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The Sanctity of Marriage

Marriage is an important event in the life of every human being. Marriage is a sacred bond between man and woman. The marriages performed in Hindu tradition is a bond of responsibility and love between husband and wife in living their lives in unison and harmonyu under any circumstances. The couple take an oath that they, under any circumstances, shall not depart or separate due to the complexities faced in life in following the path of Dharma, Artha and Kama by pronouncing "Dharme cha Arthe cha Kame cha Nathi Charami". The bridegroom vows that he will not leave his bride under any compulsions of justice, finance and desire.

The Hindu marriage is a blessed sacrament that has the bride and the bridegroom initiated into marriage through a process that involves vedic chants (Mantra).

Prathamo Gandharvo Vividha Uttaraha Triteeye Agnihi Thureeye Manushyajaha

meaning that the bride is first offered to Soma, then to Gandharva, then to Agni and finally to the bridegroom.

Soma (Moon) blesses the bride with its qualities - patience, love and maternal instincts. qualities she is offered to Gandharvas known for their voice and melodious music bless the bride to communicate and converse melodiously and in a sweet manner with the husband. Agni ignites the sexual fire in the bride

Marriage is just not a physical unification of man and woman but an institution of sanctity that prescribes certain ways of living together in harmony until death do them apart. Marriage is a bond of longstanding, undisturbed, homogenous and harmonious life together irrespective of the ups and downs of their lives.

Our astrological seers have given brilliant clues for analyzing aspects of marriage which this scribe proposes to write a series of articles in future issues of this ezine..