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Read your own horoscope: A step-by-step tutorial to Vedic astrology

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  • Go step by step. Until you have mastered one step, do not move to the next.
  • Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope
  • In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one.


Moon is the closest celestial body to Earth, and it has the deepest impact upon human life. In fact, depth is what Moon is all about when it comes to its astrological interpretation. It is the representation of our inner profundity, our emotions, instincts, mood swings, behavior, and how we feel about things and people. If Sun governs our soul and spirit, Moon is what governs our mind and inner self. Moon in Vedic astrology is the silver goddess that caresses us from the very beginning in the form of our mother. It is the representation of femininity, motherhood, care, compassion, love, and sensitivity. People having prominent Moon in horoscope are often emotional beings with a nurturing attitude. Natives with Moon in Cancer often turn out to be the best parents in the world.

Astronomical Facts about Moon

It is the natural satellite of Earth and takes around 28 days to complete its orbit around Earth and this cycle is also associated with fertility and femininity. Moon’s gravitational force is what causes the tides in the ocean, which is also suggestive of our emotional nature, as unfathomable as the deep blue ocean. It is 3,84,403 km far away from Earth, yet the closest planet to us. Moon never goes retrograde as it orbits around the Sun along with Earth.  Moon stays in each zodiac sign for around 2.5 days.

Astrological Facts about Moon

Transit in each sign  2.5 days
 Direction  North-west
 Metal  Silver
 Gem  Pearl
 Day  Monday
 Color  White
 Temperament  Cold
 Gender  Female
 Ruling Body Part  Bodily Fluids
 Status in Imperial Stars  Queen
 Friends  Sun, Mars, Jupiter
 Enemies  None
 Neutral  Mercury, Venus, Saturn
 Own Sign  Cancer
 Exalted in  Taurus
 Debilitated in  Scorpio
 Mool Trikon  Taurus
 Mahadasha Period  10 years
 Relation  Mother
 Professions  Liquid, dairy products, shipping, navy, water-related, cotton textile, music, poetry, beauty, sculpture, drawing etc.

Significance of Moon in Vedic astrology

Moon in Vedic Astrology is believed to emit a calm and feminine energy.  It is the queen among the nine imperial stars and rules our mind and emotions. This fastest moving planet waxes and wanes frequently, partly the reason of our mood swings and crabbiness. Moon is what balances the fierce energy of Sun with its calming and nurturing properties. Moon in fact reflects the sun light at night to keep us from the all-encompassing darkness. It also rules over liquids and water, the fundamental needs to sustain in the world and grow. People who are born when moon is waxing are usually extrovert and bold while those born in waning Moon are introvert and submissive. It is waning and waxing of Moon that is associated with our emotional temperament, mood swings, climatic changes, oceanic tides, fertility and menstruation.  Thus, its affect upon human being is both psychological as well as physiological.

A positively placed Moon in horoscope makes the person mentally and emotionally strong. Such a person has a good concentration and capability of emotional connection with people. Natives with strong Moon are usually compassionate and nurturing. They usually think of others’ wellbeing first than meeting their own needs. Such people are usually connected with their surroundings on an emotional and psychological level.

A weak Moon in horoscope reflects a person who is emotionally weak, cries a lot, laughs a lot and is not in control of their sensitivity. Such person faces a lot of difficulties on an emotional level due to their temperamental makeup. They can also face mental distress and problems. Moreover, their health also gets affected. Such people need to live a calm life, away from the disturbances, may be close to a water body for the most soothing effect. Since Moon is connected to fertility and bodily fluids, its negative influence in the horoscope can cause health issues related to blood, lungs, breasts, milk, chest, cough, and reproductive system.

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