Why We Should Worship Lord Hanuman!

Why We Should Worship Lord Hanuman!


This year we are going to celebrate the Hanuman Jayanti on 19th April 2019 (FRIDAY). With the blessing of Lord Hanuman, we will understand the deep meaning behind worshiping the god in our life.

Significance of Worshiping the Lord in our life

Worshiping God signifies that you are trying to get connected with an energy source, which is more divine and powerful than you. Worshiping Lord with specific mantra chantings will give you the clarity to understand the circumstance and the situation in which you are present, whether it’s easy or tough.

The Vedic culture and Vedic Astrology play a vital role and broadly classifies the process of worshipping God. They provide specific guidance to get into the realm of pure consciousness through worship, for the idol of every specific Lord. Lord Hanuman is one of the most important Gods, known by various names like, Anjani Lal, Sankat Mochan Hanuman, Pawan Putra, and widely with the name as the ‘Ram Bhakt Hanuman.’

How worshipping came into existence

The ancient Vedic Rishis were highly intellectual beings, who got the revelation through mediation about the Vedic Gods and Goddesses, and how the cosmic energy related to the Gods work through our physical bodies, known as the chakras.

Chakras are the most important medium through which the astral network, Planets, Nakshatra and Zodiac signs work, and gets manifested into our lives with various events.

If you are familiar with your horoscope, placement of Planets, and Moon’s Nakshatra, then you can worship the particular God connected to that Nakshatra, Planet, and Moon sign as well.

Hanuman is the God who is connected with Moola Nakshatra, the root one.

If you are born under Sagittarius or in the Moola Nakshatra, worshipping Hanuman will be very beneficial for you.

Who is the Great Lord Hanuman? The Monkey face God ‘Hanuman’

The entire Vedic adventure stories of Lord Hanuman begins from the Gautama Maharishi and his wife Ahalya, mentioned in the great epic Ramayana, where she was cursed by Gautama Rishi. Ahalya had cursed her daughter Anjani because she had revealed the secret of her chastity to her father Gautama Maharishi. Due to this deed, Anjani was cursed the to have a child with a monkey face and thus, Lord Hanuman came into the existence.

How did Lord Hanuman become a staunch devotee of Lord Ram?

The great epic Ramayana is the reference of the deep and selfless devotion of Hanuman for Lord Ram, where Hanuman never missed a single opportunity to serve Lord Ram.

Lord Ram is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the one who nurtured all the creatures and gives protection from the evil energy. When Ram was in the search of Sita, Hanuman helped him win the war with the demon king Ravana. Ram accepted that Hanuman was his most beloved one, and Ram also knew that Hanuman was the incarnation of his Lord Shiva, the universal source of energy, and thus was none other than his own self.

The Birth Nakshatra of Lord Ram was in Punarvasu, the Nakshatra which is known as the return of the light that signifies generosity, magnanimity, true love and all the good vibes for all.

If you are born in the Gemini zodiac Moon or Sun sign, then worshiping Ram with Lord Hanuman ,will guide you with the divine light of knowledge and wisdom to get things done easily in your life and there will be all round success with name and fame for you.

If you have any major Planet placed in the Punarvasu Nakshatra, even then, worshiping Lord Hanuman will give extraordinary results related to the promises present in your birth chart.

The Significance of worshiping the Idol of God: Is putting vermilion helpful to open the bolt from your fortune?

Now the time has come to get rid of all the struggle and failure, by getting familiar with the secret ritual, related to putting vermilion on Lord Hanuman.

We are all born with a certain energy, which gets channelized with Nakshatra and Planet. This concept work like this – for eg., everyone buys different kinds of mobile phones with various apps within it, and whether you believe it or not those apps will definitely function for whichever task they have been programmed for.

The Same process will work within the body chakra, which gets energized with the vibration of Nakshatra, and the Planets gets placed in our birth chart. All these Planets and Nakshatra(s) with certain types of color, start working with the Naad; a particular sound which gives energy to the body and starts functioning in the correct path.

Red and Saffron color vermillion is connected with Muladhara (root chakra), and the petals of the Svadhishthana chakra (sacral chakra), work on Red Color.

Lord Hanuman, who is also known as Pawan Putra, has control on the Air element which comes under Anahat Chakra (Heart Chakra), and while putting Vermillion on Lord Hanuman, we activate the Nakshatra and Planet within us and the cosmic energy of Lord Hanuman starts working in our life.

We will have a new consciousness within us to understand the situation, and unique ideas will come into our minds, like fresh content in our mailboxes, from the cosmos.

