Most Negative Karmic Sub-Periods: Venus-Saturn & Saturn-Venus

Saturn and Venus are significant planets that are responsible for many great developments in a person's life. Even though both of them share an amicable relationship, yet during the dasha periods of these two planets, a native would experience quite a few ups and downs in life. Here are the results of Saturn and Venus sub periods on your life.

Most Negative Karmic Sub-Periods: Venus-Saturn & Saturn-Venus


As per the Vedic Astrology, Venus and Saturn share a friendly relationship with each other. But in most cases or chart the ‘Venus Sub-Period in Saturn Main Period OR Saturn Sub Period in Venus Main Period usually lead to controversial predictions in the life of a native during these Main Periods.

Even though Venus and Saturn share a friendly relationship; this period at times becomes the major reason for multiple ups and downs and disappointment in life or on the positive end it can prove to be the game-changing phase or period for the native as well.

In the opinion of Indastro, on the off chance that Saturn and Venus are well placed in any chart or conjunct in a good house then whenever the Sub-Periods of Saturn and Venus appears, it will bring positive news and results for the native.

The House that experiences the conjunction or placement of the Venus or Saturn, as well as the houses related to that particular house, will also become a good source of benefits and gains to the native from every direction.

In order to explain it further, let us seek the help of a few examples:

Placement of Saturn & Venus in the Wealth House in Friendly Moon Signs

In any chart if the Saturn and Venus are placed in the Second House (House of Wealth) in any friendly Moon Sign such as Taurus, Libra, or Pisces then whenever Venus Sub-Period will come in Saturn Main Period or the Saturn Sub-Period comes in Venus Main-Period then the native will see a transitional change in his or her financial and professional improve exponentially. Automatically the native experiences that new and better opportunity will start knocking at their door in relation to career enhancement and financial expansion as well.

Placement of Saturn & Venus in the Fifth and the Eleventh House

In any chart if Saturn and Venus conjuncts or has a placement in the Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or education, Love, and Gains) and the Eleventh House (House of Income) then during the Sub-Periods of Saturn and Venus will give unexpected gains, as well as improvement in income and professional fields to the native.

Along with this, because of this placement, the chances of love marriage turning into an arranged marriage will also increase for the native.

Placement of Saturn & Venus in the First, Ninth or the Tenth Houses

In the event that Saturn and Venus are placed in the First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character), or the Ninth House (House of Fortune), or the Tenth House (House of Career) in a friendly moon sign like Taurus Gemini, Libra, Capricorn, and Aquarius in any chart then the Venus or Saturn Sub-Periods will help in bringing improvement in every aspect of life of the native be it career or married life.

On the contrary, in the event that the First House has a conjunction or direct aspect with Venus or Saturn in any chart then the native will have more than one relationship at the same time.

Placement of Saturn & Venus in the Fourth House

In any chart, in the event Saturn and Venus conjuncts or has a placement in the Fourth House (House of Family Relationship and Property Matters) then Venus-Saturn and Saturn-Venus Sub-Periods are formed. During these sub-periods prosperity, improvement in wealth status and unexpected gains from any source or field comes to the native. This conjunction or placement will especially yield positive results in these specific Sub-Periods. Good News and Positive results may take some time before they start reflecting but they are definitely on their way for the native.

Placement of Saturn & Venus in the Ninth House

Saturn and Venus conjunct or are placed in the Ninth House (House of Fortune) in any chart then the Venus-Saturn or Saturn-Venus Sub-Periods are good for growth especially in career for the native. During these Sub-Periods, any of the long-due dreams of the native may also come true. Also, during these Sub-Periods especially the Saturn Sub-Period improves the spiritual life of the native as well. Saturn Sub-Period can create new opportunities where the native might get to meet someone famous from the spiritual world or background or the native may also go on a spiritual journey.

In these beneficial results, Venus and Saturn both need to be well placed. Otherwise, the result may not come in favor of the native. Also, the placement of Saturn and Venus in a moon sign and what is the ascendant for the sign also decides the nature of the results for Saturn-Venus and Venus-Saturn Sub –Periods and Main Periods.