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Venus in Sixth House

Venus in Sixth House

Venus in 6th house gives you an inclination to be of service at work. Your employees as well as colleagues like you because you are a polite, sociable and easygoing person. You think of the welfare of all at the workplace and seek to make it a better and enjoyable working experience. Cooperation from female associates proves especially favorable for you. When there are conflicts, you tend to be the one who finds the middle ground and settles arguments.

While your health is usually satisfactory, you should pay attention to your diet. Over-indulgence, especially into sweets and rich delights could be detrimental to your health. This position of Venus can sometimes cause blood related problems like diabetes and ENT infections & kidney issues. Some sexual diseases are also possible to the natives depending upon the position and aspect of other planets. Venus in 6th house also suggests that you should avoid being a perfectionist too.

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