Venus in Third House

Venus in third house gives you latent sex appeal, mesmerising communication & persuasion skills, a charismatic & attractive persona. A positive Venus in your 3rd house will attract everyone towards you because of your speech and pleasant voice; will surround you with beauty and make you go on frequent professional travels.

Venus in Third House

Usual effects of Venus in 3rd House

Venus in 3rd house makes you a miser, devoid of good looks, happiness, respect, and property. It may also make you disinterested in your partner and seek pleasure by getting involved with others. Your interest and focus may shift from your partner or spouse to others. This placement is unfavourable for marriage; causes delays, strife, more than one marriage, inter-caste marriage, and also indicates separation.

Despite average looks, you will have a latent sex appeal and will be able to make friends with the opposite sex and get into relationships easily through the power of mesmerising communication and persuasion. Your charismatic and attractive persona will captivate the people around you.

You will travel a lot, but the purpose will not be fruitful and result-oriented if it’s a business trip. You may also travel for your personal pleasures, to satisfy your sexual urge. The third house represents self-efforts and Venus will not give you the determination to focus on your goals and targets. At the end, you will not be able to achieve your plan and your efforts will go vain. It’s a very tricky planet which will show the glitter and grip you in glamour.

Your siblings will not support you; in fact, you will have to take their responsibility. This position will also make your struggles multiply and people will have high expectations of you, which you will not be able to fulfil. These frustrations will arouse your animal instinct personality and will make you a sexual pervert. Your desire to be diplomatic and tactful to others to get some attention will not be successful all the time.

You will be mentally stimulated and will engage in mind games and plotting. Venus will give you many innovative ideas to manipulate people and bend towards you. You will have fine speech and excellent articulation. You will display creative prowess in your expression, both in speech and writing.

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Positive Venus

A positive Venus in your 3rd house will make everyone attracted to you because of your communication skills and pleasant voice. You would like to be presentable and well-dressed, will love to socialize with everyone. Harmonizing and solving problems will be your high priority, may it be personal or professional. You will be surrounded by beauty. You will have frequent professional travels; and you will yield gains in life from both money and honey.

Negative Venus

A negative Venus in 3rd house will make you love a heated debate and you will always look for someone who can mentally challenge your abilities. It will also make you face sudden ups and downs - like all of a sudden, your spouse may break up with you, or you will be fired from your job without any intimation. Venus in 3rd house will make you dramatic and full of trauma and drama in life.

Some notable sign placements for Venus in 3rd House

  • Taurus-Venus: It will give you a practical approach to life; you will be able to align both love and communication in your relationship. You will love to hoard materialistic things as they will provide you a sense of security.
  • Virgo-Venus: It will help you inculcate your hobbies into your profession; will make you interested in creative things. It will also make you very critical of your thoughts and actions, you will always criticize others as well.
  • Libra-Venus: It will make you communicate love, peace and friendship as you want everyone to be at peace and maintain harmony. You will undergo struggles with respect to marriage and may be in a marriage that will be outcast by society.
  • Pisces-Venus: It will make you a profound artist and you will communicate through art. You will be an introvert and would like to decorate your house in a beautiful way. You will thrive for beauty and comfort.

Retrograde Venus in 3rd House

Retrogression of Venus in 3rd house effects a mental ability that will be active all the time, but it cannot be physicalized as you will be busy in your own fantasy world rather than facing reality. It will show you a mirage - a life full of enjoyment and happiness; but in reality, your struggle will increase.

Combust Venus in 3rd House

Combustion of Venus in 3rd house will ignite aggression without fire, which means your efforts and attempt to achieve anything will go in vain. Your actual potentiality will be suppressed by the maleficence of Venus. You will have immense sexual urge which might create problems in your life.

Famous people with Venus in 3rd House

  • Aditya Thackeray (Indian Politician): He has served as a cabinet minister in the Government of Maharashtra and is the son of Uddhav Thackeray, former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, and the grandson of Balasaheb Thackeray, the founder of Shiv Sena. He is a writer and published his first book of poems, ‘My Thoughts in White and Black’ in 2007.
  • Kanhaiya Kumar (Indian Activist): He served as the president of the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Students’ Union and as a leader of the All India Students Federation (AISF). He became a household name overnight after his speech at JNU upon release from jail in 2016. He has also served as a National Executive Member of Communist Party of India. He joined Indian National Congress in 2021.
  • Poonam Mahajan (Indian Politician): She serves as a Member of Parliament, Lok Sabha from Mumbai North Central Constituency, Maharashtra. She is a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP); has served as the national president of Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha (BJYM); and was the president of the Basketball Federation of India.
  • Ragini Nayak (Indian Politician): As a student political activist, she participated in matters of political concern in Delhi University and, in 2005, became the President of Delhi University Student Union. She has outstanding communication skills and is a former assistant professor, Lakshmibai College, Delhi University.

Other notable people with Venus in 3rd House

  • Juhi Chawla (Indian Actor)
  • Nick Jonas (American singer, Songwriter and Actor)
  • Aishwarya Rai (Indian Actor)


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Venus in 3rd house

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