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Jupiter in Seventh House

Jupiter in Seventh House

When Jupiter is posited in 7th house in a horoscope, it gives the native wealth accumulation opportunities through matrimony or partner. You strongly need a partner who shares a similar faith and philosophical viewpoint and can empower it. You want someone who can help you realize ambitions and expand growth opportunities. Moral support from partner keeps you going. Your partner is also likely to be wealthier than you. If Jupiter is under bad influence, the partner could be indulgent, lethargic, hedonist, spendthrift, immoral and arrogant.

For smooth love relationships and marriage, you need to keep false pride and arrogance out of the equation.  Also, you need to curb down your urge to spend excessively.  Business partnerships also prove beneficial for the individual. Jupiter in 7th house mostly gives happy partnerships and a lot of acclaim and fame in public. When retrograde, the native becomes excessively conscious of his social image, and how other see him or her.

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