Common Marriage Problems: Solve It With Astrology!!

Every marriage has its ups and downs. Problems in a couple’s life can be avoided or simply resolved. Vedic astrology is an incredible tool that helps you identify these problems. Once you know about them, improving or working upon them becomes easier.

Common Marriage Problems: Solve It With Astrology!!


Marriage is a beautiful bonding between two souls who grow together by fulfilling their dreams and achievements. Caring and sharing for each other becomes a necessary ingredient for a happy married life, especially since it is a union of two family.

During testing times, life throws up unpleasant things and we don’t trust the process of life. That is the time when we commit to be strong. Marriage does not symbolize only happiness and be in the fantasy world, rather it is a reality check by the universe and planets, whether your bond is strong enough to stand like a pillar and support each other.

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Planets plays a vital role to make a marriage both successful or destructive by controlling us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Each zodiac is connected with different element and aspect through which we can resolve marriage related problems.

The zodiac compatibility speaks of how two energies intertwine and grow by mirroring our own personality with all its weaknesses and strengths.

Common problems in a marriage:

Problems and hurdles are common for married people and a lot of them can be avoided or resolved and fixed with multiple tools and solutions available around us. Astrology helps one to identify which area of life needs to be focused on improving the overall quality of the married life.

Lack of understanding, infidelity or extramarital affairs, financial differences, misunderstanding, lack of emotional unavailability for each other, etc are some of the general problems that one can or is facing in their marriage.

It is best to know their astrological reasons along with the remedies because it is always good to know which all planets are in malefic aspects beforehand so as to be able to find the perfect solution for the problem
Let us uncover the secrets for a perfect love relationship by knowing few key points about each zodiac for an amazing companionship.

Using Astrology to Correct Marital Problems:


Mars rules this zodiac and makes your personality aggressive, impatient, very basic in thinking, direct, fearless and courageous. Aries is a fire element, so you are strong headed, impulsive and naturally extrovert. For this zodiac, challenges in married life would be because of their immense anger, poor planning & lack of long-term vision in relationships.

  • Your tendency to work more than average, makes you a workaholic at times, over ambitious & impatient for instant gratification.
  • Aries usually get attracted to glamorous & attractive partners since Venus rules your natural house of marriage & relationships.
  • Since Aries as well as their mates are used to lead a relationship as well as be the centre of attraction, the issues are mostly associated with lack of attention you give your partner.
  • Further Mars that rules you is impulsive & is a go getter while your natural partner would be used to working in a planned & balanced matter which irritates you.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Patience, giving attention to your partners, acting in a humane & humble manner would be most helpful.

Astrological Remedy: You should consider remedies for Mars & Venus on a combined manner to help built a happy marriage for Aries born.


Taurus is rules by Venus, and it is an earth element. They love to do things at their own pace don`t like to be in that hurry mode and at times could not cope with their companion who want things to be done immediately. As Taurus is ruled by Venus and being an earthy sign, you are methodical, practical and reserved which makes you an introvert and because of lack of communication. Therefore, it creates misunderstanding in a relationship.

  • For Taurus, Mars being a natural significator, polarizes a person’s active sexual urge. So, if the companion doesn’t match the need, then it might erupt many consequences in a marriage.
  • The combination of Venus and Mars makes them full of love and passion. This is along with tremendous willpower, self-discipline, loyalty and honesty which induces high expectations from their partner, and they feel dejected if such conditions are not fulfilled.
  • Taurus natives don’t know how to deal with their volcanic temper, over possessive nature, laziness, sulking nature, and stubbornness. Your opposite partner might feel helpless when they become super lazy and trap them into TOUCH ME NOT mode.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Their remedy is to keep an open mind, have open discussion with others, and to take immediate action rather than procrastinating.

Astrological Remedy: The native must be advised remedies based on Mars and Venus by analysing their placement in the horoscope properly.


This zodiac is ruled by Mercury, and it is an air element. They believe to live life at its fullest, are deep analysers, highly expressive, quick learners and high energy people who makes others to feel little challenging to deal with.

  • Mercury makes the Gemini natives self-boasting and having pride.
  • They are usually unsatisfactory with their own self which creates ruthlessness and disharmony in a marriage.
  • Jupiter the natural significator who provides wisdom and create space between two persons. But, if afflicted in a horoscope, it will give tendency of unhappiness, affects prosperity and gives agony in a relationship.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Be loyal, faithful and be a good listener

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyse the position of Mercury and Jupiter in a horoscope.


This zodiac is controlled by the Moon and is a water element. The Moon possesses strong paternal and maternal instincts, making the Cancer natives conservative and home-loving by nature. Saturn rules the marriage house which makes them close minded and opinionated people which causes unsatisfactory relationships.

  • They are very possessive about their own family which creates a huge barrier in other commitments.
  • Saturn and moon combination gives good retentive memory.
  • They will never let you forget an error which is the main cause of many relationship failures for the Cancer natives.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: For a healthy companionship, Cancer natives should know how to forgive and forget rather than holding on to grudge and pain.

Astrological Remedy: Moon and Saturn very explicit combination need to be seen properly in a horoscope.


Leo is ruled by the Sun and is a fiery element. Sun makes them positive and not allow them to shrink from adverse circumstances which makes them a pragmatic person. Their logic and reasoning ability makes the other person uncomfortable and raise contrasting opinions.

