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Sagittarius - What does your Destiny hold for you?

In this article we explore the dark side of Sagittarius, which some time seem to work in their favour too. As such Sagittarius are fearless, focused and confident folks.

Sagittarius -

As a Sagittarius, you have the deep knowledge of the Metaphysical world and with the wisdom of your philosophy; you can decode the message of the universe about your destiny.

You are the one who does not have doubts on luck and destiny, because you have the answer to the mysterious questions in which others get stuck in their lives.

Everyone wants to know what their coming future holds for them and they will  get what they want from their destiny in their life. But you will take it in another perspective how the coming future will be, in terms of your inner satisfaction and calmness within the soul, with materialistic and spiritualistic life simultaneously.

Your zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter, and also has the invincible power of three amazing Nakshatras in its zodiac plane, and those are Moola, Purva-Bhadrapada, and Uttar-Bhadrapada, which make the events happen in your life, and also show you the path through which you will meet with your destiny and luck in life.

There is only one problem which Sagittarius faces, and it is that your behavior to think about yourself as the most intelligent one. You should also not be conservative and tactless with others. You will understand this with the work of cosmos, which also work based on the unity of planets, zodiac sign, and Nakshatras, and together, all these work along to provide the path where you will meet your desired destiny, and also get the abundance of luck in your life.

Following are the 6 amazing tips to be with your destiny and luck in your life.

  • The Intelligent approach to your career as a Sagittarius.

    Your destiny is to be in a career which requires utilizing the intellect more than the manual work. The Planet Mercury rules over your career, so the status of Mercury in your horoscope will play the major role in your horoscope.

    The Mercury in the exalted state will give you an excellent career and during the time period of Mercury, and you will attain success and good gains at your workplace.

    The weak Mercury will put you in many challenges related to career and also influence your intelligence which will not be a cakewalk in your career.
  • Be friendly with your siblings as a Sagittarius.

    A sibling is one who has given you the spark of light in your intellect, and how to implement your wisdom with your philosophy. The sweet and sour memories which you have with your siblings, will become the best pillar in your life to achieve the aim you want.

    Your siblings will come from the zone of Saturn. You might have the philosophical knowledge, but your siblings are experts in a practical approach. It’s good to have a good relationship with your siblings, as this will enhance your luck in terms of career and financial gains too.

    The time period of Saturn and the movement of Saturn will influence your relationship with your sibling. Do the auspicious work related to the planet Saturn as this will enhance your relationship with your siblings.

  • Implement the research in your Business to get the best from your destiny.

    At a certain time period of life, everyone starts thinking of starting their own business. You are the Sagittarius whose life is ruled by the wisdom giver, but the planet of business Mercury itself rules over your business house.

    In a horoscope, the seventh house is known as the powerhouse to start and run a successful business. You are destined to rule over the business you would like to start, but be aligned with the planet Mercury, and observe the time period related to Mercury in your horoscope.

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  • Children can give shape to your Destiny.

    Children will come into your life when the time period of Mars will be strong in your life. Mars is the commander-in-chief in according to Vedic Astrology, and it will give you the blessings of children in your life.

    The exaltation of Mars will let you have a good communication with your children. You will get the abundance of luck in your career life, after the birth of your children. because Mars will make the fifth house’s energy active in your horoscope.
  • Luck after marriage for Sagittarius.

    The Planets Jupiter and Mercury will bless your destiny related to your married life. Marriage and Astrology have a deep connection. The planet will give a clear message of how and when you are going to meet your better half.

    Stars will tell you whether you will have love marriage in your horoscope, or the arranged marriage.

    The transit of Jupiter and Mercury will play a significant role to give you the proposal of marriage. Exaltation of Jupiter will give the secret and sudden marriage, but after marriage, you will get good gains of money and property in your life. Exaltation of Mercury will bless you with an intelligent partner in your life.

    The debilitation of Jupiter and Mercury will give you the challenge of communication gaps and lack of happiness in married life. There are many more combinations which will tell you how your destiny will be in terms of married life. Click here https://www.indastro.com/ to know your personal horoscope, where these planets are placed to give you the marriage compatibility in your life.

  • Have faith on your ruler Jupiter.

    The ruler of any zodiac sign has the command on the last decision, and it is good to get all the information from the planets and other zodiac signs, but always do auspicious work related to your ruling planet.

    The placement of Jupiter in your horoscope will decide how will you be able to get the happiness that your destiny wants to give you.

    Whether you are in the Moon Sign, Sun sign or the rising ascendant as Sagittarius, you should make your Jupiter strong by doing the auspicious work related Jupiter.

    Wear ‘Yellow Sapphire’ to strengthen your Jupiter. Worship God and visit temples, give respect to your teachers and elders, to get the desired destiny and luck in your life.

Vedic Astrology has provided the personal map to move ahead and reach your destination without any hurdles in your life. You just need to use the tool provide by the astrology to make things clear how your destiny will work in your horoscope.

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