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Venus in Third House

Venus in Third House

Venus in 3rd house gives a polite and persuasive speech. Such a person is likely to be articulate and creative in expression, both spoken as well as written. You tend to be fond of travelling. Short distance travels are likely to beget gains. You immediate atmosphere is also quite peaceful and comfortable. You like to be surrounded by beauty. You share a cordial relationship with neighbors and relatives too. You like to keep your things and relationships clutter-free and harmonious, thus avoid confrontations and arguments to keep the boat of life sailing smooth.

There is a strong possibility for the native to indulge in education related to arts and literature. You may choose speaking, writing or lecturing as a profession too. You may be sexually attracted to a close relative or neighbor. You should avoid putting too much thought to your relationships. Sometimes the need to form strong attachments with people overpowers you.

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