What Should You Do to Attract Prosperity on Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is one of the most auspicious festivals amongst the Hindus to attract wealth & prosperity. You can enhance your fortune by observing the rituals & puja meant for this day. In this article we mention what you can buy, according to your Moon sign, to attract affluence.


Dhanteras is one of the most auspicious days of the year that marks the inauguration of the five-day Diwali festival. The word Dhanteras has been derived from two words: ‘Dhan’ signifying wealth and ‘Teras’ signifying the 13th day of Krishna Paksha of the lunar month Kartik as per Hindu calendar.

Dhanteras is the day when Lord Dhanvantri is worshipped. He was the founder of Ayurvedic medicines. In contemporary times, the meaning of Dhanteras has been modified to signify wealth and prosperity.


The story behind Dhanteras

In Hindu mythology, there is the story of the popular sage Durvasa, who cursed and cautioned Lord Indra, ‘The wealth has made you so proud that Goddess Lakshmi will leave you.’ The curse took its effect and Goddess Lakshmi left him, upon which he lost his wealth and prosperity. Lord Indra also faced defeat at the hands of demons as he had become weak.

In desperation, he visited Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma for help. The gods suggested that a churning of the sea should take place, an act known as ‘Samundra Manthan’. The churning of the sea would bring out ‘Amrit’ (auspicious nectar) that would make the gods immortal.

Both gods and demons had the desire to become immortal and they eagerly waited for this ‘Samundra Manthan’ to obtain the ‘Amrit’ or the holy nectar. It is depicted in the scriptures that Mandara Mountain became the churning rod, Vasuki (the king serpent) was made the divine rope and Lord Vishnu assumed the form of a tortoise to lift the mountain on his back.

The churning of the sea by both the gods and the demons paved the way for the appearance of Goddess Lakshmi, followed by Lord Dhanvantri - a physician of the gods.

Lord Dhanvantri is also considered the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who appeared from the sea carrying the vessel of nectar which could make the gods immortal. Lord Vishnu defeated the demons and gave the ‘Amrit’ to the gods.

On the auspicious day of Dhanteras, we perform Lakshmi Puja for wealth and Lord Dhanvantri Puja for good health. Worshipping Tulsi (Basil plant) and Akashdeep (lighting of lamps) on this day indicate gratitude towards nature, which is the source of health and wealth on earth.


Rituals to be performed

  • All sections of the house to be cleaned thoroughly beforehand.
  • On this day, homes are decorated with diyas (lamps), candles, flowers and many other decorative accessories.
  • The doorway is decorated with Rangoli.
  • Stickers of small feet of Goddess Lakshmi are pasted or made outside every household with the belief that the footsteps of the Goddess of wealth will bring prosperity as she would walk into their homes.


Method for conducting puja on Dhanteras

Everyone celebrates this festival by purchasing gold or silver ornaments, including steel utensils. Lord Ganesha, Lord Kuber along with Goddess Lakshmi are worshipped on the evening of Dhanteras.

Puja method: The entire family should collect and sit together for the puja.

Ingredients for puja: A raised platform covered with a cloth should be set up. Kalash or a vessel filled with water or Gangajal with some betel nuts, flowers, coins, and grains of rice is set up for the puja.

  • One must light a diya (lamp) to start the puja, which should be kept lit overnight.
  • Traditions suggest that devotees should worship clay or metal idols of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Ganesha and Lord Kuber for wealth and prosperity.


Dhanteras 2022: Puja date & auspicious time

  • Dhanteras or Trayodashi starts on 22 Oct 2022, from 06:02 pm and ends on 23 Oct 2022, at 06:03 pm.
  • Auspicious time for puja: 7:34 pm to 8:40 pm, 22 Oct 2022.
  • Decorate the temple or prayer room with flowers, light camphor and incense sticks. Offer fruits, sweets, dry fruits to the divine lord, sing devotional songs, ring bells and chant mantras for wealth and prosperity.


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Dhanteras is the festival of peace and prosperity where there is the tradition to light a lamp overnight to ward off all evils and get the blessing of good health and wealth for everyone from the holy cosmic powers.