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Venus in Astrology

Venus in Astrology

Venus planet is all about desires, the desire for wealth and riches, the desire for sensual pleasures, the desire to see the world from rose-tinted glasses, the desire to be surrounded by beauty and creativity, and last but not the least, the desire to be romanced and share all these pleasures with someone special.

As per Vedic astrology, Venus is love personified, it is about emotional attachment, physical attraction, marriage, union, partnership, art, culture, creativity, happiness, passion, and all that is beautiful.

Venus teaches us to appreciate what is best in others; it also gives a drive towards material comforts. It rules over how you socialize and indulge.

Venus concerns itself with the pleasures associated with five senses, smell (the fragrances), savor (indulgent food), sound (music), sights (beauty, art), and touch (luxury textures).

Charm, poise, elegance, politeness, and culture also come under the domain of this exquisite planet.

Astronomical Facts about Venus

Venus planet is the third brightest celestial body and it is second closest to the Sun after Mercury. Also, it is the closest planet to Earth with the shortest distance ever being 40 million km.

From Sun, it is as far as 108 million km. It completes one orbit around Sun in 225 days and rotates around its axis in 243 days. It is the hottest planet too. It also appears to be retrograde every 19 months and its retrogression period is about 40 - 43 days.

Venus in Vedic astrology takes around 12 months to complete one circle around the zodiac belt and stays in one sign for about 28 days.

Essential Details about Venus

 Transit in each sign  28 days
 Direction  South-east
 Metal  Silver
 Gem  Diamond
 Day  Friday
 Color  White
 Temperament  Hot, Passionate
 Gender  Female
 Ruling Body Part  Private parts, reproduction, semen
 Status in Imperial Stars  Advisor
 Friends  Mercury, Saturn
 Enemies  Sun, Moon
 Neutral  Jupiter, Mars
 Own Sign  Taurus, Libra
 Exalted in  Pisces
 Debilitated in  Virgo
 Mool Trikon  Libra
 Mahadasha Period  20 Years
 Relation  Partner
 Professions  Literature, performing arts (music, drama, dance), jewelry, vehicles, luxury items, diamonds, cinema, art forms, perfumes, silk etc.


Signification of Venus in Vedic astrology

Venus in astrology is not just associated with materialistic tendencies, but It is a spiritual teacher too. A teacher who brings back those on the right track who have fallen from the grace of spirituality due to materialism.

It is a strong indicator of wealth in a horoscope. A benefic presence of Venus in a horoscope gives the native a good aesthetic sense and artistic inclination.
Such a person is likely to be talented, especially in a creative field.

A well-positioned Venus in the horoscope turns the native’s love into devotion, and friendship into loyalty. But when Venus is too strong in the horoscope, it can also give excessive carnal desires and a materialistic attitude. Such a person may be too inclined toward leisure and pleasures of all kinds.

If Venus is afflicted or debilitated in a horoscope, the native struggles to enjoy the riches of life. Such a person lacks mental peace and satisfaction, which may lead the native towards the fulfillment of sensual desires as a compensatory means.

Weak placement of Venus can also make the person impotent or struggle in progeny matters, especially if under strong affliction. An afflicted Venus can also give health problems like diabetes, thyroid, muscular weakness, vocal cords & throat-related problems, obesity, and a tendency to over-indulge.


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