Decoding The Hindu Astrology Secrets!!

Hindu or Vedic astrology is a cosmic medium to learn about numerous upcoming events of your life by a detailed study of your birth chart. We explain to you how Vedic astrology helps you understand your karmas, so you can develop your skills and knowledge and use it to maximum potential in fulfilling your purpose of life.

Decoding The Hindu Astrology Secrets!!


Another name for Hindu astrology that is more popular with the common populace is ‘Vedic Astrology’. A horoscope or natal chart of an individual is nothing but a screenshot of the cosmos in the sky at the time birth of that person. The horoscope is basically an illustration or picture that stops the cosmic timepiece and seizes the universe as it subsists. Therefore, it becomes the basis for all the future predictions a native.

The karmas of the previous life also come into the role-play while decoding the secrets of the Hindu astrology. Horoscope basically can be called a mirror of our previous life’s karma (both good and bad) on the basis of which the course of action for the current life depends and is decided. Just in case that we get to know about the time period of the bad phase of our life (which is a result of previous life’s bad karmas) in advance; then we can defuse the forthcoming troubles and problems while working towards the improvement of the overall quality of life.

Similarly, if we are aware of our good phases, we can maximize the utilization of that time-period by making bigger investments along with the willingness to take major risks in making bigger and important decisions long pending during this time of our life so that the results remain in our favor and the process remains smooth.

Hindu astrology has many hidden secrets, technical points, and methods with the help of which one can make clear and accurate prediction easily. According to Hindu astrology, there are many points to be taken care of in order to be able to make accurate and precise predictions for any native as per his or her chart. Following are few such points to be taken care while reading the horoscope or natal chart or birth chart of a person.

  • Native’s ascendant
  • Moon sign
  • The condition of a planet: whether it is debilitated or moving in a retrograde motion
  • Degree of the Planet: effects of having a higher or lower degree of a planet
  • Mahadasha Main Period and Sub-Period of the Planet
  • “Shadbala” of the Planet: Who is more powerful
  • Ashtakvarga: Which House has higher points
  • D10 Chart: Position of the Lord of the Tenth House or the House of Profession
  • For Prosperity: Position of the Ninth House and its Lord along with D9 Chart
  • For Married Life: Position of the Ruler planet of the Native’s Zodiac
  • Malefic Aspect (if any) on the Ruler Planet
  • The conjunction of Rahu or Ketu or Saturn with the Moon (if any)
  • For Affluence: Position of the Fourth House and its Lord along with the position of the D4 Chart
  • Importance of the Second House for Income Status
  • Importance of HORA chart for Financial Status
  • For Success in Study and Education: Position of the Fifth House, its Lords along with Jupiter and Mercury.
  • For Personality and Character: Position of the First House and Its Lord along with malefic aspects on the First House (if any)
  • Planetary Positions According to Moon Chart
  • Position of Sun For name and Fame
  • Foreign Travels and Permanent Abroad Settlement: Position of the Third, Sixth, Eighth, and the Twelfth Houses and their Lords along with the placement of Rahu and Ketu
  • For Success in Property Matters: Position of the Fourth House and its Lord and Mars.
  • Nakshatra (Star): Planets of the Nakshatras and their Purposes
  • Stable Income: Position of Jupiter and Venus
  • Quality of Relationship: Position of the Third House and its Lord
  • Advances and Benefits from Mother: Position of Fourth House and Its Lord along with the placement of the Moon.
  • Prosperous Love Life: Position of Fifth and Seventh Houses and their Lords along with Venus ( it should be made sure that there shouldn’t have any malefic effects of planets on them)
  • Health Status: Position of Sixth House and Its Lord
  • Long Time Health Problems and Ailment: Position of the Sixth House and its Lord clubbed with The knowledge of any malefic effects or wrong placement of planets (needs to be avoided to maintain good health) to know the tenure of the health issues or problems
  • Quality of Partnership in Business: Position of the Seventh and the Tenth Houses and their Respective Lords
  • Longevity: Position of the Eighth House and its Lord
  • Kind of Karma( Good or Bad) & Nobel and Charity Opportunity: Position of the Ninth House and Its Lord and Saturn (position)
  • Income Status (stable or Fluctuating): Position of the Eleventh House and Its Lord and Jupiter
  • Salvation in Life; Quality of Sexual Life; Control on Expenses (Good or Bad): Position of the twelfth House and Its Lord along with Jupiter, Sun and Saturn.

These are few of the whole gamuts of secrets of the Hindu Astrology or Vedic Astrology with the help of which one can make crystal clear prediction. The biggest challenge and talent here is to be able to apply these predictions in the most accurate manner in the natal chart of a person which can be done only by highly qualified and experienced astrologers.