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Venus in Ascendant, Venus in First House

Venus in Ascendant, Venus in First House

When Venus is in your 1st house in the horoscope, you are likely to be a charming and polite person with a charismatic persona. People get attracted to you, like moths to the flame. You somehow know what other people want to hear from you. Whatever you want in life generally comes to you without much effort. However, you should be careful to not take this ability to attract things and people to your advantage.

You have an eye for beauty, and like to appreciate everything that has an aesthetic appeal and luxurious feel to it. This natural appreciation for beauty also means that you like to be surrounded by harmony and pleasantness.  You are likely to choose profession that involves aesthetics such as arts, architecture and fashion. Nevertheless, you should guard against become a bragger. There is a tendency to throw tantrums and behave like a spoiled child. You should avoid being selfish and egoistic.

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