Aquarius - What does your Destiny hold for you?

The Aquarius are usually extremists who are detached, stubborn, and completely unpredictable in their behavior. However, if the Aquarius moon follows the cosmic energy and sees the mystical light shining along with their dark side, embracing it wouldn't be that big a deal.

Aquarius - What does your Destiny hold for you?

If you are an Aquarius native, you might be known as an Extremist, and one who is detached, stubborn, or an unpredictable among your friends, as an Aquarius which comes in the eleventh zodiac sign. It does not matter whether Aquarius is your Moon sign or Sun sign or the Rising Ascendant; themost important thing is that the energy of Aquarius will get its manifestation in your life wherever it falls in your horoscope.

The one who is born under Aquarius will think of himself/herself as the good singer, whether your singing will be liked by others or not,and this behavior will not be liked by others.

The Dark side which is annoying about an Aquarius are how they flaunt about everything what they have, whether it is their wealth, relationship, or success in career.

They might be Greedy but also the one who gives worth to Work and Time:

Gain in every aspect of life is important for an Aquarius. People will think that you are greedy, but that gain is for hard work and the intelligence that you have.

You have the talent and intellect which can make the miracles happen with the cosmic power of Shatabhisha nakshatra in your zodiac sign. This Nakshatra will give you a strong desire and greed to achieve what you want in your life and with that desire, you will get the inspiration to do your work.

You are ruled by Saturn, and so the greed will not make you fall down in life, as that will work as the tool to fix the time table and utilize your hard effort to climb the ladder of success in life.

Rigid but Practical:

You should not get depressed or worried with the opinions that come as a feedback from the people around you, that you are a hard taskmaster, and the one who never ever give them time to enjoy their life.

The practical approach towards life and work will make you successful, and also help other people who work for you or be with you. To attain the desired result, the best tool is to have the taste of bigger success.

Confidence to get the success in the first attempt:

Your broad-minded approach and intellect will give you the confidence to take risk sand also the courage to take the steps which you might not have thought to be beneficial.

Be with your spirit and always hone your skills to get the desired result that will give you name and fame as well.

Detached but has an inner emotional Attachment:

Being in the air zone of Aquarius, you will have the ability to feel the inner desire and emotional ups and down that circulate the mind of the partner in your life.

Even after having empathy towards others, you will hide that because your soul knows that your support or any one else’s support will make them weak and dependent on others. Because of this thought, you always try to keep a distance when you have to show your empathy to others.

Secretive shades of Aquarius wearing a Friendly Mask:

You may be in the sun, moon or rising Aquarius, but the inbuilt quality of an Aquarius of being friendly and having a charismatic ability to make another person reveal their secret, will still be there. This quality of an Aquarius can give a good career as a counselor, tarot card reader, or an expert in the science of human psychology.

Rebellious but the Brave one:

One of the most important personalities of the Aquarius, which cannot be seen by any, another zodiac sign, is the ability to fight for the right and for the good fare of humanity.

Live your life as a legend in the zone of the Aquarius zodiac sign, and do not be stuck in life; whether it is your Sun, Moon or Rising sign. Just follow the cosmic energy wherever it is present in between the twelve houses in your horoscope, and live an amazing life with content.These sides are Dark but have the mystical light of the divine Nakshatra, which will make you successful as an Aquarius.