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Buddh Purnima

Buddha Purnima has a lot of spiritual and peaceful significance. Gautam Buddha’s enlightenment is commemorated on this day. Find out about the spiritual and astrological significance of this auspicious day on your zodiac moon sign. Read more…

Buddh Purnima

Buddha Purnima celebrates the enlightenment of Gautam Buddha, the most famous proponent of peace and tranquility in the world. Legend says that he was a prince, born in Nepal, brought up in luxury and opulence. However, sensitive as he was, he grew up to be very empathetic towards the poor and destitute. Even though he had access to all comforts of the world, he was still not at peace with himself. He embarked upon a journey of enlightenment where he is believed to have finally found inner peace.

Gautama Buddha quoted very rightly for every individual – “Peace comes from within. Do not seek it outside”, which indicates that it is more beneficial to be more acquainted with your emotions and natural self, rather than trying to change your environment or the those connected with you in any relationship.

Historical Significance of Budhha Purnima

Buddha Purnima is the birth anniversary of enlightenment of Gautama Buddha. It reveals the day that Prince Siddhartha who later became Lord Buddha, attained his enlightenment on this auspicious day. It narrates the tale that he was born in Nepal in 400 B.C. He was a prince and lived in luxurious palace which was secluded from the sufferings of the world outside but one day he left his abode of luxury to find the higher purpose of his life. When he left the palace and roamed around the kingdom, he experienced various incidents of sufferings of people related to old age, diseases, and death closely. This observation and event influenced him largely, as he witnesses the ephemeral [prospect of birth and death] nature of human life. He took oath to leave behind his luxurious life and married wife to seek ‘Moksha.’ He made his way to the forest to live his life as aesthetic at the age of 29 years and to seek answers to his queries about human life. It is believed that he achieved the title of GAUTAM BUDDHA after his enlightenment. He imparted teachings on the value of inner peace to all his followers and people.

Auspicious Timing of Buddha Purnima in 2021

This day falls on the Full Moon or Purnima of the Vaisakh month of Hindu calendar. Buddha Purnima is known as Vesak in East- Asia countries like Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan, China and Korea.




Gautama Buddha is said to be the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu and this day is also as observed as Vaishakh Purnima. This day is declared as public holiday in India due to its strong spiritual value, as India is a country of versatility.

Astrological significance of Lord Buddha’s Planetary Placements-

Whenever we tread down our memory lane of many divine presence of personalities, who came to this mortal world for the spiritual awakening of the mankind, we have seen that they have been endowed with strong planetary combinations that made them strong in their thinking process to evaluate the sufferings of one and all.

Gautama Buddha’s horoscope comprise of all these astrological placements-

  • Buddha had 5 planets posited together in the 10th house, which projected him with spiritual insights and many natural qualities as follows:
  • Cancer Ascendant with Moon in Libra made him compassionate in nature to all human sufferings.
  • Sun, Rahu and Ketu in exaltation and Mars in its own sign with Saturn directly aspecting its exalted house concluded the yoga of Neechbhang Raj yoga for Lord Buddha, which made him the man of sustenance for humanity.
  • Sun in Aries and placed with fierce Mars with cluster of five planets[Sun, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars] aspecting Moon played a key role of making his mind strong and stable.
  • The strength of character is also evident by the strong placement of planets of Buddha’s horoscope indicates Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Sun, Venus, Rahu and Ketu all in their exalted sign and Mercury in its own sign.

These are some legendry astrological combinations which give birth to strong and divine personalities for the benefits of humankind. 

In today’s contemporary world, if an individual is born in Full Moon, he/she can be a natural idealist who will have his/her own way to win over the contradictions of the modern world but even in your natural birth stars one can rise above the contradictions of life and pave a way to inner peace.

Beneficial Aspects of Buddha Purnima

Today, humankind is more complex and competitive, with natural conscience and ambitions. So, if you want to be in a blissful state of mind, Lord Buddha will be your true guide and teacher even today. He revealed that we should understand the difference between the luxury and simplicity, which are opposite poles to each other. Our sufferings exist, as we are tied up by our materialistic pleasures and tend to ignore the human sentiments.

