1st House in Vedic Astrology

(Moon Sign Based)

The first house is where our journey of life begins & also where it completes. It is known as the house of self or Ascendant. Any planetary placement here gets pronounced in your personality.

1st House in Vedic Astrology


The First house in the birth chart is the house of self. It is home to our Ascendant or rising sign and is associated with self-image, our style of initiation and how we are perceived by others. You can think of it as your first impression. Any planetary placement within the First House will be more pronounced in the personality of the individual.

Vedic Astrology uses Ascendant & Moon Sign for accurate predictions. If you are not aware of either, you can FIND OUT INSTANTLY through the form below. The details required are essential to determine your Ascendant & Moon Sign.


  • The first house starts the worldly soul journey, it refers to the very beginning of our existence and our early environment of our life. It is also referred to as Tanu Bhava, which shows our physical features and sexual appeal.
  • It represents the person we are going to become and present yourself. It influences how we become both from inside and outside.
  • The first house makes us unique from others, it is like a window to your general outlook towards life, which has a lot to do with the choices you make and in turn affect the future course of events, appearance, manifestation power, ideas or creativity, inner strength and will power.

Ascendant in Birth Horoscope

A potent house which carries the recognition of your personality and physical appearance. It signifies your body, limbs, hair, your dignity, inner strength, appearance, pride, overall health, your attitude towards self and knowledge. The first house is the zodiac sign that's rising on the Eastern horizon at the exact moment we're born which marks where the 1st house of our horoscope starts. This is called our Ascendant or rising sign and is the filter through which we live our lives. This is like our pair of permanent sunglasses so to speak, the Ascendant colors everything we put out into the world and everything we take in.

  • The First House in your chart reveals a lot about your childhood. The 1st house asks, “Who are you? And who are you becoming?” This journey of self-realization starts with the Ascendant. If you’re feeling disconnected from yourself or you’re uncomfortable in your own skin, looking to this house can help you discover and actualize your instinctual self.
  • If the Ascendant lord is placed in 1st house, it makes you healthy, wealthy and blesses you with longevity.
  • 1st house should be free from any negative planetary associations to make you healthy and wealthy.
  • One interesting concept is that the matters of a given house are also readable via the house which is of the same number when counted from the original house. It implies from house to house, the significator effects which double the strength of that house/planet, both malefic and benefic. Some simple prediction methods are there, but any given house will have 12 properties to it, and all of them change according to how they favor or oppose any other house and planets based upon the significance of the Rasis (zodiac). The planets placed inside these houses are like your guides that discern your quality of thoughts on the matters of those houses and even change or affect the native’s point of view on those matters, if directly related to it.
  • As per this principle, First house would represent self-made financial gains and heavy gains from one’s existing capital and family. Impressive communication and profound skills, well-behaved personality, happiness, closeness to tradition and family, deeply influenced by grandparents.
  • Through this principle, you can also analyze your spouse’s personality and have qualities that match with the maternal grandparents. First house can also show your fortune, creativity, hobbies, love, and romance which will influence your inner emotional aspect.
  • You would also come to know about conflicts and enemies, disease and debts, drug addiction and all sorts of family violence. For agreements and partnership deeds, associated with secrecy and loss of spouse or family members, psychic powers, fortune from travelling, command over leadership, successful career, fulfilment of your hopes and desires, social involvement, inclination towards spiritual enlightenment, settlement in foreign countries.
  • 1st house, obviously, indicates your own personality, but it is also the bhavat bhavam for the 7th house, so it also indicates the partner in a deeper way. Thus, the importance of your partnerships, spouse, and the ideas you are wedded to! These are very completely linked to your own personality as well.
  • It is a misconception that 7th house represents just your spouse, rather the deeper knowledge is 7th house represents your mirror, ideas, person, alliance, contracts, thoughts, the sadhana or spiritual practice which balances your personality. So likewise, you can look into deeper psychological cues when you predict through houses in Vedic Astrology, rather than just get stuck in physical values when analyzing a horoscope.

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1st House in Time-based Astrology: Prashna Chart is analyzed by keeping the 1st House in mind and its relationship with the house of Prashna. The analysis is done based on the planet that the Ascendant represents. Hence, the Astrologers take everything into consideration when analyzing the Ascendant of a birth chart.

  • If the 1st house has the signs rising with its head in the Prashna Kundali namely, ifGemini, Leo, Virgo, libra, Scorpio and Aquarius are in Ascendant, and Moon is in 1st house then there is a positive outcome.
  • If the Prashna Chart has auspicious lagna, then the outcome will be positive depending on other factors.


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In Vedic Astrology, the Houses are the gateway into greater astrological curiosity. Each planet as per their movements, exists within a House, and that placement offers invaluable insight not just into your own personality, but also how you coexist with the world around you. Houses are the roadmap for understanding the past, present, and future events of your life.

  • In the ancient times, the 1st house was known as your Pride and Ego which shows your attitude and freewill in your life, however in modern era, the 1st house shows the ability to fulfil your hopes and desires.
  • The degree of 1st house shows the power of your manifestation and commitment in life to fulfil your desire/s.
  • Your Ascendant lord is always benefic and has the strength to fulfil your desires.
  • The Ascendant should be free from malefic planetary associations.
  • If natural benefics like Jupiter, Venus, Waxing Moon, and Mercury are placed in the 1st house and are unafflicted, it will bestow good health, wealth and high intelligence.

Chinese Astrology

Chinese Astrology assigns 12 Animals and one of the five elements, whose predictions are defined on a yearly basis, for e.g.: the year of monkey. The concept is to balance the yin and yang. The First house in Chinese Astrology is centralized on one’s primary fate and destiny which is pre-destined, which means these are the responsibilities which will limit your freedom.

The first house is called the ‘Ming Palace’ which shows if your fate would be “Heavy with many responsibilities or Light with few Karmic Obligations”, also this house shows the solution to resolve the karmic obligations in this lifetime.

Results of the Nine Planetary Placements In 1st House

Sun: The Sun in 1st House represents ego and self-esteem. This placement will give you confidence, ambition, and leadership qualities. READ MORE

Moon: The Moon in 1st house denotes sensitivity and emotions. You will love nurturing others through your empathetic and strong intuitive nature. READ MORE

Jupiter: Jupiter in 1st house will make you bulky and you will have positive outlook. You may have a strong sense of morality and will have wide knowledge and spiritual inclination. READ MORE

Venus: Venus in the 1st house will give you an attractive and charming personality. You will tend to value harmony and balance in relationships. READ MORE

Mars: Mars in 1st house represents courage, valor, a short temper and well-built personality. You will be energetic to win all competitions and be fearless. READ MORE

Mercury: Mercury in 1st house will make you witty, articulate, sharp-minded, with a good memory and give an influencing communication. You are super clever to adjust as per the situation. READ MORE

Saturn: Saturn in 1st house reflects dogmatic and structured way of life. You will be honest and will follow ethics and principles. They may have a strong sense of duty. READ MORE

Rahu: Rahu in 1st house symbolizes a strong desire to succeed. You may overindulge in sexual acts. You may be ambitious and driven, but tend to be impulsive and greedy for materialism. READ MORE

Ketu: You may be reflective and spiritual. You will have a strong desire to unravel the mysteries of life. You will be detached and struggle in forming deep connections with others. READ MORE

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