Venus House

Venus relates to luxury, romance, wealth, creativity, and elegance. The house where it is located in a chart defines the area where you need to express yourself socially, passionately, and aesthetically. Venus naturally brings harmony and refinement to the house it occupies. This is the area of life where your attraction falls and a study of Venus in 12 houses will help you know how should approach these areas of life. The activities that the house represents are of great importance to building better partnerships.

Venus is very much at play when it comes to love, romance, interests, friendships and artistic inclination. The house it occupies also tells us what you look for in a partner or friend, what your approach towards love is, and what artistic abilities you have. The sign where Venus is posited tells you “how” you express yourself romantically and the house it occupies tells you “where”. This is the house where you need to bring harmony and relate to others.

The influence of Venus house should not be studied in its purest form, without any affliction, aspect or influence of other planets and signs. Planetary position differs with each horoscope, so the interpretations may also differ accordingly. Your Venus house however pretty much defines what we have stated above.

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