Venus in Seventh House

Venus in seventh house blesses you with an immensely attractive personality & the power to convince others; makes you easy-going, flexible & wealthy at a young age. It allows you to relish life with a high sexual urge and love for materialistic things. Malavya Yoga can form with Venus in this house which blesses you with a luxurious life.

Venus in Seventh House

Usual effects of Venus in 7th House

Venus in 7th house blesses you with an immensely attractive personality and makes you wealthy at a young age. The 7th house is the mirror reflection of Self. Venus in this house will allow you to relish life with a high sexual urge and emotional urge for all materialistic things. You will have an abundance of good looks, love, romance, money, fame, and luxuries in life. You will be fair and slender, with beautiful eyes and full lips; and easily attract attention from the opposite sex.

You will develop the sexual urge at an early age and may get engaged with several members of the opposite sex before marriage. The whole idea of love and romance will excite you and you will have crushes and be infatuated with many people. You will be frustrated and irritated if you remain single, as you will crave for a love mate and bonding.

You will be a favourite with the opposite sex, they will treat you as special since you will make them go crazy for you. You will have multiple affairs before settling down with one. A love marriage, probably, has a high chance of success in your life.

You will be easy-going and flexible; will not create a fuss about petty things; hence, you will not indulge in heated arguments and fights. In fact, you motivate other people towards love and maintaining peace. If not afflicted, Venus will bless you with a great relationship; your partner will be good-looking, well spoken, understanding, and cultured.

The 7th house is the house of agreement and partnership. Your luck probably will change after your marriage, you might attain wealth and financial support from your in-laws – it might be a luxurious car, a dreamy bungalow, expensive jewels – and you will have everything.

Seventh house Venus also brings good communication skills and excellent litigation attorney skills. You will have good convincing ability to influence others with your point of view and win a case. You will be good at making deals and business partnerships. You can even excel in the field of interior designing and jewellery making. If Venus is gripped by malefic planets, then there are chances that your spouse will die early. Also, if Venus is not well-placed, your business relationships and marital life will get spoiled; you will become foul-mouthed and disrespectful.

If Venus is not strong in the 7th house, then you might develop lower back problems and mental health issues due to constant worries about petty things which can lead to nervousness, stress and anxiety. In rare cases, you may even contract venereal diseases due to unprotected sex with different people. An afflicted Venus also hinders or brings delay in marriage.

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Positive Venus

A positive Venus in the 7th house will give you an amazing personality full of good looks and beauty to die for. You will be blessed with money, fame and a luxurious life. Love and romance will be an inborn nature to you. You will get maximum pleasure in life and can be an eminent artist with a huge fan following. You will be sensuous, amorous and may even live abroad. This position also indicates happiness, social and financial gains from marriage, success in public relations and successful partnerships.

Negative Venus

A negative Venus in the 7th house will create an unfavourable relationship with your partner and can trigger pent-up emotions. This situation can lead to separation from each other. Instead of love and romance, you will be constantly complaining about each other. If Venus is sandwiched between malefic planets, it can kill your spouse.

Some notable sign placements for Venus in 7th House

  • Taurus-Venus: It will make your companion beautiful and dutiful, fond of music and dancing. You will be fond of luxury and work hard to achieve it. You may indulge in extramarital affairs at your workplace.
  • Virgo-Venus: It will make your partner petty-minded but learned, but you will not be satisfied in your marital life. There will be a constant discomfort in your relationship. You will, however, make profits in business and will be successful professionally.
  • Libra-Venus: It will load you with wealth through business. You will be comfortable socializing and connecting with people. You can bring peace between two people. Your spouse will be beautiful and generous.
  • Pisces-Venus: It will make you intelligent, wise and fortunate; but you will be unsatisfied with your spouse and will have connections with many people. You will benefit through many business connections. Your longevity will get affected.

Retrograde Venus in 7th House

Retrogression of Venus in the 7th house will make you go through breakups in relationships. Your immense fairyism will not have a positive impact on your love and romantic life. But professionally, it will push you to work hard towards your goal and to have a deeper look at it. Thus, you will work beyond your comfort zone and attain professional achievements.

Combust Venus in 7th House

Combustion of Venus in 7th house will produce delays in fructification of results, especially desires related to marriage. In airy signs, it may effect a lack of sexual drive and may get turned up by mental stimulation. You may fantasize about your sexual drive but, in reality, you will not be able to satisfy the physical act. You will have poor diplomatic abilities and will always have to prove yourself to the person you love. You will face lack of appreciation and affection in life.

Common yoga positions possible with Venus in 7th House

  • Malavya Yoga: This yoga is formed when Venus is in its own house and in Pisces and posited in Kendra house. It blesses one with a luxurious life.

Famous people with Venus in 7th House

  • Govinda (Indian Actor): An actor, comedian, dancer and also a former politician, Govinda is known for his work in Hindi films. He is extremely popular for his slapstick performances and dancing skills. He has been voted as the 10th greatest star of stage or screen in the last thousand years by BBC NEWS Online poll. When he joined the Congress party, he was elected to the Lok Sabha from Mumbai by a huge 50,000 votes over the five-time sitting Member of Parliament. In 2008, he decided to quit politics and concentrate on his acting career.
  • Osama bin Laden (Founder, al-Qaeda): He orchestrated the September 11 attacks in the United States and several other mass casualty attacks worldwide. The motive behind his actions was to make the Western military forces withdraw from the Middle East; and for stopping foreign aid to Israel since it is used to fund Israeli policy in the region.
  • Priti Patel (British Politician): She has served as Home Secretary, Britain; is a member of the Conservative Party and has also been Secretary of State for International Development (2016-2017) and a Member of Parliament for Witham.

Other notable people with Venus in 7th House

  • Dushyant Chautala (Indian Politician)


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Venus in Seventh House

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