Astrological Tips for Designing Your Bedroom

Bedroom is the most intimate part of the house, which reflects your inner core. The essence of your being is captured in your bedroom, the way you decorate and adorn it. Granted we have different styles which make us follow certain etiquettes for best simulation of positive energy and relaxation. Follow some of the below mentioned recommendations for best results.

Astrological Tips for Designing Your Bedroom


Bedrooms are referred to as the coziest and most thoughtful places of the house one can think of. It is a place where we head at the end of the day, and we expect it to be our comfort zones. Thus, we tend to design them a bit differently and maybe with a little more love from the rest of the rooms of the house. Be it having some quirky lamps, scented candles, a certain kind of designer ceiling and what not. We can definitely keep on going. But to radiate our room with some positivity, we can take some astrological help to get the most out of it.

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Attributes of Appointing Character to your Bedroom Based on your Zodiac Sign:


Since Aries is a movable sign, it denotes you being an energetic person, who doesn’t like to back down from any challenge. You like to be a part of every discussion or argument. You are optimistic, trusting, childlike, passionate and fiery. As you are a firebrand, you should definitely include a red color scheme in your bedroom.

Your favorites are hot pink, warm orange and blues. Playful, interesting and imaginative storage will be ideal for this moon sign. Make sure to add a comfy chair and a TV to complete your bedroom.


The ones who are Taurians are known to be the people who are grounded. Your home should include some rich colors, a cozy fireplace and beautiful tapestries as that can add charm to your place. As you are very artistic, you will enjoy a beautiful painting, with some satin sheets and other stylish décor in your bedroom.

A Taurus native’s bedroom should both be luxurious and beautiful. You love being pampered and spoilt. You should use browns, blues and greens in your bedroom in different ways, keeping the walls cream or beige. Female Taurus natives like pinks and all things feminine – you would surely love a dash of pink in your room!


Geminis are the dual signs. They are popularly known for their brilliant wit and charming personality. They have this talent of winning over anyone and they like their bedroom decor to be simple yet beautiful. A minimalist theme would be perfect for your bedroom, along with a bookshelf, TV, and a reading nook as a part of the decor.

While designing your bedroom based on astrology, you should ensure that your bedroom should have plenty of natural light and good ventilation.


Cancer natives are a movable sign. You are very sensitive and like to stay in your own world which you find comfortable and safe. You are a home loving person who always feel safe and secure in your own bedroom. Keep your space clutter-free and design it with all the comforts you want. Cozy comforters which have a beautiful print matching with the curtains will make a Cancer native feel happy in their bedroom. Don’t forget to add a family picture on your watery element to add the warmth and security.


To decorate an astrology themed bedroom for Leos, we know that Leos love to live a royal life. So, your taste buds are equally royal and unique with full of love, luxury, rich colours and fabrics. You might like to include some golden trinkets, expensive paintings, velvet bedcovers, extravagant furniture and patterns, and large mirrors where you can admire yourselves. You love leading a lavish lifestyle. So, a zodiac sign wall decor will be great for your bedroom.


Virgos, the dual signs are careful, analytical and perfectionists. You should have a bedroom with not-so-bright wall colours, as you might get irritated by vibrant colours in the long run. Your astrology themed bedroom should have a leather couch where you can sink in, a bookshelf, and a table which will be perfect for your abode.

A Virgo moon needs two things to feel at home in their bedroom: organization and rustic style. Everything in your room should have a specific place, should be of use and should add beauty to it.


Libra natives are movable signs. You love your own space. It should be fairly spacious and well ventilated as you may feel claustrophobic. You love to have a touch of everything sophisticated in your home décor. So, make sure to add the things in your room which are of superior quality with harmonious and soothing colours.

A Libra sign is all about balance, so a Libra bedroom should adhere to keep the positive energy of the room in the right quotient and should have a good balance between empty spaces and objects which furnish the bedroom.


Scorpios will have to include both classic as well as trendy elements, as the mysterious Scorpio loves both style and fashion. You like opulent beds and a wall in your bedroom can be painted dark red to reflect your enigmatic personality.

A Scorpio native’s bedroom should definitely have a good reading corner with a bookshelf stocked with your favorite books. Make sure to add some soft lighting, some beautiful and meaningful framed art prints, and intricate curtains, which will help a Scorpio to feel comfortable at the end of the day.


Sagittarians, the dual sign, are considered to be free spirited philosophers who are fond of travelling. The Sagittarian zodiac sign wall decor should have some mementos of places you have been to. The colour purple resonates with Sagittarians, so you can include some beautiful purple silk cushions on the bed or a purple satin bed sheet and some trendy decor scheme as you love to follow the current trend. Colours on the walls could be neutral with an accent wall of plum, red or green shades.


Capricorns are the earthy sign. They are driven and ambitious, with a love for the classic as well as functional. You are extremely sentimental, and you like to hold on to objects due to the memory attached to it. You are solid, reliable people and your bedroom should display all the aspects of your nature. You like to own a space which is airy and well-ventilated. Your bedroom should be airy, traditional and filled with classic and durable objects.

You love to spend solitary moments with yourself in your bedroom which gives you solace from the world. Make sure to add some aesthetic stuff to your room.


Aquarius is a fixed sign which is known for being whimsical and imaginative. You are lost in your own world but you are loads of fun. You have an original sense of beauty, and you want your bedroom to be extremely beautiful, with colourful paintings on pristine white walls. You can use eccentric art pieces and paper lanterns or terracotta lamps to light up your room.

The bedroom should be unique and unusual as that indicates a need to be different, like peculiar color schemes, unique style of interior design which should make sense to you for your own contentment.


Pisces natives are the dual sign, who are creative people and love all shades of turquoise and blue. Your bedroom should have light, subtle and delicate textures. You are intuitive and creative. You are fond of designing elements which reminds you your love for the oceans. You are more inclined towards decorating your bathroom than your bedroom. Make sure to add different blues to it.

Pisces’ bedroom should be spacious and focusing on details which provide you the gist of space, which will fill the Pisces with contentment and peace.