Are you Religious? Find It Through the Moon Sign

Are you Religious? Find It Through the Moon Sign


The connection between human and divinity is very complex. There are monotheists, agnostics, atheists, polytheists and pagans among us. One amazing factor about all the religions are, no one of them clearly say anything about one god. In the old testament, Abraham, who is known as the forefather of Jews, Christians, and Muslims, he never saw God, but contacted by messengers. Genesis 18 is all about him seeing the angels and offering them food.

Genesis 18:1 The Lord appeared to Abraham near the great trees of Mamre while he was sitting at the entrance to his tent in the heat of the day.2 Abraham looked up and saw three men standing nearby. When he saw them, he hurried from the entrance of his tent to meet them and bowed low to the ground.

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Here we can see Abraham calling this collective group in a singular name Lord.

Prophet Nabi was also contacted by the Angel Jibreel, but he never saw God. In the Quran, it is written that in chapter 112

"He is God, [who is] One.

God, the Eternal Refuge.

He neither begets nor is born,

Nor is there to Him any equivalent."[6]

In Vedas, the concept of God is divided between the holy trinity. Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwar like in Christianity. They don’t have an independent existence. Even though Hinduism supports polytheism, but ultimately the concept of Brahman supports the Monotheistic nature of Hinduism. It is the one religion who can easily accommodate henotheism, monotheism, polytheism, panentheism, pantheism, pandeism, monism, atheism and nontheist. It is quite surprising how Vedas speak about atheism but is quite visible in Nasadiya sookta. It is all about questions regarding the creation and the creator.

Even if the faith and belief are different, people do have an inquisitiveness for such mysteries like who God is and how he looks like. It varies according to people to people, but the good thing is that astrology can identify the kind of faith people have on the base of their signs.


They are ruled by Mars and they don’t wait for anyone’s approval. They are fine with whoever they are. Still, their inclination for divinity depends more on their naksthra. There are three nakshatras in Aries, they are Ashwini, Bharni, and Kritika. Those Aries who born in Ashwini nakshatra basically have a lot of interest for healing and divinity. Since they are ruled by Ketu, Ketu itself is the indicator of spirituality.

If their nakshatra is in Bharni, more than spirituality, they will like to go to the worship center for the sake of it. They may not be that keen about worship as they may have detached nature and attraction towards materialistic pleasures.

The third nakshatra in this group is Krittika, which also share its space with Taurus. This nakshatra is ruled by the Sun, so they will have set principles, and no one can shake their faith and belief system. They have an interest in spirituality, but not a traditional kind of faith.


This is an earth sign, so it may be difficult for them to change their beliefs. Either they like religion and belief or they totally dislike it. The first nakshatra is Krittika, a person whose krittika is in Taurus, then they will not be keen on religion and faith. What they like is to stay away from such hassles.

If the nakshatra is Rohini, they are totally about divinity and worship. You may find many spiritual leaders from this nakshatra. This nakshatra is all about caring and nurturing, so they will try to care and nurture through spiritual practices and religious principles.

When the nakshatra is in Mrigshira, they may totally dislike anything related to spirituality, instead, they will like to critically analyze it. We can even see atheists from this sign. They may even mock the temple goers.


Gemini is all about networking and enjoyment, but they like religion and festivals too. All the nakshatras in Gemini like religion, but they may not be that religious as well. They like to be part of the celebrations and rituals. The nakshatras are Mrigshira, Ardra, and Punarvas. Mrigshira is ruled by Mars and that indicates, they like to be in the rituals, but not for any serious purposes.

Ardra may like the concept of religious life, but they will have a rebel nature as well. They are there to find how to rebel as the ruler itself is Rahu. Rahu is known as a rebel

Punarvasu will be wholeheartedly embracing the principles of religion, and they will even try to teach others the meaning of a pious life. They are ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet for religion and worship.


Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and it indicates emotions. There are three nakshatras. Punarvasu nakshatra shares its last phase with Cancer, so Punarvasu people truly like to have a religious life.

Pushya nakshatra is ruled by Saturn and it is all about rituals and discipline. The Saturnine influence is making the highly addicted to the pious way of life.

Ashlesha is ruled by Mercury and Mercury is a neuter planet. They will like a religious path, but at times, they will have a different nature as well.


There are three nakshatras in Leo, they are Magha, Purva Phalguni and Uttara phalguni. Leo indicates the sign for the past birth credits, so obviously they like religious life, whenever it is necessary. Ketu rules Magha, so they will be literally interested in spiritual deeds and worship. Purvaphalguni is all about Venusian energy and they will have an interest in everything which triggers beauty.

Religious life is interesting for them, but at times, they will equally get interested in the materialistic part of life as well. Uttarafalguni is ruled by Sun, and they are very particular about their style of life. They do like religious life, but they don’t like an external push.


Uttaraphalguni nakshatra in Virgo can move into both sides. They like dislike as well as Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Two more nakshatras are in Virgo, they are Hasta and Chitra. Hasta is ruled by Moon, so they will get more courage through the religious way of life. Chitra is ruled by Mars, and they don’t care much about ritualistic worship, but they have their own principles. They like religious life, but their own way.


When Chithra nakshatra is in Libra, they will not be as strict as Chithra is Virgo. Its because Libra is ruled by Venus. So, those chitras in Libra will be a little mild and they may have a religious life even though not very strong. Swati is the next nakshatra in Libra, which is fully in Libra it is ruled by Rahu. Rahu will follow spiritualism, but they will have a rebel nature as well.

Vishakha is all about religious life as it is ruled by Saturn. They like all the factors connected with religious life and religion.


There are three nakshatra, they are Vishakha, Anuradha, and Jyeshta. Scorpio is all about mysterious matters, so they will have an interest in spirituality. However, being religious can be possible, but they are not totally that as well. Due to the rulership of Mars over Scorpio can make them a rebel.


Moola is totally a spiritual nakshatra, so these people can have a natural inclination for spirituality and religious moves. Moola has a deep-rooted connection towards spirituality and that will reflect in their life. Purvashada is all about exploring the divinity, but they are not much into a religious lifestyle. They know much about divinity, but they like the materialistic side of life. Uttarashada is empowered with solar energy, they will try to be religious as they are very cautious about their social image.


Uttara Ashada, when comes into the sign of Capricorn, then the people in this nakshatra totally follow a religious life as the sign is ruled by strict Saturn. They don’t like any 50/50 righteousness. As Saturn, they are strict, and there won’t be any compromise in the quality. Shravana people will also be religious as it is connected with Moon. Like Moon, they will try to inspire others through their behavior. Dhanishta can be religious, but they don’t like anyone asking them to be religious as they are ruled by Mars.


Dhanishta, shatabhishak and purvabhadra are the three nakshatra in Aquarius. Among this, there Dhanishta can be rebels, but Shatabishak is also a kind of rebel with a spiritual inclination as it is ruled by Rahu. Purvabhdra which is ruled by Jupiter will be very strict about religious life and that can create issues with their family.


Purvabhdra, Uttarabhadra, and Revati are the three nakshatra ruled by Pisces. Among this Purva bhadra is too spiritual and it is a part of their life and that makes them religious as well. Uttarabhadra are really empaths and that will make them very spiritual and they like to be religious. Revati, which is ruled by neutral Mercury, yes, they are religious and non-religious at the same time.