Venus in Tenth House

Venus in tenth house makes you utilise your creativity to become more responsible for others, even makes you marry to achieve a desired reputation so you can utilise the status & authority to help the underprivileged. A positive Venus in this house makes you love others unconditionally & want to live a high-profile life. Malavya Yoga can form with Venus in this house, bringing you marital happiness & happiness from children.

Venus in Tenth House

Usual effects of Venus in 10th House

Venus in 10th house usually makes you utilise your creativity to become more responsible for others. You would want to do the right thing to help others through your authority and status. Hence, you can probably become a social worker or philanthropist. Further, as Venus stands for love and compassion, you can spread unconditional love and serve others well.

Venus in this position represents authority, position, passion, compassion, and public image. It represents the way you project it to the world since it’s the house of your career and reputation. It depicts your capabilities and skills to gain authority, name and fame.
You will be in a career which is connected with creativity. You can be a singer, film actor, artist, designer, a clothing and fashion apparels professional, etc.

Venus represents love in a relationship. You will find your spouse in a workplace or professional area. Your spouse will be career-oriented and professional. This position of Venus will manifest a very professional attitude towards marriage. You will marry to project a certain image to the world. You will marry a person to achieve a desired reputation and can utilise this status and authority to help the underprivileged.

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Positive Venus

A positive Venus in the 10th house will make you love others unconditionally, whether you get the same emotion from others or not. You will want to live a high-profile life and connect with influential people. You would work hard to achieve your desired goals, to open up doors to elevate Self and help others with love and compassion. You will have a blissful relationship with your love.

Negative Venus

A negative Venus in the 10th house can make you self-centred and greedy. You will do anything to maintain your status and become overloaded with debts. You will crave for limelight, attention, name and fame, and you can undertake any action and deed for publicity. Internally you are trapped in the loop of money just to maintain your fake status. You will not have harmonious relationship with your companion.

Some notable sign placements for Venus in 10th House

  • Taurus-Venus: It is the most grounded and positive sign for Venus in 10th house. You will steadily work towards your goals and desires. You are a good creative planner and will win everyone’s heart by your outstanding work. You will spend money luxuriously, but, at the same time will also make smarter financial decisions.
  • Virgo-Venus: It brings a combination of beauty and perfectionism, making you deal with a tough time. You will maintain a disciplined love life, which will have its pros and cons. Virgo is all about facts and using the logical mind. If you are single, then sky is the limit for your achievements. But if you are in a relationship, then you might not prosper much. Your razor-sharp perception will help you to see things for what they are.
  • Libra-Venus: It will make you a true romantic at heart and committed in love and relationship. You will be flexible and quick to adapt to any situation. You will always see room for improvement; will actively remain creative towards maintaining the never-ending love and romance in your life.
  • Pisces-Venus: It will make you a natural soul seeker and kindred spirit. You will have immense love and compassion for everyone but, at the same time, you are easily wounded and sensitive. It’s important to learn self-protection so that you are not tossed into a sea of emotion.

Retrograde Venus in 10th House

Retrogression of Venus in the 10th house will make you quite materialistic and push you to work hard for it. It gives you creative abilities; you can make the best out of it whenever the opportunity shows up, but, if you miss the opportunity, then it’s gone. Be more cautious about your name and fame, which can get affected because of your immediate reaction to a situation.

Combust Venus in 10th House

Combustion of Venus in 10th house is not a good position. Your ability and creativity will be blemished by others. Despite being intelligent, a hard worker and outstanding performance in your profession, you will not be rewarded. In fact, your work will benefit others. Your thought and the amount of creativity you put in your work will not be appreciated and will not provide you with gains.
This will make you jealous and envious about others.

Common yoga positions possible with Venus in 10th House

  • Malavya Yoga: If Venus is placed in its own house in kendra, then Malavya Yoga forms, which brings marital happiness, happiness from children and prosperity.

Famous people with Venus in 10th House

  • Narendra Modi (Indian Politician): He is serving as the current Prime Minister of India. His policies have favoured privatisation and he has appeared on the cover of the Asian edition of Times Magazine; has received many Awards; and has been ranked amongst the most influential people in the world.
  • Sanjay Dutt (Indian Actor): He has faced many ups and downs in life; is the recipient of several awards and has acted in 187 films. He went through the worst part of his life when he was imprisoned for six years under the Arms Act for illegal possession of weapons.
  • Salman Khan (Indian Actor & Film Producer): His career in films has spanned 30 years and he has received numerous awards. He is also popular as the host of the reality show, Big Boss. He has faced many controversies in life, including the Hit and Run case in 2002, Blackbuck hunting and Arms Act violation case in 2007.
  • Sheila Dixit (Indian Politician): Former Chief Minister of Delhi, she led the Congress Party to three consecutive electoral victories in Delhi. During her tenure, she was recognised as the Best Chief Minister of India and received several awards as well.

Other notable people with Venus in 10th House

  • Cyrus Broacha (Indian TV Anchor & Podcaster)
  • Charuhasan (Indian Actor & Film director)


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Venus in Tenth House

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