Namkaran Is the Hindu Naming Ceremony of a Newborn child

In the Namakaran ceremony, a new born baby is decided with a promising letter, as suggested by an astrologer. Read more to find out the significance of this highly-auspicious ceremony as per the traditional Hindu culture.

Namkaran Is the Hindu Naming Ceremony of a Newborn child


The word which gives you the real identification and that which becomes more important in comparison to your physical presence, is your Name.

It’s important to know the value of your name which has a significant effect in your life. it is natural that we all love our name and get angry when someone mispronounces or misspells it.

The Name giving (Namkaran) Rituals:

Namkaran Sanskar stands for the Name giving ritual which is prominent in the Indian Hindu Vedic culture.

The Namkaran Sanskar is one of the most important rituals among the sixteen rituals present in Vedic culture. The birth of a baby is one of the important occasions in our family; and each and every family member celebrates this event by welcoming the new member into their family.

On the 12th day of the birth, the baby will be given a Name based on the analysis of planetary positions at the time of birth. This auspicious ceremony will happen in the presence of the mother of the child along with all the other members of the family.

All the rituals is done by the priest following vedic traditions. Along with fire ritual, the other ritual will be one which will take place by taking the name of ancestors. This is done so that the Five elements of Fire, Earth, Water, Metal and Wood, of the new born baby is energized. This duly helps the child get all the blessings from the divine energy and come out strong, happy and healthy.

Choosing the Right Name for the Baby:

We all search for the best name possible for a new born baby taken into account specific alphabets. That are considered auspicious for the baby’s future. We spend our valuable time for deciding on the name with an important meaning, which should be easy to pronounce.

Have you ever imagined yourself with another name? This simple thought will not only change your ability to see life, but even the perspective of life and its identity will be changed.

So, it is necessary we all should give a good and significant name to our children, so that, they are able to think and live with the aura of that name as well.

Vedic Astrology and Baby Name:

The Vedic Astrology will give you the real essence of your name, because your name will be as per the placement of the Moon planet in a particular Nakshatra (Constellation).

The Moon’s Nakshatra is the energy source of our life as the Sun signifies the soul. The Moon also has control of our mind and thought processes through which we live our life and take each and every decision.

If we keep the name based on our Moon’s Nakshatra, we get activated with the energy related to our birth chart and are well-guided by the planetary position towards the right direction in our life.

Baby Name related to the first letter the particular Moon sign and Body chakra:

We all have seven divine chakras of the energy cycle with various planets in it. It is controlled with a particular Nakshatra and all the Nakshatra get energies through the cosmic energy of the Moon each and every day.

It is important to keep the name with a letter related to your Moon’s Nakshatra.

The Vedic culture is very rich with abundant and valuable astral knowledge. So before starting this wonderful journey and proving that an amazing path lies ahead for your children, give them a meaningful and beautiful name with which they will be empowered to complete their tasks without hurdle and win over all the challenges in life.

Gift for the Namkaran Ceremony:

Name giving ceremony is the most important occassion for the family members and there is a great amount of joy in between them. This ceremony will thereby become incomplete without gifts.

Clothes, Toy, Bath Tub, stuffed toys, baby akin care product, cot, etc., are some gifts that would be the best to give as a gift and to welcome the new bundle of joy into this life in this world.