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Jupiter in Fourth House

Jupiter in Fourth House

Jupiter is the Guru, represents the elderly, so when it is posited in 4th house of domestic comfort, it suggests that the native is best likely to flourish at his or her native place. This position also indicates that the person should not go away from their birthplace. Jupiter in 4th house ensures a lot of wealth in the form of inheritance or financial aid from family to the native.

The person shares a cordial bond with parents, and often follows similar faith and traditions. Parents play an important role in molding their character. Such a person strongly needs a place to call home; a place that oozes comfort and space. They are likely to live in a luxurious home with lots of material comforts. Native however should not become a bragger nor submit to over-indulgence. The later part of the native’s like if likely to be more prosperous.

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