Venus in Twelfth House

Venus in twelfth house gives you enormous imaginative prowess & makes you flirtatious. A positive Venus in this house gives you an attractive personality, enormous desires & the power to achieve those desires to lead a luxurious life. Vipreet Raj Yoga can form with Venus in this house, which makes you rich, prosperous, knowledgeable, & blissful.

Venus in Twelfth House

Usual effects of Venus in 12th House

Venus in 12th house gives you enormous imaginative prowess, which can be used to become a renowned artist. You will have massive desires and aspirations which will push your limits. This position also makes you fantasize about your sexual desire; and you will be in search of your dream spouse. You will have high expectations from your spouse. But your reality and fantasy will not match, so you will never be in a satisfied relationship as you will always judge your spouse’s looks and appearance. You will be flirtatious and untrustworthy when it comes to love and married life. You will never be satisfied in one relationship.

Venus gives you passion and compassion. The 12th house is the house of losses, moksha (liberation), expense, foreign land, and subconscious mind. Venus in the 12th house gives utmost bed pleasure and happiness through intimacy and sex from a very early age in life. Your spouse will be loving and caring but infidelity may cause separation. Your spouse will bring you happiness and good luck.

Venus in 12th house makes you love isolation and to work in isolation. This position might make you a forest officer, forest guide, librarian, psychiatric in a secluded land, you can even work in a foreign embassy, museum, cosmetics and make up industry, or be a travel blogger, etc. However, this position will bring a lot of ups and downs in your career. You can only achieve success if you put in your efforts and take initiatives along with risks. You will be fond of wine and women, enjoy attending pleasurable parties, exotic tourism, royal extravagant life with high expenses.

Venus in 12th house is also the most beneficial placement for accumulating wealth as you would keep a balance between expenses and income. You will have the calibre to fight for your right and to ward off your enemies through self-efforts and intelligence. The 12th house is the natural zodiac sign of exaltation for Venus where it is in its most comfortable and happy state. This position will make you a money magnet and super successful in your professional and business fields.

This position can also give you venereal diseases and, at the same time, can save you from any kind of accidents or mishaps. You should be careful while indulging in water sports or any kind of adventure sports. You may have to go through a few minor bone operations at a young age. Venus in this house removes fear of legal issues in foreign land but can create disputes at your birthplace.

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Positive Venus

A positive Venus in 12th house gives you enormous desires and power to achieve those desires to lead a luxurious life. It will give you an attractive personality, will make you sensuous and attracted to the opposite sex. You will thoroughly enjoy your life with immense pleasure and zeal. Your spouse will love and support you; and if Venus is placed in a friendly sign, it usually gives a long life to the spouse.


Negative Venus

A negative Venus in 12th house will make you dissatisfied with your spouse as your sexual expectation is exceptionally high and can never match up to the reality. You will not be loyal to your spouse and will have multiple relationships. You will be a spendthrift and can take loans to fulfil your desires and to maintain a luxurious life.


Some notable sign placements for Venus in 12th House

  • Taurus-Venus: It will make you loyal in your relationship and you will have mutual understanding with your partner. You will have immense wealth and will lead a lavish life. You will earn from abroad. You will have an attractive personality and will attract the opposite sex.
  • Virgo-Venus: It will make you critical of your relationship and always judge it. You are highly organized, very inquisitive and will triple check everything. This attitude can create problems in your relationship, but then it will bring you success professionally.
  • Libra-Venus: It will make you connect with many people easily; at times, you will also become flirtatious, charming and social. You may at times go out of the path to please people in order to maintain balance in your relationship and profession; and may have to face humility.
  • Pisces-Venus: It will get you attracted towards the opposite sex and have incredible moments in your life. It may also make you live abroad and earn in foreign currency. You will do good research work and achieve success in your profession.

Retrograde Venus in 12th House

Retrogression of Venus in 12th house can make you reflect about yourself, which can bring new ways of thinking; but the process will take a lot of hard work and immense strength. But it could definitely bring new ways of thinking and interpersonal relationships. However, you can’t rely upon the situation at times because what glitters is not always gold. So be cautious before handling any situation.

Combust Venus in 12th House

Combustion of Venus in 12th house will not allow you to enjoy your life and you will always be surrounded by negative emotions. You can get into legal issues and can be penalised for your act. It might also lead to separation with your spouse/partner, but that will depend upon the proximity of the planet.

Common yoga positions possible with Venus in 12th House

  • Vipreet Raj Yoga: If Venus, being the lord of 12th house, forms Vipreet Raj Yoga, it will make you rich, prosperous, knowledgeable, and blissful.

Famous people with Venus in 12th House

  • Jeff Bezos (American Entrepreneur & Investor): He is the founder and executive chairman of Amazon. With a net worth of around USD 140 billion as of May 2022, Bezos is the second wealthiest person in the world and was the wealthiest from 2017 to 2021.
  • Amit Shah (Indian Politician): He is currently the Minister of Home Affairs and the first Minister of Cooperation of India. He served as the President of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) from 2014 to 2020; and remains the chief strategist of BJP and a close aide to Prime Minster Narendra Modi.
  • Catherine Tresa (Indian Actor & Model): She has established her career predominantly in the Tamil and Telugu cinema industry and has also appeared in a few Malayalam and Kannada films. She has won Edison Awards and has been nominated for four Filmfare Awards in the South.


Other notable people with Venus in 12th House

  • Celina Jaitley (Indian Actor)
  • Chunkey Pandey (Indian Actor)
  • Dheeraj Dhoopar (Indian Actor & Model)


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Venus in Twelfth House

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