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Venus in Fourth House

Venus in Fourth House

When the planet of love is posited in the 4th house representing domestic sphere, one’s family life is likely to be blissful. There would be a lot of harmony, compassion and love among all. Native is quite fond of children and family. You like to have a peaceful and luxurious home stuffed with beautiful objects oozing affluence. You are likely to be quite creative & artistic and this aesthetic sense is usually evident in your home décor.

You like to entertain people; it gives you a sense of richness and inner pleasure. The later years of your life would be more fulfilling and comfortable; you may however gain a few extra pounds too. Such a person is likely to gain financially from their family or domestic affairs. Members of the family also become a source of benefits, especially females. Natives with Venus in 4th house can carve a blissful married life if wish to.

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