vikata Ganapati: The Ganpati who gives courage to get over the obstacles given by the Saturn in our life. You will get the results of all your hard effort and the dreaded Sade Sati will be very successful for you if worship the Vikata Ganapati
  • Nirtya Ganpati: If you want to have a happy relationship in your life and success in business and partnership, then worship the divine Ganpati as Nirtya Ganpati.
  • Mangal Murti: Don’t get afraid of Mangal dosha and enjoy the Chandra –Mangal yoga in your chart with the blessings of Mangal Murti Ganpati. 
  • Bala Ganpati: This divine form of Ganpati will bless you with all the happiness related to the moon planet and if you have any affliction to your Moon chart with the malefic planets, you will be relieved from the blessings of Bala Ganpati in this Ganesha Chaturthi festival.
  • Vara Ganpati: The one who will give blessings to shine like the Sun in the society, and full fill good results regarding the planet Sun.

These ten days will be very auspicious for you and your family as you enjoy this festival with full enthusiasm and courage and get your personal Ganesha’s blessing with the analysis of your birth chart.