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Jupiter House

Jupiter House

Jupiter is considered as the most benevolent and benefic planet in Vedic astrology. The house that it occupies in a horoscope is the area where we, as individuals express our compassion and generosity towards others. This is the area where we articulate our tolerance effectively for the welfare of others. It also reveals the area where we seek to improve ourselves and who and what we trust. House placement of Jupiter also suggests where our faith lies concerning spirituality and religion.

Jupiter tends to expand what the house where it is placed signifies. If it sits in the first house, it leads to obesity since first house relates to personality and appearance. If it sits in the 12th house, it may expand your expenses. Thus, Jupiter house defines the channel where we expand our life experiences.

Jupiter also relates to luck and fortune. What the house of Jupiter’s placement represents such as assets and activities come easily to you, without any exaggerated efforts. A positively placed Jupiter enhances your luck quotient in that particular area of life. Jupiter however can be afflicted, under the influence of other planets in the form of conjunction, exchange, position or aspect so it may not always be fully effectual in line with the house it is placed in.

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