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Doctor profession for Aries moon sign natives

Career astrology is one of the most vital portions of astrology. Picking right career path is very important for good advancement in our life. On the off chance that you choose some profession which your planets or horoscope does not support; it will be hard for you to get accomplishment in that field. On the other hand if you choose any other profession which your horoscope supports, it will be much easier for you to achieve success in that field.

We will discuss about planetary combinations for Medical profession. Doctors are considered as one of the most prestigious profession in any country. It isn’t just esteemed but a lot of financial gain and respect is additionally connected with it.

So let’s see what is so special in doctor’s horoscope and what are the Astrological yoga to progress towards becoming a successful doctor.

Houses for Medical Profession

  • 1st House- Mental and Physical attitude and dedication towards work
  • 3rd House- Hard Working Nature
  • 5th House- Higher education and intelligence
  • 6th House- Short term diseases
  • 8th House- Longevity and Long term diseases
  • 10th House- Indicates Karma and Profession
  • 12th House- House of Hospitalization

Aries- The Ram

Aries is the first sign of Zodiac. It looks like the Ram. If you look at Ram, you will observe abundant raw energy in it. It represents the masculine nature of Mars- expressing himself in an aggressive way. By aggressive it doesn’t imply that they are aggressive personally or emotionally but their way of life is self-assured and initiating. Being the masculine expression of Mars, an Aries native will get a kick out of the chance to take on great deal of difficult challenges. They can be quite competitive not just in activities but in conversations and just in life in general. This excitement and desire for life is very basic for their development and growth.

An Aries moon sign native is active, intelligent, good surgeon as they are bold, strong and have clarity in their mind.

Combinations which can bring up excellent career in medical science:

Mars, Saturn and the fifth house lord, Sun, play a major role in bringing out the qualities of a native thereby turning him/her into a good doctor and surgeon. Sun is the significator of Soul. It helps in bringing out the inner desires of a person and enables him to convert his passion into profession. It’s like climbing the ladder of progress and eventually turning up to reach the top of your expectations. Medical study requires dedication, focus and thorough concentration of a person, therefore an Aries native needs to have strongly placed Mars, Saturn and Sun for easy flow of the entire process.

Jupiter has two aspects which will influence the medical career of an Aries moon sign native. The ninth house signifies knowledge, prosperity, destiny and higher studies while the twelfth house is the house of hospitalization and abroad settlement. An individual having such amazing blend of these combinations in his birth chart has a great scope in medical field. The person will likewise get an opportunity to pursue higher education from abroad. Along with this there are high odds of them practicing their medical career in any other country. If you have any sort of confusion regarding abroad settlement or oversees education Click here

Intending to pursue medical career as a Surgeon?

Mars is the lord of the First and the Eighth house. If there is any sort of relation between these two houses then the native has a capability of turning into an excellent surgeon in any specialized field. The First house represents mental strength and maintaining patience during low and critical situations whereas the eighth house stands for depth knowledge and research in a particular field. Therefore a native having the blend of these two qualities is fitted to become an excelled surgeon.

Financial Gains in Medical career:

The 8th house in your birth chart is occupied by Scorpio and has an aspect/influence over the Capricorn sign in the eleventh house. The eighth house has a lot to do with Occult. The concept of life after death generates from this house. This house deals with longevity. The eleventh house in your birth chart demonstrates Monetary Gains. Wealth plays an important role in most lives. With addition of wealth, one gets tremendous power.

Man is born with infinite hopes and aspirations. This house rules over fulfillment of hopes and aspirations.

Therefore, someone who has the perfect blend of these two houses has a scope of doing great in Occult Science and alongside will be able to cherish a lot of monetary gains through his/her career.

Aspiring Natural Healers and Abroad settlement:

Jupiter is the lord of the ninth and twelfth house in its own sign in a birth chart, where ninth house deals with luck, destiny and spirituality which are interconnected. In astrological terms, what we derive from destiny is a passive image of luck.  The twelfth house is meant for abroad settlement. A native having combination of these two houses has an ability of settling abroad and building up his medical career as a natural healer. Natural healers’ centers on strengthening and activating body systems for healing and preventing pain and disease by using substances from Nature as remedies rather than factory produced chemicals. Along with this, the native has a good scope in following fields: Psychiatrist, counselor, and surgeon.

Aspiring Cosmetic Surgeons:

Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house. If it forms an association with Moon in the fourth house, at that point the person can go in for studies related to Cosmetic Surgeries. He/she will have a keen interest for in depth knowledge about their education field. The second house provides clarity to your vision and enables you to develop a particular art properly to obtain what you desire in life. The fourth house signifies happiness and the seventh house represents the source or helping hand. Therefore if you get a proper helping hand, you’ll be able to obtain in depth knowledge about this field. This will in return turn you up into a proficient Cosmetic Surgeon.

In the event that Venus forms an association with the ninth and twelfth house, the native can go for higher studies in the same field. If you were in a fussed state that whether you’ll be able to qualify higher examinations or not, at that point Vedic astrology has great news in store for you. Go ahead! You won’t return disappointed by any means. Just give in your all and you’ll eventually witness the magic of your hard work and dedication.

Aspiring Neurologists:

Mercury, the lord of the sixth house (which is concerned with nerves), if placed in the tenth house of Capricorn sign, can offer an excellent career as a Neurologist. The 10th house is the house of karma which signifies that a native has to make obvious efforts to achieve his dreams and aspirations. It gives us an opportunity to make use of our entire ego and make a definite, qualitative change in our life. Hence, if you’re aspiring to become a successful Neurologist, be prepared to put in your-everything because each and every effort of yours will be taken into consideration.

Aspiring Physicians and Medical consultants:

Saturn is the lord of the tenth and eleventh house where tenth house depicts relationship between career and karma (actions) and eleventh house deals with your hopes and aspirations.

It has an aspect on your sixth house of service. If placed in Jupiter sign in the ninth house, the native has a good scope of education in medical field.

He/she will develop career as a Physician or a medical consultant.

Planetary combination for becoming Cardiologist:

Association of Sun in the fifth house in its own sign along with placement with Mars can make a person a proficient Cardiologist. The fifth house is the significator of intelligence. It will make the native extra focused and concentrated towards his work which is very necessary for aspiring heart surgeons as they need to have a keen observation level to examine critical and minute details. Not everyone has the capability of becoming a cardiologist as you can’t just play with someone’s heart which is the most essential organ of a human body. So if you’re gifted with this blessing, you’re exceptional and lucky!

The above mentioned results are generic in nature and may vary from one individual to another. If you have any doubt related to your career Click here