So for the revival of our inner peace, it is very vital to observe the ‘Eight fold Path’ of Lord Buddha-

  • Awareness – Acknowledging the truth
  • Good Intention – No ill feelings against anyone
  • Correct Speech – Good communication-not to hurt anyone with your speech
  • Right Action - Work for the benefit of others
  • Honest Livelihood – Being honest in your earnings
  • Strong and right Efforts – Avoiding evil intentions
  • Correct Mind stability - Practicing meditation
  • Sound Concentration – Action to balance your thoughts in a correct way

Rituals of Buddha Purnima-

The most simple and renowned ritual of this day is to lead a simple and honest life-

  • Decorate the Bodhi [holy tree where Buddha was enlightened] tree with flowers and place lighted lamps around it.
  • Pouring water on the roots of the holy tree, and pray for inner peace
  • Practicing meditation is very auspicious on this day
  • Try to follow the positive teachings of Lord Buddha
  • Maintain purity by wearing white clothes on this day
  • Donate clothes and serve ‘Kheer’ to the less privileged ones
  • Be vegetarian in your meals today and avoid onion and garlic

Results of Buddha Purnima on all 12 moon signs for this auspicious day –

  1. ARIES

Today, the full Moon will be active in your 8th house of sudden gains and it will give your day a start with self-confidence. So, any major decision, which is taken in relation with your finances or familial stability will prove beneficial. Moon is the lord of the house of stability, which will bring the initiative of Martians in the forefront with their efforts and this day will prove beneficial for you.


Today, the full Moon will be in the 7th house of partnership and it will bring in good familial relationships and mutual understanding with the personal and professional partners. Moon reflects our emotions and feelings and you may be riding on a pendulum, with the gush of emotions over personal matter. However, these variations will bring change in your perspectives, which will be beneficial for you in your relationship.


Today, the full Moon will be in the 6th house of health and it will be a constructive period for you but only if you listen to the hymns of your body chant and vibes in your work place. You will be guided by your natural energies to transform yourself in accordance to your requirement. You will easily find time and caliber to polish your talents and pursue your dreams with passion.


Today, the full Moon will be in your 5th house of love, children and creativity so this day will bring out all your caliber to reflect in all your goals and desires on your work front. You will be entangled in series of emotions when you meet someone with whom you will make new commitment in relationship. This auspicious day suggests you to channelize your passionate and creative energies to have some time to relax and enjoy with your loved ones.

  1. LEO

Today, the full Moon will be placed in the 4th house and you will be more concerned about the financial and familial stability. You will spent some time today briefing out innovative ideas of improving your ways to sustain the family values as well as financial or professional prospects. Today, this auspicious day will give you an opportunity to think how to maintain balance in between your personal and professional life. 

  1. VIRGO

Today, the full Moon will be in the 3rd house of efforts, initiative and siblings, which indicates that this is the time to build new friendship and new chain of association in both personal and professional ventures. You will have to understand your urge to make changes in your approach towards your dreams and desires. Today, this auspicious day will make you more conscious of your available resources and you will try to yield maximum benefit from it.

  1. LIBRA

Today, the full Moon will be in your 2nd house of finances and family relationships. This day will provide you the base of new partnership or if you are a student then make you eligible for applying for scholarship. You may make some changes in your financial prospects, which will prove beneficial for you. Today, this auspicious day you will teach you to make progress with your efforts and earn your professional and personal creditianals in both arenas. 


Today, the full Moon will be in the same house as your sign and this will grant you all the luck and action for accurate strategy to heal yourself and have control over inner demons, expecting miracles. You are advised to work hard beyond your power for getting favorable results in all aspects of life. This indicates that this auspicious day will bring you the real results of your efforts, as you have to believe in your caliber to dream big.


Today, the full Moon will be in the 12th house of loss and restrictions in the materialistic world but it will be a gain of spirituality. So, this is the right opportunity not to restrict yourself and volunteer in different charitable activities, which will make you satisfied with your inner self. This auspicious day suggests you to explore all your spiritual dimensions by meditation and discover your real self.


Today, the full Moon will in the 11th house of gains of income and social circle, along with financial stability. This will bring an opportunity to groom yourself with inner zing and bring out the constructive energy within you, which will bring out the best emotional expressions with your loved ones. This auspicious day will reflect your positivity of emotions in word and expression, which will be felt in your social circle, friends and family.


Today the Full Moon will be in your 10th house of career and status, which will give you new opportunities for you to connect with your personal and professional portals very well. This auspicious day suggests that you should focus on your creative and entrepreneurial capabilities to bring change in your old perspectives and adopt new strategies that will bring you inner peace.


Today, the full Moon will be in the 9th house of fortune and long travel and this is the perfect day to plan a trip and pack your bags as might find yourself feeling restless. So, take a break and rejuvenate yourself. This auspicious day will bring you good opportunity in your career overseas and it is a blended time to restore yourself and your opportunities in one thread personally and professionally.