Astrological Combinations suitable for Clothing Business

(Moon Sign Based)

Venus is the karka or the significator of the readymade clothes. The business into clothing can be assessed by studying Venus in your chart, your 10th house & the yogas for business.

Astrological Combinations suitable for Clothing Business

The World is growing bigger day by day. With its growth being diversified in almost every direction a human could ever think of, it has also brought about different perspectives in the minds of humans, and also presented us with opportunities to explore, discover, live, experience, and also gain profits out of it. We all know how important it is to choose a genre for ourselves to start our career or profession with.

Money is important and building a career out of anything we would wish to work on, for e.g., working to set up a business needs a lot of patience, time and money. An if we are successful, we have an entire bevy of reasons to never let it go and settle down to make the business grow manifold and enjoy its returns.

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This fast moving world has a lot of challenges for us, and it is not easy to settle down on just about anything and start working on it, without any research or knowing if it would be viable to invest our time, money, and energy into it.

Thinking of Setting up a Business

The basic requirements before starting a business is the research behind it that takes a lot of time and energy, knowing how much can be invested and from where to fund the entire business, and also the idea behind the entire plan. The idea should be such that its execution is possible, and we also have back up options ready for any untoward happening that might come over. Listing down the various obstacles, the challenges that might come, and also how to continue the entire process with manpower and other essentials, need to be known and thought about. Now this is the overall plan project which needs ready execution and would be successful or unsuccessful depending on the people, that is us, behind it, and also certain situations. The Scope for business covers a lot of activities, which start from production to sales to distribution to services, and so on, and also stretch to the final customers, with the final aim to earn profit.

Though people very easily plan and try to execute a business nowadays, thanks to the ease of business dealings, technology, and our superior minds. Yet, we see that a lot of businesses today, do not see the light of the day, for some reason or the other. These reasons, if not something that you or me can deduce, are such that they are not to be found on practical scientific grounds or commercial grounds. This is where the mystic energy of destiny, and the fate which is given by the divine realm of the Universe, comes into account.

Predictive Astrology – Know what is in store for you

Vedic Astrology believes that we become and do what we are destined to do, as per our stars and also from what we have done in our past life births. There are certain combination sin the birth chart which show why one kind of a profession or career choice might not be suitable for us, because of which we might be facing issues and that is already signifies by our birth chart. Here in this article we would like to discuss how a person can know if he/she would do well in the clothing business, and also how we can detect the same in his/her horoscope.

Apparel business or cloth business has many diverse sub categories underneath it. One can go for merchandising, apparel production, cloth manufacturing, cloth reselling, ready garments selling, unstitched cloth manufacturing or selling, export import, and so on. It is a huge market in India and all around the world and if done well, has a lot of scope. It has the potential to provide huge career opportunities, and also a very good medium to and a lot of money and become affluent. The demand of clothing would be there forever, and depending on the target audience you want to choose, you can decide which kind of are in this clothing business would you like to enter and explore.

Now that you must have decided to sincerely think of setting up a cloth business, it would be advisable to go through these points below and understand if the stars are with you, as you dream of setting up your life’s base. Read on to know what kind of astrological combinations would support you to be successful in your cloth business and make you the next business tycoon!

Venus placed in the 10th House of Career

If Venus is placed in the 10th house in your birth chart, you can very well start your own cloth business as Venus is the planet which rules over the luxury areas in life and clothing comes under that category. Venus is the signatory for the clothing business as per Vedic Astrology, and if you have it by your side, you have no reason to rethink or nit start ahead with it. All you need is patience, a strong will; perseverance, hard work, resources, and an able mind to get set go and start a new phase in life!


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Venus is placed in the 7th House of Business

Venus is the planet which rules over the cloth business, as it is related to luxury items in life. The 7th house in your birth astrological chart is significant of the business, and if this house has Venus in it then it would definitely help you go for businesses that have Venus as the ruler for them. You would have success in business which are related to Venus and are therefore very likely to succeed in the business area, if you choose the area to be one that Venus can cast its blessing on. With this in your birth chart, its time you get ready to experience a busy life ahead, as money, fame and success would not give you a laidback life, but one where you work hard and also enjoy the returns!

Venus is the placed in the 1st House of the Ascendant or is the Lord of the the Moon Sign

If the signs Taurus or Libra is your Ascendant sign or Moon Sign, it would mean that Venus is your ascendant planet sign or Moon sign planet. This is because the planet Venus rules both Taurus and Libra. With Venus as the Ascendant or Moon sign, your personality will be Venusian and you would be attracted towards things of beauty and luxury, all because of your personality and nature. That would mean that you would be very keen on things ruled by Venus and so the clothing business will get your positive aura and you will be quite attracted towards it. Worry not, and work your way towards success with the best of your abilities, with Venus by your side!

Our Moon Sign says a lot about us. It is how we groom our personality and how we keep ourselves from the inside. If Venus ruled the Moon Sign, it would be significant that our personalities would have a huge affection towards a Venusians interests and things ruled by Venus would get our special attention.

Thus, such a combination would be lucrative for you to do business in clothing, and with sheer hard work, patience, and the right way, you are sure to attain success!

Venus is placed in the 6th House

The 6th house in our birth chart is for job or the service field and if you have Venus in this house, as the ruler, you might have a job related to this field. You might be wondering why the ‘job’ has come into the scenario if we were talking of business.

Well, it is connected on many levels. People like you and me, might think of doing a business in clothing after working with a brand associated with clothing, or working under someone who has a similar business. We might then shift our focus to business after leaving the job there, or after knowing that starting on our own would be much lucrative. Such a thought can be worked upon if Venus is in the 6th house. Vedic Astrology would definitely support such a esteemed thought and the keenness to grow. A salesman could open his open direct selling cloth shop, a fashion designer could open her own boutique, or even a working in the manufacturing unit could give someone an idea to open their own small cloth producing unit. Humans learn from ideas, and there are no dearth of ideas in this world.

Venus is placed in the 11th House

The 11th House of our birth chart is for income and if Venus is placed in that house, it means that we would be getting our income from the areas that Venus rules upon. That means the things of beauty, luxury, fashion, clothing, etc. would be the ones that would give the best income to a person with such kind of a birth chart. Thus, if your birth chart signifies such, be free to explore the clothing business and work with your heart and soul to make it worth the hard work you put in to make it possible. Vedic Astrology would greatly support you, and your endeavor if you are on the right track and working well towards greater development of yourself.


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