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Venus in First House

Venus in first house makes you very attractive, gives you a high sexual urge, blesses you with sensuality & magnetism. You are liked by the opposite sex. Venus in its own sign, i.e., Taurus and Libra, would give you a passionate love towards animals, especially dogs. In 1st house, Venus may also form Kotipati Yoga which can make you a ‘crorepati’ (own assets worth 10 million).

Usual effects of Venus in 1st House

Venus in the 1st house gives you attractive eyes, a good-looking physical appearance, a happy and long life. Some people might have problems with you as they might not live up to your expectations, which may disturb you and things can go haywire. But if you find anyone who can do what you know, that person is your significant partner.
Venus in this house makes you very attractive and you will be liked by the opposite sex. You will be blessed with sensuality and magnetism, which will make others listen to you. You will communicate through your graceful, sexy personality and will always look younger than your actual age. Venus will give you the orgasmic feeling and a high sexual urge, which can be used for your growth; but if afflicted, then Venus will make you a wanderer for sexual pleasure and will stop you from committing to your spouse.
First house is the house of Self and personality; and when Venus, the glamourous planet, sits in Ascendant (the 1st house), it expands your thought about self-appearance, your look which you portray to the world, and this becomes an important agenda for you. You will be fond of pleasure; will be generous; and have an appealing, magnetic and attractive personality. You will be evergreen physically and mentally, people will like your company.
You will be a fitness freak who is obsessed with self-care and appearance. You would appreciate and love others so they reciprocate the same towards you because you want to be pampered and loved by everyone. You practice self-love in a balanced way and gracefully by not hurting others.
Venus in its own sign, i.e., Taurus and Libra, would give you a passionate love towards animals, especially dogs because Venus likes companionship and warmth. It shows better effects in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and Pisces. In Scorpio, it will make you a fine artist in music, paintings, etc., but it will negatively affect your longevity.
You believe in your culture and religion as it is full of celebrations, colourful clothes, tasty food, and social gatherings. Venus will make you believe in things which are beautiful to you and will give you joy forever. There will be a craving for pleasure, you will be popular with the opposite sex, have sex appeal, a magnetic and attractive personality, if Venus is not afflicted.

For men, Venus rules over semen and sperm count, which helps in progeny. If Venus is afflicted, it can cause defects in sperm count and motility, causing problems in begetting a progeny and can also mean an unpleasurable sex life. If Venus is well-placed, it can make you experience a happy married life, full of love and healthy intimacy. Venus will make you experience romantic and thrilling relationships and will take them to the sensory experience level.


Positive Venus

A positive Venus in 1st house is benefic in Taurus, Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, and Pisces. It will give you the positivity and magnetism to attract people towards you. Your speech will be pleasant and the way you present yourself will leave a mark in everyone’s heart.


Negative Venus

A negative Venus in 1st house does not show benefic results in Aries, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Your self-love would turn into selfishness and make you materialistic - you would not be satisfied with what you have and always want to hoard things.

Some notable sign placements for Venus in 1st House

  • Taurus-Venus: You will always be in need of rooted and stable relationships. If you feel unsupported, you will seek comfort elsewhere. Your attitude in all aspects of life would be towards maintaining a permanent and solid thing; nothing is superficial for you. 
  • Virgo-Venus: Here Venus loses its charm and limelight, so you will always be in search of love and never be satisfied with God’s gift. Your practical and organized approach will get fused with the placement of Venus and you would always want your companion to hold your hand.
  • Libra-Venus: It makes you obsessed with the scale of balance and harmony, always seeking to resolve problems by indulging in everything. Your physical appearance is very important for you; and you always want to look good in front of the world.
  • Pisces-Venus: It will put you in the highest vibration and like the boundless ocean, romance is deeply spiritual for you. You will find beauty in everything and, particularly, will have a bend towards creativity.


Retrograde Venus in 1st House

Retrogression of Venus in 1st house will force you to work out your comfort zone and begin critically to look at your goals and targets in your profession, relationships and for yourself.


Combust Venus in 1st House

Combustion of Venus in 1st house will give you a self-centred and selfish nature dominated by your Self and Ego, which will spoil your relationships and personal goals.


Common yoga positions possible with Venus in 1st House

  • Malavya Yoga: If Venus is posited in Taurus, Libra and Pisces, it will form a Malavya Yoga making you glorious, calm, wise, and prosperous.
  • Kotipati Yoga: This forms when the Lagna (ascendant) belongs to a movable sign, Venus and Jupiter are placed in Kendra, and Saturn is also in Kendra. This combination makes a person a ‘crorepati’ (who owns assets worth 10 million) or makes the person opulent.


Famous people with Venus in 1st House

  • Anna Nicole Smith (American Model & Actor): Smith modelled for big brands like Guess, H&M and Heatherette. She died as a result of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs and in the months leading up to her death, she was the focus of the Press about the death of her son and the paternity and custody battle over her new-born daughter. She was also in the news when she married 89-year-old billionaire, J. Howard Marshall.
  • Brad Pitt (American Actor): He is the recipient of various accolades, including an Academy Award, a British Academy Film Award, and two Golden Globe Awards. He has a phenomenal fan following and wide recognition for his screen presence.
  • Annadurai (Indian Politician): He served as the fourth and last chief Minister of Madras State from 1967 until 1969, and as the first Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for 20 days before his death. He was the first member of a Dravidian party to have a commemorative stamp in his honour. He was well known for his oratorial skills and was also an acclaimed Tamil writer.
  • Sushma Swaraj (Indian Politician): She served as the Minister of External Affairs of India in the first Narendra Modi Government. A senior leader of Bhartiya Janata Party, she was the second woman to hold this office, after Indira Gandhi. She was elected seven times as a Member of Parliament and three times as a Member of the Legislative Assembly. She also became the first female Chief Minister of Delhi when she served as the 5th Chief Minister of Delhi, for a short duration in 1998.


Other notable people with Venus in 1st House

  • Cameron Diaz (American Actor & Model)


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