Maha Purush Yoga

Maha Purush Yoga

  1. Maha Purush Yoga
  2. A rare & grand planetary yoga
  3. Bestows special talents & skills
  4. Caused due to exceptional strength of key planets

What is Maha Purush Yoga?
Maha Purush means a great person. This yoga makes a person truly great and gives a boost in profession and relationships. This yoga is caused due to the exceptional strength of the key planets - Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in your birth chart. When any of these planets are either exalted, or placed in their own houses, when the house is in Kendra(angle), that is 1,4,7,10 position from the ascendant, it forms a Maha Purush Yoga.  It is a very uncommon yoga caused due to exceptional intellect; strategy & aggression skills; wisdom and knowledge; beauty and charm; hard work and great resolve; depending on which of the 5 planets is involved in the Maha Purush Yoga.

  • With Jupiter, it forms Hansa Yoga
  • With Saturn, it forms Sasa Yoga
  • With Mars, it is Ruchak Yoga
  • With Venus, it is Malavya Yoga
  • With Mercury, it forms Bhadra Yoga

Effects of the 5 different kinds of Maha Purush Yoga:

Maha Purush Yoga confers greatness, character, exceptional financial & professional progress & recognition to a person blessed with this yoga. This yoga is found in the birth charts of only a few fortunate people. The different planets lead to results which are specific to the Panch Maha Purush yoga caused due to their strength. For instance, famous Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit has Malavya Yoga with an exalted Venus in her birth chart, bestowing her with beauty, charm and great personality which has given her a lasting name & fame. Mercury renders strong intellect and ability to earn through communication and sharp wit. Mars renders aggression skills and leadership quality; Jupiter makes a person gain due to his wisdom and knowledge and Saturn makes the Maha Purush with strong organization, hard work and determination.

Maha Purush Yoga Analysis

This will be an exclusive reading to help you understand which of the 5 categories of skills/talents helps you stake claim to greatness & fame. It will explain the talents, traits & skills that are the source of your great destiny & your true assets. The yoga gets activated during dasa and antar dasa of the planet involved. This report will analyze the periods in your lifetime when this grand Yoga would operate along with special recommendations on how to harness the strength & bring major achievements in your life. It will include special remedies to increase the strength of this Yoga also.

Are you one of the few blessed people with this rare and grand yoga? And what’s the special talent & skills you have which is the source of your great destiny?

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