  • Saturn controls the marriage house which causes fake ego and proudness.
  • Sun and Saturn, both deadly combinations, pulls them to the extent of gullibility and high expectation from their partner, which creates disappointment and distress in married life.
  • Sun give the ability to believe in ‘live life king size’ and Saturn believes in practicality, so there is always a tug of war to choose between Reality and fantasizing world which literally shakes a relationship with negativity.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Best remedy for Leos is to be grounded, have a practical approach, no fake life, stop fantasizing and be a good listener.

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyse the Sun and Saturn in a horoscope.


Virgo’s ruler is Mercury and is an earth element. Here mercury makes them lover of cleanliness, perfectionist, hygiene, and order which makes their partner very challenging to meet high standards of expectation.

  • Natural significator Jupiter gives the ability of being a perfectionist in everything which is huge drawback.
  • They turn moles into mountains and that often create stress.
  • Mercury and Jupiter combination makes them analytic and calculative.
  • They usually gauge a person by profit and loss mode which gives hatred and agony in a relationship.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: For Virgos, the best remedy is to stop criticizing and complaining about your companion. Be in gratitude mode and accept the flow of life.

Professional Remedy: Need to analyse Mercury and Jupiter in your horoscope.


Libra natives are ruled by Venus, and it is an air element. They strive for harmony, balance and creativity. Moon being a natural significator makes you inquisitive and increases your curiosity about your partner.

  • Libra is a sign of equilibrium and justice, so they try to maintain it at any cost and this nature irritates and annoys their partner.
  • Moon and Venus gives that magnetism which attracts the opposite sex and makes them flirty which can create havoc in your married life.
  • They are seldom happy and trustworthy in marriages but at times, sudden outburst of rage and shallow nature affects their married life.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Libra natives must strive for not being knocked off balance by the burden of emotional and physical attachments either of themselves or of others.

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyse Venus and Moon in a horoscope.


Scorpio natives’ ruler is Mars, and its element is water. Mars gives that electrifying undercurrent which brings out the intensity of your nature. It puts the other person in a dilemma on how to react with a Scorpio native. Especially, when they are in resentful mode.

  • Natural significator Venus makes them highly imaginative, creative, and super sensitive.
  • They are easily hurt and feel insult or injury if their ego is not pacified by their partners.
  • Mars makes them secretive, and it possess a suspicious outlook which is intolerable in a healthy married life.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Scorpio natives need to stop delivering fiery speeches and need to be calm and polite.

Astrology Remedy: Need to analyse Mars and Venus in a horoscope.


Jupiter is the ruler for Sagittarius and its element is fire. Jupiter makes them charitable and open minded which makes them quick to jump on inadequacies of others while expecting full recognition of their own efforts.

  • Natural significator Mercury makes them a bad decision maker and lead an indecisive life
  • This plays a negative role in your married life.
  • Jupiter and mercury make Sagittarius inconsiderate in their work life while boastful and extravagant in their private life.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: They are advised not to take any decisions without consulting their partners

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyse Jupiter and Mercury in a horoscope


Saturn rules Capricorn and its element is earth. Saturn makes them practical, grounded, true friend, long planner, highly organized which makes them often aloof, shrewd, and quite capable of depressing everyone.

  • Your stubbornness, unforgiving, hardworking, perseverance and self-disciplined nature often puts them down.
  • If they have not succeeded, it impacts their married life
  • Moon being the natural significator makes the native fatalistic which makes marriage journey difficult and resentful.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: They need a positive environment to enliven their spirits.

Astrological remedy: Need to analyse Saturn and Venus in a horoscope.


Saturn is the ruler of this zodiac, and the element is air. Saturn makes Aquarius natives an opportunist and practical which on the other hand makes them quite aloof who do not seek out actively in a relationship.

  • Natural significator Sun makes them bold and extremely eccentric to participate in any standard protocol.
  • This affects their married life as Aquarius natives fail to fulfil their partner’s expectation.

You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Overcome their sensitiveness and develop will power.

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyse Saturn and Sun in a horoscope


Jupiter rules this zodiac, and the element is water. Jupiter makes them generous and charitable. But their partner may think of them as impractical, unrealistic, and often unreliable.

  • As Mercury is the natural significator which makes them super clever but also fickle minded and gullible which creates a negativity in their married life.
  • They indulge in gossips, back biting and being a mixture of an optimist and pessimist, they find difficult to make up their minds on any issue.
    You can resolve issues on two levels:

Personal Remedy: Work on Willpower and confidence

Astrological Remedy: Need to analyse Jupiter and mercury in a horoscope.


The connection of malefic planets such as the Mars, Saturn, and Sun also plays a crucial role in the married life of any person which can further prove to be the pronounced only after a deep analysis of the natal chart of the person in question.

So once common problems are known what the common remedies for those problems that will be will keep the fire of passion still burning in the marriage. There are multiple remedies as per the Vedic astrology in order to bring harmony in the relationship or the married life of a person.

Few of them are mentioned such as:

  • Donating food and medicine to leprosy-affected people
  • Donating sweets to the little girls twice or thrice during a week’s time and especially on a Friday.
  • Offering sugarcane juice to the Shiva Linga (idol of Lord Shiva) regularly for at least 21 days
  • In order to calm the effects of a malefic planet, one needs to chant the Mantra or get professional do it for them.
  • Helping a poor or any financially deprived girl married or providing some financial aid for her marriage.
  • Feeding ants, insects or birds.

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