If your name starts with the letter related to the birth Nakshatra you have, then this remedy will work effectively for you.

Significance of various forms of Hanuman:

Lord Hanuman plays a vital role to fullfil the Yoga in your Horoscope.

Each and every energy manifests with certain forms and Lords also get manifest with different forms. We all have a different role to play with all the people whom we meet in our daily life, as a friend, teacher, colleague, student, spouse, children and more, and each demand their own unique touch to cultivate the good relationship.

Lord Hanuman has also performed different roles to serve his Lord Rama, his devotee, and help the Planets and Nakshatra to play their own role to get manifested into our life as well.

The various roles of and form of Lord Hanuman:

Nine Planet and Nine forms of Lord Hanuman

  • Dasa Anjaneya: Sun and Lord Hanuman: The Sun is the real signification of the soul, who has played the role of a teacher to Hanuman. Worshiping Lord Hanuman with Lord Ram will empower the benefic result of the Sun in your natal birth chart and fructify the positive yoga, which is promised in your birth chart, related to the Planet Sun. (Read more about Yoga)
  • Ram-Darbar: The blessing from Moon: If you have yoga related to Moon like Sunapha/Anapha/Durudhara Yoga in your birth chart, you can get results by worshipping Lord Hanuman, or if you have any problem related to Moon Mahadha, then you should worship Lord Hanuman with Ram and Sita, alongwith all the brothers of Lord Ram. This is known as Ram Darbar image. (Read more Durudhara yoga)
  • Sankatmochan Lord Hanuman: Power from Mars: All sorts of problems related to Mars in your chart, can nullify if you worship Lord Hanuman as Sankatmochan. In this form, Lord Hanuman carries the mountain in His left hand and the club in His right hand and the right foot over the prostrate demon. All these signify how to control the negative effect of Mars like anger, which bents us into trouble and we forget all the good things related to our life and start fighting with our relatives. The behavior of getting forgotten is the Apasmar within us, which can be controlled through the energy of Lord Hanuman, who can bless you with all the positive result related to the Planet Mars and remove all the Mangal Dosha from your birth chart. (Read more about Mangal Dosha)
  • Lord Hanuman as Preacher: Right intellect from Planet Mercury: In the Abdhuta Ramayana, Ram has shown the Vishnu form to Lord Hanuman and preaches to him about Samkhya–Yoga, and Lord Hanuman also gets boon from Goddess Sita to have command on the eight mystical powers. In this way, Lord Hanuman has all the knowledge and wisdom which is under control in the Mercury Planet. If you have Mercury as the benefic Planet, then worshipping Lord Hanuman in green color, either in standing or seated position, with his right hand held against the chest and the left hand bent at the elbow, will give good results.
  • Gigantic Hanuman: The Jupiter: According to the Valmiki Ramayna, Lord Hanuman presented his gigantic form before Goddess Sita and gave her the confidence and optimism like Planet Jupiter gives us as positive aspects and hopes in our lives. To get the desired result and fulfillment of Gajakesari yoga related to the Planet Jupiter, worship the Gigantic form of Lord Hanuman.
  • Lord Hanuman as a vehicle of Lord Ram and Lakshman: Let your Saturn be happy: Lord Hanuman is the best idol for devotion, and giving selfless service. The Planet Saturn, signifies service and devotion to God as well. To get happiness from the yoga related to the Saturn, and best results from the dreaded Sade Sati, worship Lord Hanuman as in the above mentioned form.
  • Das Murthi: Venus’ blessings to get the Venusians quality of marriage: Worshipping Lord Hanuman in white color, wherein he is meditating for Sita and Ram, will give best results in your birth chart by Venus through Lord Hanuman.
  • Flying Hanuman: The positive aspects from Rahu: Lord Hanuman is known by the name Pawan Putra (The son of the Vedic deity Vayu, who has the control on air element). If you worship the flying Hanuman and the Swati Nakshatra, the Libra zodiac sign will get activated in your birth chart. Swati Nakshatra is owned by the Shadow Planet Rahu, and if you are under the Rahu dosha, or in the Rahu Mahadasha, then it will activate the Swati Nakshatra and energize your air element within you.
  • Dakshin Murthi: Lord Hanuman and Ketu the liberator: The south facing Lord Hanuman will give you relief from the ill effects of Ketu and increase pure spirituality within you.

Worship Lord Hanuman based on the planetary position, and in order to get the energy related to your birth Nakshatra, live your life with the real essence for which you have taken birth here on earth.