Vedic Astrology To Know The Purpose Of Birth

There are 12 bhavas or houses in your horoscope. Each of these tell a different story about the purpose of life on this earth. Depending on which house or houses are activated any particular phase of life, the focus or the purpose of life is indicated by those bhavas.

Vedic Astrology To Know The Purpose Of Birth


There is a point in life where we wonder about the purpose of our Life’s Journey. We question ourselves as to what is the reason for our existence on this earth, what all are the reasons and purpose that we have been brought to this land and with the people, we call our family. What is the eternal connection between humans and existence? Even though these question may seem a bit heavier to listen to, but these are the most genuine and important questions a man (human being) should find answers to.

Vedic Astrology can help you find the answer to all your queries related to the existence and purpose of a human in this world. This can be done by the detailed horoscope reading of a person’s birth or natal chart.

The entire human race is bearing the burden of their overdue from their previous life that we all owe and which needs to be cleared in the current life. So, this is the reason why a human is re-incarnated (either as a human or animal or insects) multiple times just in order to strike equilibrium on the balance sheet of our Karmas. Vedic astrology is a method that strongly indicates the kind of life we led in our past life along with its good and bad side effects (of the previous birth’s karma) in the current one.

If we have good karma higher in our previous life, it assures and prosperous, happy and content life in the current but. And in those case that is inversely opposite to the above-mentioned condition; i.e., our bad karma exceed our good ones then struggles, fluctuations, and problems remain a constant factor of the native’s current life.

The good and bad effect of karma is also a result of the unclear debts of the previous life. Therefore, we can say that the entire debts and purposes of life of a person are indicated by the twelve Houses in a horoscope or Kundali. Every aspects or dimension of life has a house assigned to it to take care of the various effects and results associated with it.

In order to have a greater insight on the purpose of life assigned for each human being, we need to analyze the Twelve Houses in the natal chart and how each House helps to serve the Purpose of Life for each one of us.

First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character):

In this house, the main purpose of life is to find and recognize ourself, regarding our character, nature, and personality. It helps us in understanding what our lines of interest are that will further help us lay down the groundwork for a bright future. Read more

Second House (House of Wealth)

This House helps us in staying motivated to acquire and accrue materialist comfort required to lead a decent life as per the standards set by society. It can be either through a job or business or any heavy investment made either in the market or on real estate properties. Read more

Third House (House of Siblings, Gallantry and Travels)

This house helps the native serve the purpose of bonding, courage and also allows them to travel either for self-exploration or for the purpose of earning a livelihood for them and their family. This house serves the purpose of connecting the native to his or her sibling and keeps the relation between them warm and fuzzy (unless there is a malefic effect of any planet on this house). It also serves the purpose of making us courageous and faces any tough situation in life. This courage can also help us serve the community by joining the national forces to maintain peace and harmony and fight for the country as a part of the army, navy, air-force or law enforcement member. Read more

Fourth House (House of Family Relationship and Property Matters)

This house helps the native in performing the purposes of their existence related to the family. It helps us to know the various methods for being able to provide and nurture our families, home and children. Along with it also helps us in the matters of Property and helps us enjoy the ownership of various properties (either ancestral or self-earned). It helps us to be able to connect to others on a deeper level in order to understand their needs and desires. Read more

Fifth House (House of Intelligence, Study or education, Love, and Gains)

The Fifth House serves the purpose of gaining knowledge which can help a human to make a difference and bring about a change in the society on an intellectual and social level. It helps the natives to break the shackles of the primitive practices and stereotypes of society and bring about reform for a better future. The purpose of life here is to take a risk and desire a better life and society for everyone for a better tomorrow.

Fifth House also serves the purpose of bringing love into our lives and to enjoy the mundane life and practice recreation as well. Read more

Sixth House (House of Debt, Health, and Enemy)

The Sixth House helps the purpose of self-care. It encourages us to take care of our body and mind and to lead a healthy and happy life. It warns us to be careful about the financial debts that need to be handled carefully as a simple and small miscalculation can lead to major disasters. Read more

Seventh House (House of Marriage and Business)

The purpose of life in the Seventh House is to support the process of procreation in order to sustain the human race from extinction. Marriage is an important part of the purposes of life and needs to be carried out by the native. Seventh House also supports the native in trying to earn a livelihood through the business domain. Read more

Eighth House (House of Age, Unexpected Gains, Gains in Ancestral Properties, Result of Previous Life’s Karma)

The major purpose here is to deal with the results of the previous birth’s Karma (both good and bad) and bring a balance between the past and the present life’s Karmas. Eighth House also helps the native with the flow of unexpected gains from every source. Read more

Ninth House (House of Fortune)

The main purpose of life that Ninth Houses teaches is the value of a good fortune and how can it change our lives in no time. One needs to be appreciative of their good fortune and time and make the most of it as you may never know when luck may stop favoring you in life. Therefore, it is important that we never take good times for granted and should rather spend time enjoying and rejoicing each moment of it. Read more

Tenth House (House of Career)

This House teaches to wear our profession and status with confidence and extreme pride as we have earned it with our hard labor. The purpose here is to be just to the profile we work for (either job or independent business) and work towards excelling in our respective work and also become an inspiration for others so that they too try and work towards their respective goals in life. Read more

Eleventh House (House of Income)

The eleventh House helps the native to realize the value of income and how can it help them lead a comfortable life. It encourages them to work harder to earn bigger to be able to provide decently for their families. Read more

Twelfth House (House of Spirituality, Expenses and Overseas Travels)

The Twelfth house helps us find our spiritual purpose in life and encourages us to walk and work towards leading a spiritual life. It also opens up new opportunities and options for overseas traveling and tours where one can be acquainted with the diverse cultures of the world. This helps a person in broadening their view and able to come closer to their spiritual self sooner than they realize.

To conclude, we can say the life and birth are all about knowing the sole reason for one’s existence. People have spent years and decades to decode this mystery as to what the purpose of birth is and why are we placed in this life. If a person is aware of his or her purpose and falls in track in order to fulfill it, he or she will be able to bring a balance to the balance sheet of karma of the past and the current life. This will clear the debts of past many lives that are still pending. Fulfilling duties towards self, family, and society also is a purpose of life and no matter how hard we try, we cannot get rid of our responsibilities and roles we have been destined to provide. But in order to know the real purpose of life, we need to get our natal chart analyzed deeply and in detail so that we can be aware of the department of our life that needs to be worked upon. Read more