The Auspicious Nine Gemstones For the Divine Nine Deities of Navratri

The Auspicious Nine Gemstones For the Divine Nine Deities of Navratri


Goddess Durga, with Her nine different forms, gets invoked during the divine nine nights of Navratri. She is the only one who knows how to run this complicated universe smoothly with Her caring nature, through the placement of Planets in our birth chart.

The Goddess is in Her divine form and it signifies the true knowledge of the universe. The Universe works simultaneously with the macro and micro level, with each layer being connected to each other like the nerves connected in the human body.

The nine sacred gemstones can get activated in the nine sacred nights of Navratri. Through the medium of Gemstones; the Goddess presents her cosmic power into our physical body made of the seven chakras inbuilt in us, each with a particular colour within.

These chakras work through the vibration of Planets, and the colour related to these Planets are known as the power colour of planets. The universe works on the one principle “यत् ब्रह्माण्डे तत् पिण्डे”, which can be translated as – ‘whatever is there in the microcosm, is also there in the macrocosm.’

This principle works with the Gemstone, which again works as a healing object like the morning Sun, which heals us with its bright, energizing light.

The origin of Gemstones:

Each civilization has their own version of stories for the importance of Gemstones, which has existed with various names like, amulet, quartz, healing crystal, etc., to improve health, and to get overall success in life.

Colour therapy works well if you wear a gemstone as per its relation to the body chakra.

If important planets get placed in the particular Nakshatra, then the gemstone related to that Body chakra will be very important for you.

Connection between Vedic Astrology and Gemstone:

Sometimes, we get into dilemmas whether a stone should be worn or not, and how to procure its energies so that the Gemstone starts its work effectively in our life. All these puzzled questions can be easily resolved with the help of Vedic knowledge.

The Vedic culture has been using Gemstones as healing objects for a very long time, and they hold a very vital role in the Ayureveda. It works on the three principles known as Vata (Air), Pitta (Metabolism) and Kapha (Watery element).

These three substances fluctuate in the body, according to seasons, time of the day, diet, and several other factors. These three dosas show the basic characteristic of each Nakshatra. The placement of the planets in your birth chart gives its energy and will heal all the dosas related to the body chakra.

Why is Navratri Important: The role of the union between Gemstones and Navratri to make your life grand

The Nine forms of Goddess’ energies, the gemstone with the divine vibration, and the effects after wearing a powerful gemstone, will grant you fulfillment of your wishes and clarity of thought as well.

When Goddess Durga transmits her energy to the gemstone with her Nine divine forms, you just need to understand which form of energy is active in your birth chart and what energies your Gemstone possesses, in that particular day of Navratri.


The stars within your body: Energize your Planet associated with Gemstones in accordance with Body’s Chakra.

Shailputri: Navratri begins from the first day of waxing Moon, also known as the Shukla-Paksha. All of these nine days and nights will be devoted for the divine Goddess Durga.

Durga Goddess invokes with the placement of Ghata, wherein a pot full of water is placed on the ground, along with five leaves of the mango tree, and a coconut on top of them. Lamp and fumigation of flowers and wood is arranged all around for the Goddess, and all of these signify the combination of five elements, through which every creation happen.

Shailpurti was the daughter of the great king Himavan. Himavan was the king of the mountains. Shailputri is the one who had the crescent Moon on her forehead, which signified that she had authority on the most important nerves. Known as the Sushumna Nadi (Central Nerves), it is the central power of the body which gets controlled by the Planet Moon on the very first day. Shailputri will empower your mind and the mental strength as well.

You will receive every positive energy from your surroundings through the help of Planet Moon, which gets its energy related to the Pearl Gemstone.
You can avail all the yoga related to the Moon like Sunapha/Anapha/Durudhara with the energies of the Pearl.


Brahmcharini: The second important form of goddess Durga, known as Brahmcharini, has control over the Mercury and Anahat/Heart chakra of the body. Emerald is the gemstone which has the energies to make your planet Mercury strong and give energy in order to get results from Budha-Aditya yoga

The Brahmcharni gives harmony, balance, calmness, and serenity wiith Emerald. Mercury, which signifies intelligence, will be activated after wearing the Emerald and thereafter, you will get the blessings of Mercury through the yoga present in your chart like the Budha-Aditya yoga or the Bhadra Maha Purush Yoga


Chandraghanta: On the third day of Navratri, Chandraghanta is worshiped and energies of the Diamond gemstones is required to avail the Venus’s good will. Quality of marriage and happiness from relatives, in the form of money and others are impacted with its usage.

Chandraghanta was incarnated to save the people of her(bride’s) side in her marriage, who were fearful of the terrifying troop of Shiva. If Diamond or white sapphire energized in the third night is worn, you will get rid of the fear and anxiety, and therefore feel rejuvenated in life.

Kushmanda: If you want to shine like the Sun avail royal status in the society, you should get the divine energy from Kusmanda. This is the fourth energy of divine Goddess Durga by , which can be availed by energizing the Ruby Gemstones, which signifies the color of Manipur/Solar plexus Chakra.

You will get results related to the yoga present in your birth chart related to planet Sun, if you worship Goddess Durga in the Fourth night of Navratri.

Skandamata: The fifth form is the one who is the mother of Skanda, and has four arms with which she is holding her six faced baby, whose six faces signify the sixth houses in astrology for enemy, disease, loan, anger, pride and jealousy.

The Sankanda is the deity of Planet Mars which controle the energy of RED CORAL gemstone and Mars is also known as the Commander-in-Chief of God. By worshipping the Skandmata, you will get the positive effect of Mars and all sorts of Mangal Dosa will be nullified.

Katyani: Katyani is the goddess of the sixth divine night of Navratri. The one who gives Her blessings through the yellow sapphire, owned by the Planet Jupiter.

She had slained Mahishasura, the demon with a Buffalo face. The demon Mahishasura was significant of ignorance and worshipping the Katyani with the energy of yellow sapphire you can make your Jupiter strong, and your ignorance will be converted into divine wisdom on the sixth day of Navratri.

Kalaratri: Blue sapphire is the gemstone for this particular form, which is the real source of energy of the planet Saturn. It gives energy related to understanding the mental clarity to take decisions in the right direction.

If you want to activate the Pushya Nakshatra owned by the Planet Saturn, who is the greatest devotee of Goddess Kalratri, get the energy from the blue sapphire gemstone. It will give good success in the dreaded period of Sade Sati and his 19 year long Saturn Mahdasa as well.

Mahagauri: Worship Mahagauri and receive the energy of Rahu in a positive aspect in your life through the energy of Hessonite gemstone.
The Goddess Durga will make the shadow Planet Rahu to bow down through her charismatic appearance in the Ashtmi tithi (Eighth day of waxing Moon).

Siddhidatri: On the ninth day of Navratri known as Navami tithi (Ninth waxing Moon Day), you will have a divine, but mysterious experience with the blessing of Siddhidatri; through the other mysterious shadow Planet Ketu.

If you want to make your Ketu positive, then bow down in front of Siddhidatri and avail positive vibration with the Cats ‘eye gemstone.

The perfect devotion will come from Ketu, and to get that, one must celebrate the magnanimous festival of Navratri.

Avail all the yogas present in your birth chart and energize the Power of Gemstones in the divine night of Navratri under the blessing of Goddess
Durga. She will bless you with all of Her divine energy related to the gemstones, and you will benefit immensely from it.