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Venus in Seventh House

Venus in Seventh House

Venus in 7th house gives a good marriage. You probably seek an attractive and wealthy partner, someone with whom you can enjoy the riches and comforts of life. Marriage is also likely to improve your financial position and status. Affliction of Venus in the chart can also lead to you having an immoral spouse. You understand the value of companionship in life but you sometimes become too much of a perfectionist. Little imperfections in your partner cause you mental distress and discords. You should understand that nobody is perfect.

A balanced attitude in love is necessary. You should also keep your sensual desires in check. There is a need is to strike a balance and not over-expect from your partner. The focus of the relation should be on cooperation not competition. You should also guard against over-indulgence or you may run into troubles. This position of Venus is also good for business partnerships. The native is likely to beget financial gains in partnerships, especially from women.

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